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A delightful community-driven (with 1,000+ contributors) framework for managing your zsh configuration. Includes 200+ optional plugins (rails, git, OSX, hub, capistrano, brew, ant, php, python, etc), over 140 themes to spice up your morning, and an auto-update tool so that makes it easy to keep up with the latest updates from the community.

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Rated 4.83 out of 5
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Statistics on oh-my-zsh

Number of watchers on Github 66996
Number of open issues 1419
Average time to close an issue 4 days
Main language Shell
Average time to merge a PR 8 days
Open pull requests 460+
Closed pull requests 151+
Last commit about 2 years ago
Repo Created almost 11 years ago
Repo Last Updated about 2 years ago
Size 4.19 MB
Homepage http://ohmyz.sh/
Organization / Authorrobbyrussell
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must have for zsh users

Oh My Zsh

Oh My Zsh is an open source, community-driven framework for managing your zsh configuration.

Sounds boring. Let's try again.

Oh My Zsh will not make you a 10x developer...but you might feel like one.

Once installed, your terminal shell will become the talk of the town or your money back! With each keystroke in your command prompt, you'll take advantage of the hundreds of powerful plugins and beautiful themes. Strangers will come up to you in cafs and ask you, that is amazing! are you some sort of genius?

Finally, you'll begin to get the sort of attention that you have always felt you deserved. ...or maybe you'll use the time that you're saving to start flossing more often.

To learn more, visit ohmyz.sh and follow @ohmyzsh on Twitter.

Getting Started


Disclaimer: Oh My Zsh works best on macOS and Linux.

  • Unix-like operating system (macOS or Linux)
  • Zsh should be installed (v4.3.9 or more recent). If not pre-installed (zsh --version to confirm), check the following instruction here: Installing ZSH
  • curl or wget should be installed
  • git should be installed

Basic Installation

Oh My Zsh is installed by running one of the following commands in your terminal. You can install this via the command-line with either curl or wget.

via curl

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh/master/tools/install.sh)"

via wget

sh -c "$(wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh/master/tools/install.sh -O -)"

Using Oh My Zsh


Oh My Zsh comes with a shitload of plugins to take advantage of. You can take a look in the plugins directory and/or the wiki to see what's currently available.

Enabling Plugins

Once you spot a plugin (or several) that you'd like to use with Oh My Zsh, you'll need to enable them in the .zshrc file. You'll find the zshrc file in your $HOME directory. Open it with your favorite text editor and you'll see a spot to list all the plugins you want to load.

vi ~/.zshrc

For example, this might begin to look like this:


Using Plugins

Most plugins (should! we're working on this) include a README, which documents how to use them.


We'll admit it. Early in the Oh My Zsh world, we may have gotten a bit too theme happy. We have over one hundred themes now bundled. Most of them have screenshots on the wiki. Check them out!

Selecting a Theme

Robby's theme is the default one. It's not the fanciest one. It's not the simplest one. It's just the right one (for him).

Once you find a theme that you'd like to use, you will need to edit the ~/.zshrc file. You'll see an environment variable (all caps) in there that looks like:


To use a different theme, simply change the value to match the name of your desired theme. For example:

ZSH_THEME="agnoster" # (this is one of the fancy ones)
# see https://github.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh/wiki/Themes#agnoster

Note: many themes require installing the Powerline Fonts in order to render properly.

Open up a new terminal window and your prompt should look something like this:

Agnoster theme

In case you did not find a suitable theme for your needs, please have a look at the wiki for more of them.

If you're feeling feisty, you can let the computer select one randomly for you each time you open a new terminal window.

ZSH_THEME="random" # (...please let it be pie... please be some pie..)

And if you want to pick random theme from a list of your favorite themes:


Advanced Topics

If you're the type that likes to get their hands dirty, these sections might resonate.

Advanced Installation

Some users may want to change the default path, or manually install Oh My Zsh.

Custom Directory

The default location is ~/.oh-my-zsh (hidden in your home directory)

If you'd like to change the install directory with the ZSH environment variable, either by running export ZSH=/your/path before installing, or by setting it before the end of the install pipeline like this:

export ZSH="$HOME/.dotfiles/oh-my-zsh"; sh -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh/master/tools/install.sh)"

Manual Installation

1. Clone the repository:
git clone git://github.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh.git ~/.oh-my-zsh
2. Optionally, backup your existing ~/.zshrc file:
cp ~/.zshrc ~/.zshrc.orig
3. Create a new zsh configuration file

You can create a new zsh config file by copying the template that we have included for you.

cp ~/.oh-my-zsh/templates/zshrc.zsh-template ~/.zshrc
4. Change your default shell
chsh -s /bin/zsh
5. Initialize your new zsh configuration

Once you open up a new terminal window, it should load zsh with Oh My Zsh's configuration.

