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  • almost 3 years A bug in wordpress-nginx: ansible_selinux.status is not initialized on the first run
  • about 3 years "Could not find the requested service \"'tomcat'\"
  • about 3 years The vars_files is skiped but the variables in vars_files can be used
  • over 3 years The structure of this repository makes it difficult to contribute to, please separate it to its own account.
  • over 3 years Ansible Bugs affect template-generated configurations for Nagios
  • over 3 years Into tomcat-standalone example the epel repository doesn't exist
  • over 3 years User Info while using ansible-pull
  • almost 4 years lamp_simple_rhel7 fails while iptables rule insertion
  • almost 4 years AnsibleUndefinedVariable
  • about 4 years replSet can't get local.system.replSet
  • about 4 years Need to update for RHEL 7.1
  • about 4 years Replica Set without Sharding?
  • about 4 years postgresql.yml un able to connect to server
  • about 4 years License
  • over 4 years Unable to Install Mongo with ansible-examples

ansible-examples closed issues

  • about 3 years problem with using ansible-playbook
  • about 3 years Ticket Monster JBoss application
  • over 3 years No defaults/main.yml example, trying to create one but can't get it to work
  • over 3 years lamp_simple_rhel7 fails on SELinux and firewalld
  • over 3 years ansible/tomcat
  • about 4 years Issues with wordpress-nginx
  • about 4 years lamp_simple is incompatible with CentOS 7
  • about 4 years lamp_simple doesn't work with CentOS 7
  • almost 5 years wordpress-nginx Need add Start Of the Services on Reboot