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Personal checklist for setting up a new Mac's dev environment.

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Config is a basic checklist I follow to set up a new Mac's development environment. It gets me up to speed with Git, Ruby, GitHub, Jekyll, and more so I can more quickly get back to coding.


File Description
.bash_profile Customizes the Terminal.app prompt and echoes the currently checked out Git branch.
.gitconfig Global Git configuration to specify my name and email, shortcuts, colors, and more.
.gitignore The ignore file from twbs/bootstrap that I use everywhere.


1. Prep OS X

Be sure to open Xcode and agree to the terms of use.

2. Prep Terminal.app

3. Secure Git(Hub) access

4. GitHub dev setup

  • Download the Strap setup script for GitHub's foundational development setup.
  • Clone the github/github repository and run script/bootstrap.

5. Setup Ruby

Installing and managing Ruby with rbenv allows us to specify versions of Ruby on a per-project basis. It also means we can avoid running sudo commands for installing gems and more as it's not affecting OS X's system Ruby.

Having trouble with nokogiri? See https://stackoverflow.com/a/41491487.

6. Additional dependencies

  • Install node via Homebrew: brew install node.
  • Install Sass, Jekyll, and Rouge: gem install bundler sass jekyll rouge.

7. Setup Atom

  • Enable atom Terminal commands: from Atom.app, open the Atom menu and select Install Shell Commands
  • Install favorite packages

8. Customize things

  • Disable LCD font smoothing
  • Hide desktop icons with defaults write com.apple.finder CreateDesktop false; killall Finder
  • Set sidebar icons to Small

Use it yourself

Fork this repo, or just copy-paste things you need, and make it your own. Please be sure to change your .gitconfig name and email address though!

Works on my machine

Yup, it does. Hopefully it does on yours as well, but please don't hate me if it doesn't.


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