Installation Problems

If you have any hiccups installing, here are a few common fixes.

  • You might need to modify your PATH in ~/.zshrc if you're not able to find some commands after switching to oh-my-zsh.
  • If you installed manually or changed the install location, check the ZSH environment variable in ~/.zshrc.

Custom Plugins and Themes

If you want to override any of the default behaviors, just add a new file (ending in .zsh) in the custom/ directory.

If you have many functions that go well together, you can put them as a XYZ.plugin.zsh file in the custom/plugins/ directory and then enable this plugin.

If you would like to override the functionality of a plugin distributed with Oh My Zsh, create a plugin of the same name in the custom/plugins/ directory and it will be loaded instead of the one in plugins/.

Getting Updates

By default, you will be prompted to check for upgrades every few weeks. If you would like oh-my-zsh to automatically upgrade itself without prompting you, set the following in your ~/.zshrc:


To disable automatic upgrades, set the following in your ~/.zshrc:


Manual Updates

If you'd like to upgrade at any point in time (maybe someone just released a new plugin and you don't want to wait a week?) you just need to run:



Uninstalling Oh My Zsh

Oh My Zsh isn't for everyone. We'll miss you, but we want to make this an easy breakup.

If you want to uninstall oh-my-zsh, just run uninstall_oh_my_zsh from the command-line. It will remove itself and revert your previous bash or zsh configuration.


I'm far from being a Zsh expert and suspect there are many ways to improve if you have ideas on how to make the configuration easier to maintain (and faster), don't hesitate to fork and send pull requests!

We also need people to test out pull-requests. So take a look through the open issues and help where you can.

Do NOT send us themes

We have (more than) enough themes for the time being. Please add your theme to the external themes wiki page.


Oh My Zsh has a vibrant community of happy users and delightful contributors. Without all the time and help from our contributors, it wouldn't be so awesome.

Thank you so much!

Follow Us

We're on the social media.


We have stickers and shirts for you to show off your love of Oh My Zsh. Again, this will help you become the talk of the town!


Oh My Zsh is released under the MIT license.

About Planet Argon

Planet Argon

Oh My Zsh was started by the team at Planet Argon, a Ruby on Rails development agency. Check out our other open source projects.

