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The main repository of the Open GApps Project

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Statistics on opengapps

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Homepage http://opengapps.org
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Up to date. Daily builds. Thorough installation.

Getting the latest pre-built Open GApps

The latest version of pre-built Open GApps can be found at http://opengapps.org and the Open GApps App

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Q&A Forum XDA Q&A
Development Forum XDA Development
Support Chat Gitter
Latest ARM Latest ARM
Latest ARM64 Latest ARM64
Latest x86 Latest ARM
Latest x86_64 Latest ARM

Support for the pre-built packages from OpenGApps.org

If you have any questions check out the Open GApps Wiki especially the FAQ answers most questions. If you can't find the answer to your question use the XDA Q&A Thread or join us on Gitter to receive support. Don't forget to add at least the Open GApps installer debug log and if experiencing Force Closures also include a logcat.

If you did find a bug in the Pre-built OpenGApps.org packages you can report it at the XDA Open GApps Development Thread. Remember to include at minimum the Open GApps installer debug log and if applicable a logcat.

Please don't file directly any GitHub issues to file problems with the Pre-built packages. The GitHub issues tracker is only used for issues concerning the Open GApps Project scripts themselves.

Build your own Open GApps

The example git commands assume you have a GitHub account and have set-up SSH authentication.

If you want to build your own version of Open GApps, you'll need to fetch the git sources:

To initialize your local repository using the Open GApps source tree, clone the main repository with the command:

git clone git@github.com:opengapps/opengapps.git

Then sync the submodules to get the original APK sources as provided by Google. Take note that these repositories are very large (in the order of GiBs). You can also use this command to update the sources at a later moment to their most recent version:

./download_sources.sh [--shallow] [arch]
  • --shallow will order to fetch only the latest snapshot of the APKs (reduces space used and amount of data to be retrieved by git, by not fetching the APKs' history)
  • arch can be one of the following arm, arm64, x86, x86_64 to fetch only data required for specified architecture (note that fallback architectures will be fetched too)

To build Open GApps you'll need the Android build tools installed and set-up in your $PATH. If you use Ubuntu you can check out @mfonville's Android build tools for Ubuntu.

To build Open GApps for all platforms and all Android releases:


To build Open GApps for a specific Android release on a specific platform, define both the platform and the API level of that release, seperated by a dash and optionally add the variant with another dash. Two examples (for building for Android 6.0 on ARM):

make arm-23


make arm-23-stock

To add updated source APKs to the sources archive (you can add more than one at once):

./add_sourceapp.sh [/path/to/the/files/you/want/to/add.apk]* [beta] [/apps/that/should/be/marked/as/beta.apk...]*

For contributors, updated sources can be uploaded. Either without an argument for every architecture, or with one or more arguments for a subset of architectures:

./upload_sources.sh [archs]*

If you want an overview of the locally available sources:


You can add extra arguments to report_sources to do your more advanced bidding too:

./report_sources.sh ( ([sdk] [archs]*) || [arch-sdk] ) && [hash] || [max*mb] || [min*mb] || [nobeta] || [nohelp] || [noleanback] || [nosig]


The Open GApps Project itself is licensed under the GPLv3 with an addendum called the Open GApps installable zip exception. A short explanation of these license terms and the terms used by the pre-built OpenGApps.org packages:

  • The license and its exception are very comparable to the GNU Compiler Collection.
  • The Open GApps Project itself is like a compiler that is licensed under the GPLv3.
  • The Installable zips produced by the Open GApps Project is a assorted product of which its components adhere to various different licenses. E.g. the Open GApps installer scripts are still GPLv3 licensed.
  • The author of an installable zip can choose the license for this assorted end-product themselves, as long as any changes to the version of The Open GApps Project compiler used during the creation of the installable zip are published under the GPLv3 with the installable zip too. Also the individual components within the installable zip are still licensed under their respective terms.
  • The pre-built packages from OpenGApps.org are made available under the terms that they can be freely used for personal use only, and are not allowed to be mirrored to the public other than OpenGApps.org
opengapps open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years Unnecessary GMS apk
  • over 3 years Install pixel launcher and also keep stock launcher in super package
  • over 3 years Missing google system webview
  • over 3 years OpenGapps install overwrites the system startup wizard on MIUI ROM
  • over 3 years Incorrect SELinux labels after flashing OpenGapps
  • over 3 years Keyboard crash
  • almost 4 years Google Play Music should replace AOAP Music Player
  • almost 4 years Only remove packages that are part of the variant being installed. Unless explicitly defined with a keyword.
  • almost 4 years Provide documentation a range of how much diskspace each package needs
  • almost 4 years Wallpapers keyword option
  • about 4 years Google Play services FC
  • about 4 years PreODEX flag not working
  • about 4 years [PLAN] Future legacy support
  • about 4 years Smart pre-ODEXing doesn't work correctly
  • about 4 years Removal of stock apps does not work accross multiple installs
  • over 4 years Support MicroG Apps
  • over 4 years Allow gapps-config to skip certain default removals
  • over 4 years Inbox by Google in the Aroma Package?
  • over 4 years Script solution for Marshmallow permissions
  • over 4 years Allow replacement of Stock Apps on the smaller packages
  • over 4 years Online upload service
  • almost 5 years Automation of apk extraction from Nexus factory images
  • almost 5 years Refactor update-binary
  • almost 5 years ShellCheck linter issues
  • almost 5 years signapk.sh does not build a verifiable signature
  • almost 5 years Android TV/Leanback GApps
  • over 3 years Prevent removal of stock dialer app in super package
  • over 3 years Request a Recommendation
  • over 3 years Force Google Messenger installation on tablets with SIM card slot/s
  • over 3 years no report when simulating an opengapps installation
opengapps open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Don't recursively change perms in /system
  • Don't set context
  • enable Google Assistant if not already enabled
  • Added option to gapps-config.txt for installing phone stuff on tablet
  • inc.installer.sh: improves comment on automatic replacement prevention
  • inc.buildtarget.sh: Only remove packages that are part of the variant…
  • scripts: remove HotwordDetection
  • vrmode_compat, vrservice, faceunlock location fixes, add additional apps to removal list
  • Update Makefile
  • fix typo so installer.sh exits after install
  • Replace Instances of CyanogenMod
  • using signapk.sh
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