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A few starter examples of ansible playbooks, to show features and how they work together. See http://galaxy.ansible.com for example roles from the Ansible community for deploying many popular applications.

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Ansible Examples

This repository contains examples and best practices for building Ansible Playbooks.

ansible-examples open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years A bug in wordpress-nginx: ansible_selinux.status is not initialized on the first run
  • almost 4 years "Could not find the requested service \"'tomcat'\"
  • almost 4 years The vars_files is skiped but the variables in vars_files can be used
  • almost 4 years The structure of this repository makes it difficult to contribute to, please separate it to its own account.
  • almost 4 years Ansible Bugs affect template-generated configurations for Nagios
  • about 4 years Into tomcat-standalone example the epel repository doesn't exist
  • about 4 years User Info while using ansible-pull
  • over 4 years lamp_simple_rhel7 fails while iptables rule insertion
  • over 4 years AnsibleUndefinedVariable
  • over 4 years replSet can't get local.system.replSet
  • over 4 years Need to update for RHEL 7.1
  • over 4 years Replica Set without Sharding?
  • almost 5 years postgresql.yml un able to connect to server
  • almost 5 years License
  • about 5 years Unable to Install Mongo with ansible-examples
ansible-examples open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Initial commit for playbook tomcat-mecached-failover
  • Clean up an incorrect name.
  • Removing socat, example uses haproxy module
  • attempt to fix typo in nosql slide
  • Uses a localhost_hosts file as an inventory
  • Update site.yml
  • Update playbook for RabbitMQ
  • ran ansible-lint: stripped trailing spaces
  • replace sudo/sudo_user with become/become_user
  • Install and start firewalld
  • Deleting duplicate code.
  • Fixes (#145) missing package + package install order
  • Added remi yum repo to provide php-fpm to rhel7
  • revoke PUBLIC access from database
  • Update install_httpd.yml
  • Fixed wrong task names in mongodb example
  • Fixes to make the wordpress for rhel 7 and tomcat-standalone work on clean install
  • Add example for using default variables.
  • Test
  • fix typos in README
  • Update WP version to 4.6, make firewalld rules non-fatal
  • added push-ansible-pull.yml
  • Modified line break character from MS-DOS type into Linux type
  • Removed duplicate wordpress example.
  • Remove duplicate lamp stack examples.
  • Added playbooks for flexible provisioning.
  • Cleanup of the lamp_haproxy demo.
  • Update Wordpress version and add repo mongoDB
  • Add a version of wordpress-nginx for Debian/Ubuntu
  • Added playbooks for flexible provisioning.
  • Create playbook for installing WordPress on Ubuntu
  • no more ^M, dos2unix
  • Minor doc fixes in mongo README
  • Removed for common role unnecessary
  • Add new RabbitMQ signing key
  • Fix typo in mongodb/README.md
  • Adding New Example - tomcat for Linux in Azure with Ansible Tower
  • openshift cluster create
  • owo
  • Replace deprecated include with import_playbook
  • Update README.md
  • Update RabbitMQ to current latest version 3.6.12
  • Create install-firefox.yml
  • Fix example to correctly reference "env" map variable
  • Test
  • Correct RabbitMQ Debian repo signing key
  • Don't install mod_php for php-fpm role
  • Added Chocolatey package example for Windows hosts
  • Amended log file location to /var/log/mariadb/mariadb.log to resolve #…
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