oh-my-zsh open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years [vi-mode]: commands do not execute
  • over 3 years Zsh installer defaults to main repo even if installed from fork sync
  • over 3 years zsh: no such file or directory: /home/username/.rvm/bin/rvm-prompt
  • over 3 years zsh: command not found: npm
  • over 3 years DISABLE_UPDATE_PROMPT=true, still prompting
  • over 3 years ps1 problem
  • over 3 years Right prompt not showing up correctly
  • over 3 years rails plugin alias doesn't work with "bundle exec"
  • over 3 years git-prompt not honoring .gitmodules settings for --submodules-ignore
  • over 3 years zsh cask plugin: cask command not found - Cask Plugin
  • over 3 years request support: brew plugin add $PATH settings
  • over 3 years Autoupdate git repos in custom/plugins
  • over 3 years repo plugin doesn't complete multiple projects for 'repo forall'
  • over 3 years _values:compvalues:10: invalid value definition:
  • over 3 years function git_compare_version (${(s/./)INSTALLED_GIT_VERSION[3]}) too slow
  • over 3 years duplicate or obsolete history options
  • over 3 years How to disable magic plugins
  • over 3 years rkj-repos: wrong color after git short sha1
  • over 3 years Recent completion changes don't allow fuzzy matching
  • over 3 years Wrong indentation because "high voltage sign" began to have a size of two signs
  • over 3 years Odd display bug with Agnoster theme, user root only
  • over 3 years nvm is broken after I installing oh-my-zsh?
  • over 3 years Completion knife data bag from file doesn't complete path
  • over 3 years New Feature : add a simple command to check which are not merged to current git branch
  • over 3 years (venv) upon activating virtualenv doesn't show up in "robbyrussell" theme
  • over 3 years Can add some autocomplete respect the project podfile for the zsh plugin?
  • over 3 years Auto git fetch when cd into a git repo
  • over 3 years bracketd-paste-magic always escapes in 5.2 with Mac OSX 10.12
  • over 3 years docker-machine autocomplete causes error
  • over 3 years autoenv should work with locally installed package
oh-my-zsh open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Optimize the ys.zsh-theme make it more expressive
  • added caniuse to the web_search plugin
  • add tab command support for iTerm3
  • Add trafficserver plugin
  • Minor README fixes
  • Add *ewancoder* theme: based on *gnzh* and *fino* themes
  • Update kennethreitz.zsh-theme
  • feat: add git difftool alias as mentioned in git cheatsheet alias list
  • Update autocompletion of homebrew cask.
  • Add plugin for dynamic switch iTerm2 theme
  • archlinux: fix the yasu alias
  • fancy-ctrl-z: Ensure widgets are called with full context.
  • Added git branch -vv to the alias list in git plugin
  • Add git commit --no-edit aliases and fix git commit --signed alias name
  • git plugin: submodule foreach
  • Add invoker plugin
  • Add suspended/running jobs counts to gallifrey theme
  • Use env to find ssh-add
  • Use value of xcode-select path instead of just using the finder default
  • Added shorthand for git rev-parse
  • Add missing alias to README of bundler plugin
  • Nmap
  • show stashed status in prompt
  • Allow dot in Vagrant box name
  • Adds git alias to rebase current branch with master
  • Fix autojump sourcing on OSX with Macports
  • Added c_b alias for current branch
  • [Symfony2 plugin] Use new "debug" namespace to avoid deprecation warning
  • Restore ssh-agent variables if found alive gpg-agent
  • change the prompt arrow for a star when user is sudoing
  • `gl` should do a `git log`
  • Adding fklama Theme
  • Hide git_prompt_status when hide-status is set
  • Add rename command in Docker plugin
  • Add ability to have multiple auto-connected sessions
  • Add iTerm2 v3 support
  • Adds node version prompt
  • some more coloring
  • Add Iptables Plugin
  • added plugin for Kirby CLI
  • Added plugin to delete a word forward like Alt+Backspace Reverse
  • Apex autocompletion
  • Add systemd daemon-reload alias
  • Create npm completion on first run
  • Fix homebrew aws slow initialization time
  • add gc- alias for git checkout -
  • Add "ghh" alias for command "git rev-parse HEAD"
  • Add autocomplete for vagga
  • Improve git-prompt plugin
  • Fix PROMPT modification example in Mercurial plugin
  • enable almostontop plugin
  • Aliases for git delete branch and git show
  • add ccat support
  • Add option '--daemon' to 'rails server' alias
  • Virtualenv support in prompt of bira theme
  • Add jenv plugin
  • Peepcode theme: Don't try to use RVM if not installed
  • Add helper function to get the mercurial bookmark.
  • Add "hga" alias for command "hg add"
  • Add Sudo option to npm -g
  • added mix autocompletion support for phoenix
  • Fixed an incorrect yaourt alias
  • Add an alias to push current local branch to same name on remote
  • Fixed fox theme for mac and added percol plugin
  • Add color in prompt
  • Add alias to list all git repos under working directory
  • Update bira theme
  • Adds support for virtualenv for the bira theme
  • Add a very simple plugin to call issue Dash queries from the command-line
  • New stuffs for plugins: Git, HTTPie, lol, RVM, Vagrant and no correct to `su` command
  • add tab completions to readme
  • schemacrawler plugin addition
  • show ahead and behind numbers
  • Remove undesirable hardcoding of PATH into zshrc
  • Updates git tag sorting alias
  • Change vim command in favor of $EDITOR for consistency
  • Vagrant - Add vm_list for suspend and rdp
  • Rewrite git-prompt plugin in ZSH instead of Python.
  • Update docker completion to match docker upstream
  • [Git plugin] Add/change aliases:
  • fixed bower completion error from issue #2694
  • znt: update to v2.0
  • Add `cda` alias for composer dump-autoload
  • [symfony2 plugin] Fix deprecated usage
  • Some helpful aliases for git and vagrant
  • Don't assume NVM_DIR is ~/.nvm
  • Add alias 'grsh' that resets a commit and stages its changes
  • JIRA Plugin will open rapidboard
  • updated symfony plugin to add entity generation and schema update aliases
  • Add plugin: dasht (issue: 5040)
  • plugins/urltools: add suport for python 3
  • Plugin : Sudo - Add support of sudoedit
  • vagrant snapshot
  • adding python virtualenv support to the prompt
  • Add note about custom themes
  • Added alias for getting files with merge conflicts
  • Added --force-with-lease method to git plugin
  • add support for randomly selecting from a list of specific themes
  • history-sync a new plugin for synchronizing zsh_history over the Internet; with encryption :)
  • Plugin for React Native
  • Integrates Bazaar in agnoster theme and adds a Bazaar plugin
  • added support for bazaar in agnoster theme
  • brew: remove duplicated and outdated brew completion script
  • Replace _kitchen completion with the version from zsh-users
  • npm install --save --save-exact
  • Add rbenv support for ruby version display in the Avit theme
  • add event sink for custom folders
  • Exclude .idea folder from grep search scope
  • Add ability to specify tmux executable path in tmux plugin
  • Add git alias for switching to previous branch ('git checkout -')
  • Added fossil plugin.
  • Update vault plugin - add "list" command
  • Add a theme
  • add alias gh=git help
  • added alias in order to win time
  • Add composer aliases for outdated commands
  • emacs plugin tweak to open buffer from stdin
  • Patch/hitchiker fortune
  • Adding git clone, sudo, and rm -rf to lolcat aliased list
  • Ditch smkx in favor of custom bindkey extension
  • Added grho: git reset --hard origin/$(current_branch)
  • refresh .rake_tasks when lib/tasks changed
  • Fix arcanist aliases
  • Add list-timers to systemd user commands
  • Add .hg to sgrep in common-aliases.plugin
  • Remove clashing with 'ag' (the_silver_searcher)
  • Add Cargo Plugin
  • Added spring-boot start/stop goals
  • add 'mvn clean install -DskipTests --offline' alias to speed up maven compile
  • github plugin: remove hub
  • Added plugin 'git-prune'
  • autocomplete for restart command
  • Bureau Theme: Adding prompts for ruby and python virtualenvs
  • Docker Plugin: Display images for push/pull/build
  • add virualenv prompt info into pygmalion
  • Respect git hide-status config on more functions
  • Print out current revision with grev
  • Deprecating brew cask plugin
  • Remove _brew zsh completion
  • Agnoster: add current node version if .nvmrc is present
  • Fix dnf plugin for Fedora users
  • Add Alias To Discard All Unstaged Files
  • Add git alias for staging tracked files
  • Gb plugin, http://getgb.io
  • New mvn aliases
  • [WIP] Refactor installer
  • clone bureau, but without nvm info
  • tmux plugin: Added support for forced unicode support (-u)
  • NixOS: Use autojump.sh to figure out location of autojump.zsh
  • Add dynamic task completion for mix
  • Fumseck
  • Do not override misc env set before sourcing oh-my-zsh
  • Improve gradle plugin task parsing
  • Add gcd for checking out default branch
  • Update pod plugin to latest version of Cocoapods, 1.0.1.
  • better handling of loadable modules
  • Fixes #5217
  • Fix iTerm crash on window re-size
  • Add some common aliases for the chmod and ls commands.
  • Fix nvm plugin to use also check brew installs.
  • aws: Handle errors when aws_zsh_completer.sh not found
  • Add some missing JHBuild alias
  • Add IBM i support
  • Fix newline issue on Ys theme
  • Make tmux plugin refresh tmux global environments automatically.
  • Adding alias to rake db:schema:load command.
  • Add "system" to the completion list for plugin "chruby"
  • muse theme: Remove extra spaces for none git/virtualenv prompt
  • update alias of get a list of packages installed locally
  • Enhancement: Show/Hide OSX hidden files 💯
  • Add an alias that allows calling emacs WITHOUT the emacsclient
  • Add gcpa and gcpc aliases to git plugin
  • Add hanami plugin inspired by rails plugin
  • nvm plugin improvements
  • Fix up search process for aws_zsh_completer.sh in the non-brew case.
  • Add shrink-path plugin to shorten directory paths (e.g. ~/f/b/quux)
  • ssh-agent: Use /usr/bin/env to find ssh-add
  • Add more golang aliases
  • Create an alias to open up sublime project
  • README.md: Manual Installation: Clone the repository same as the tools/install.sh script.
  • Adds option for directory to Xcode xc function.
  • Async npm
  • Refactor of ssh-agent plugin
  • Greatly improve the OMZ install.sh
  • refresh .rake-tasks after changing anything inside lib/tasks
  • Add an alias for Rails console sandbox
  • Login shell after install
  • Added Atom plugin for Mac OS X
  • Tag support for detached branche in git_prompt_info
  • Enhancement: add angular-cli (ng) completion for arguments and options
  • Add Fastlane plugin
  • No need to set PS1 by default.
  • Add file completions for lein
  • add more vim-like binds to vi-mode
  • Add some maven prompts for "install:install-file"
  • Adding nodenv plugin based on rbenv plugin.
  • always source settings of old pgp-agent, if applicable
  • misc: please don't overwrite my PAGER/LESS options
  • Add support for rake binstub to rake plugin
  • Make ssh-agent plugin tolerate simultaneous login.
  • Add composer folder recognizer
  • Spotify Controller
  • Update docker completion
  • Avoid unnecessary processing...
  • missing listing and versions
  • Fix peepcode theme ruby prompt info
  • Reference alias `gref` for unkown git aliases
  • Display command return code in the half-life theme
  • add task description to fabric completion
  • Feature: Check vagrant status of current directory
  • New git aliases 'grm' and 'grmc'
  • Implement a lockfile to alleviate update prompt in multiple terminals
  • Fix cp plugin completion
  • Agnoster theme : batteries status in the prompt
  • Add more docker compose aliases
  • Move .zsh-update to $ZSH_CACHE_DIR
  • New plugin weather information
  • Create aliases for npm plugin
  • change git current branch old email with new email in batches
  • Added alias for signed git commit with message
  • Replace symlinks with `source` for compatibility with MSYS2
  • Display suvash prompt w/o Ruby; refactor code
  • Git plugin - add alias for `git stash --all`
  • Add OPAM
  • Update README.md
  • Add alias for committing all files and sign
  • git auto fetch on change directory
  • add "svn_get_repo_url" function in the svn plugin
  • Add 'cdi', a function to edit current working path
  • nvm plugin only load nvm script if command doesn't already exist
  • rename ubuntu plugin ag alias to age (conflicts with ag-silversearcher)
  • add conditions to open module specific node documentation
  • Add cwhois
  • Check dircolors settings before using gls on darwin
  • Add alias for virtualenv activation
  • Don't use sudo command on nowrite zypper commands
  • check system 'reboot-required' then show icon in prompt_status()
  • [chruby] avoid calling brew --prefix 3 times
  • Add plugin for ROS framework
  • clarify on how to open ~/.zshrc file in README.md
  • Add aliases for git remote
  • Add ability to show 24 hour format
  • Modernize the OSX plugin
  • Yarn (https://yarnpkg.com) completion support
  • Detailed how to switch tabs
  • ssh-agent plugin: add check for .ssh folder
  • Prevent faulty autocomplete in zsh for docker rmi
  • git_prompt_status now uses hash lookups instead of multiple greps
  • Add autocompletion plugin for rustup subcommands
  • Display in prompt if we are connected through a SSH connection
  • cache thefuck aliases
  • added Jarmo Pretman's expand-aliases plugin
  • PHP suffix alias should be removed
  • wd: Make warp point name optional
  • Adds the `git show` alias `gsh`
  • added rebase develop to git aliases
  • ssh-agent: improvements
  • Extend list of adb commands.
  • Fix RKJ theme coloring and make it slightly more readable
  • Add alias to git plugin - gdcaw
  • Fix for external dependency in trapd00r theme
  • znt: Update to v2.2.7
  • Add `serve` completion plugin
  • Implement plugin for Go Version Manager
  • Default installer to clone git origin master
  • Corrected key/value split when value contains a `:`.
  • Fixed minimal.zsh-theme's check for in_hg.
  • Add alias for 'git checkout -t' in git plugin
  • [plugin][mercurial] Optimize in_hg and hg_get_branch_name
  • Docker-machine aliases
  • add mvncp alias to 'mvn clean package'
  • add docker aliases to docker plugin
  • add vi-mode cursor mode indicator
  • add command in symfony2 plugin
  • Refactor zsh_reload plugin
  • added a transfer.sh plugin
  • Feature: mtab for osx plugin
  • Adding new path to look for activate.sh
  • 'robbyrussell' theme file updated with changed PROMPT variable including the active virtualenv base name
  • Add support for n98-magerun2 to n98-magerun plugin
  • added alias for simple git stash command
  • Fix: error messages while getting status of new (no commits) repository on non-english locales
  • Updated react-native autocomplete arguments
  • Added mvn asciidoctor commands
  • please do not ignore custom functions and completions
  • Magento 2 plugin INIT
  • autoupdate custom plugins
  • Don't blindly overwrite history variables
  • [agnoster] add a short path option for the theme
  • Make the upgrade script rebase from upstream remote if it exists
  • Add plugin for hexo blog framework
  • plugins/docker/_docker: update completion (upstream ee9bb3)
  • Improve cargo completion
  • Add React Native aliases for logs
  • rude solution to solve conflict with ag command
  • Added racket plugin for auto-completion
  • add docker-hosts plugin
  • Change color for ref names to auto for shortcuts glol and glola
  • Add 'git remote show origin' as grso
  • Add some aliases to the yarn plugin
  • Add archive viewer plugin
  • Adding $ or # signs after git indicator
  • Fix git push upstream
  • Fix emacs client terminal
  • add virtualenv support
  • The $HOME/.rbenv folder should have a bigger priority
  • Increase HISTSIZE and SAVEHIST by a factor of 10
  • Explain how to uninstall more fully
  • Add gpsuo git alias
  • adds alias to fetch upstream changes
  • git - display upstream remote/branch for the given local branch
  • add new composer global binary path
  • virtualenvwrapper: several changes, including fixes to #4603 and #4255
  • Add Heroku pipelines support
  • Adds glols alias to git plugins
  • Added pacman file aliases
  • Adds --show-signature to git log aliases
  • Improve cp-plugin: Show overall time & percentage.
  • Silent exit when virtualenvwrapper is not found
  • Add several aliases for Yarn
  • update.sh: Fix space differencies between ':' and URL
  • itunes playlist first commit
  • Yarn ls command is actually list
  • List runnable NPM scripts alias
  • cursor color changing for vi-MODES
  • Add aliases for kubectl to speed up repetitive commands.
  • Followup to #5299 much more dynamic completion for angular cli
  • added a transfer.sh plugin
  • Add a flag to prevent the "launch" of zsh
  • Update zshrc.zsh-template
  • Create omilun.zsh-theme
  • Rename clashing ag alias
  • Update archlinux.plugin.zsh
  • fix if install nvm with homebrew can not load
  • Fix typo in Vagrant completion
  • (git): add gbD alias
  • Easier handling of user services
  • Add profiling for ZSH startup
  • Create README.md
  • Omilun's idea
  • Fixed alias_value for aliases with hyphens and other characters
  • gcob alias (checkout new branch)
  • AppUp plugin, vagrant and docker-compose commands
  • Add docker common functions
  • Added alias for tmux
  • Prevent duplicate hooks in termsupport.zsh when reloading config
  • Remove unneeded option in glol and glola
  • platform independent pb{copy,paste} functions
  • add keybinds for vi-mode
  • Fix for tmux plugin: Do not auto-load tmux inside of Emacs/Vim
  • Add OpenShift autocompletion
  • Add alias for updating global packages
  • Add completions to asdf plugin
  • Use HTTPS for manual git clone to avoid MITM
  • add subcommand deintegrate to pod's autocomplete plugin
  • Create robbylambda.zsh-theme
  • Added mix ecto tasks
  • Add function git_prompt_legend
  • added alias for listing all user's repo status
  • Add no-gpg-sign to gwip
  • add alias for git rebase with autosquash
  • git plugin: new alias gdcw for git diff --color-words
  • Fix handling spaces in $ZSH
  • rename the file according the expecting pattern (*.plugin.zsh)
  • themes/steeef: support conda env in prompt
  • Update Yarn plugin
  • Add nohup plugin
  • Add alias for 'git rebase develop'
  • Improve emotty plugin
  • Fix emotty theme when using zsh 5.2
  • Add zsh-interactive-cd
  • added mercurial plugin support to afowler theme
  • Update commands to match newer Yarn versions
  • Fix awesomepanda theme wrap on new line.
  • plugins: node modules path
  • Updated man.zh
  • plugins: adds kops (kubernetes operations) plugin
  • [git-plugin] changed -S to -s in gcs alias fix #6104
  • Fix autojump plugin for nix
  • Fix clean for tilde home directories
  • Cache full fasd initialisation script
  • speed-up, corrected and simplified gentoo theme
  • Fix dotenv plugin accepted file format and clarify README
  • Added support for Bash on Windows
  • Add environment variable LANG=C to gitstatus
  • Comment about export being optional in dotenv plugin is misleading.
  • speed up chruby plugin by eliminating(as much as possible) calls to brew
  • [git plugin] Run command only if there is any input
  • uses the ./jq parser to show node specific info
  • Clone repo silently
  • Plugin,Arcanist: Add completion for the Arcanist plugin
  • Add shoryuken as a bundled command
  • Update git prompt for Gentoo theme.
  • List ZSH_CACHE_DIR in default .zshrc template and ensure the directory exists
  • use https everywhere
  • Export .env if you just open a new session
  • add some aliases
  • Added robbyrussell theme but without ➜ and ✗
  • Patch for detect shell file in Solus OS
  • add plugin to support please
  • Added kgpall alias
  • Add yarn build, yarn start and yarn test aliases
  • added alias table
  • Add 'git branch hierarchy' alias on git plugin
  • Fix the env variable to set when it does not exist
  • Add tmuxconf alias
  • plugins/git/git.plugin.zsh: added 'git am' alias
  • Add support for --silent option in install.sh script
  • Update ssh-agent plugin README.md
  • Fix MacOS compatibility of the gpg-agent plugin
  • Added plugin and completion for sfdx
  • Add error message if no binary found, and more common aliases.
  • add install silent mode
  • Add Qwant and StackOverflow search engine
  • add
  • Auto load nvm node version when .nvmrc is exist in directory
  • gradle plugin should support kotlin gradle build files
  • Added aliases for docker.
  • screen.plugin: Respect DISABLE_AUTO_TITLE variable as in core OMZ
  • add rustup auto completion support
  • Add autocompletion to docker-machine plugin
  • Add kube context manager
  • function should be add $@
  • Fixed a stupid mistake from #5869
  • add -F and -X to default $LESS environment variable
  • Uninstall restores now the original shell
  • Update docker-compose plugin completion script
  • Added terraform workspace autocomplete
  • Removed duplicate fedora from plugins, dnf provides exact same features
  • Add theme "simplycool"
  • Support new naming convention in Bundler
  • add option to disable the system beep
  • Clarify how to enable timestamps in history (#6109)
  • Fixes #4470 - Quote $ZSH where necessary in install script
  • Fix gradle command option name
  • Fixing pyenv plugin slowness
  • Fine-tune dirhistory plugin mappings for Mac
  • Add yarn alias: yr -> yarn remove
  • Adds support for trizen
  • Add 'kgn' alias for 'kubectl get nodes'
  • add alias grmi, rm files from ignore file
  • Update/add kubectl logging commands
  • Respect RBENV_ROOT and PYENV_ROOT if set (quick merge for rbenv and pyenv plugins)
  • Update kubectl.plugin.zsh
  • Fix Yarn conflict with Yeoman
  • Update django.plugin.zsh
  • Improve hg prompt
  • Add AWS_PROFILE env var to prompt for agnoster theme
  • Add alias glr for git log --reverse.
  • Add new laravel5 artisan aliases
  • composer: Fix slowness during startup
  • Add aliases scu-* for 'systemctl --user' commands
  • Fix git_commits_{ahead,before} when no upstream branch is defined
  • Add port-forwarding to kubectl aliases
  • Check for extension, and exit if not found. Addresses Issue #6036
  • Add different cursors for normal and insert mode
  • Added trizen to the archlinux plugin
  • Add 'gs' As Additional Shortcut For 'git status'
  • Add npm init to npm plugin
  • Better read command syntax
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  • Upgrading Oh My Zsh gives me 'not a git repository' error
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  • bottom custom oh-my-zsh like statusbars for vim
  • iTerm2 + Oh My ZSH strange character
  • NVM doesn't stick to alias default with ZSH (oh-my-zsh)
  • Upgrading Oh My Zsh gives me 'not a git repository' error
  • sh: 39: source: not found While installing oh-my-zsh
  • Power line fonts not displaying in oh-my-zsh
  • Setup ConEmu+Cygwin+Oh-my-zsh agnoster theme
  • How to force filename completion under oh-my-zsh?
  • In OSX running oh-my-zsh creating alias for show and hide files with killall Finder wont work
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