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:books: Simplified and community-driven man pages

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A collection of simplified and community-driven man pages.

Install it with npm install -g tldr or try the web client.

What is tldr?

New to the command-line world? Or just a little rusty? Or perhaps you can't always remember the arguments to lsof, or tar?

Maybe it doesn't help that the first option explained in man tar is:

-b blocksize
   Specify the block size, in 512-byte records, for tape drive I/O.
   As a rule, this argument is only needed when reading from or writing to tape drives,
   and usually not even then as the default block size of 20 records (10240 bytes) is very common.

Surely people could benefit from simplified man pages focused on practical examples. How about:

tldr screenshot

This repository is just that: an ever-growing collection of examples for the most common UNIX / Linux / macOS / SunOS commands.


You can access these pages on your computer using one of the following clients:

There is also a comprehensive list of clients in our Wiki.


  • Your favourite command isn't covered?
  • You can think of more examples for an existing command?

Contributions are most welcome! We strive to maintain a welcoming and collaborative community. Have a look at the contributing guidelines, and go ahead!

Similar projects

  • Cheat allows you to create and view interactive cheatsheets on the command-line. It was designed to help remind *nix system administrators of options for commands that they use frequently, but not frequently enough to remember.

  • Bro pages are a highly readable supplement to man pages. Bro pages show concise, common-case examples for Unix commands. The examples are submitted by the user base, and can be voted up or down; the best entries are what people see first when they look up a command.

  • eg provides detailed examples with explanations on the command line. Examples come from the repository, but eg supports displaying custom examples and commands alongside the defaults.

What does tldr mean?

TL;DR stands for Too Long; Didn't Read. It originates in Internet slang, where it is used to indicate that a long text (or parts of it) has been skipped as too lengthy. Read more in Wikipedia's TL;DR article.

tldr open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 3 years Define progression path for contributor to maintainer
  • about 3 years Decide what branding to use
  • about 3 years There is no document when I use the tldr the Second time.
  • about 3 years add bioinformatic tools (bedtools, samtools, etc.)
  • about 3 years Add more fields to the commands
  • about 3 years Re-License from MIT to ?
  • about 3 years Insanely Great Contributing Experience
  • about 3 years Generate a list of requested commands from Mixpanel data
  • about 3 years Create lists of commands to test coverage parity against
  • about 3 years Define and Setup Issue Template
  • about 3 years Define and Setup PR template
  • about 3 years Define spec for officially sanctioned clients
  • about 3 years Color issues
  • about 3 years Change main client to tldr-cpp-client
  • about 3 years tree: add "prune" functionality to linux version
  • about 3 years Add convention to indicate origin of option names to
  • about 3 years add install command
  • about 3 years add jq command
  • about 3 years Adding bash command completion
  • about 3 years add unar command
  • about 3 years add heroku command
  • over 3 years chrome extension
  • over 3 years add dbus-daemon command
  • over 3 years Request: conform to XDG basedir spec
  • over 3 years improve `tldr tldr` with information how tldr should be updated
  • over 3 years FreeBSD / OpenBSD section(s) proposal.
  • over 3 years Support for aliases of commands with multiple names
  • over 3 years Syntax for linking to another tool's page
  • over 3 years Additional page for csvkit common args
  • over 3 years purpose of {{ and }} in output of tldr
tldr open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Add `apm` info to ``
  • rsync: add example with exclude file
  • Client certificate in cURL example
  • change signal explanation
  • sort: add -h example
  • Create
  • Removing pages/index.json from source tree
  • vim: add :w, :wq, i
  • Added format of crontab file
  • Fix example for grep for using standard input instead of a file
  • Use a alternative separators
  • Move mis-sorted commands
  • Added missing p7zip tools (7z and 7zr)
  • less: Add example for enabling ANSI color output
  • id: add page
  • xclip:Add copy to system clipboard
  • expr, bzip2: add page. Typo fixed in iptables
  • odps-inst: add page
  • Odps tunnel
  • Odps auth tldr
  • odps-func: add page
  • xsel: Add page
  • odps-resource: add page
  • xargs man page - shorter
  • cpio: add page
  • various edits to make the page more useful
  • Update
  • Emacs client is available on MELPA
  • Add examples for exporting GPG keys
  • Create
  • Create
  • Create
  • xattr: add page
  • ufw: Add another example
  • xargs: move specific example up
  • ifdown: add page
  • ngrep: add page
  • at: add page
  • Updates vim and vimtutor pages
  • added qemu-img page
  • added make -B
  • add page for scrapy from
  • Adds command to show SSH key fingerprint
  • quotacheck: add page
  • edquota: add page
  • quota: improve page
  • repquota: add page
  • psql: Improve page
  • Add token conventions
  • updated with starting a program
  • Added composer commands
  • ssh: add x11 forwarding
  • Better example for reading from stdin
  • RFC: major major overhaul of
  • add the page of rdesktop
  • [WIP, RFC] new syntax for pages
  • git-svn: add `fetch` subcommand
  • Add vi command to save read only file
  • Create
  • quotacheck: add page
  • edquota: add page
  • traceroute: Add example of specifying datagram size
  • change signal explanation (closes #616)
  • add more useful examples
  • zip: make it more evident where the x comes from
  • git-stash: Make examples clearer
  • assimp: add page
  • ping: add -a example
  • ufw: Improve page
  • git-checkout: add example for checking out files across branches
  • git-log: improve descs, add --grep
  • Adding bash completion script
  • vim: Normal mode is the normal mode
  • fix descriptions split by mistake in #633
  • aws s3: add page
  • jq: add page
  • julia: add page
  • pandoc: improve desc, add 2 examples
  • svgo: add page [RFC]
  • Add brew install command to README
  • autojump: add new example
  • xargs: rework page to make it more beginner-friendly
  • meshlabserver: add page
  • git-diff: rework a bit for clarity
  • git-tag, git-fetch: add example for fetching tags
  • git-reset: expand page
  • ssh-copy-id: move to common
  • msmtp: add page
  • git stash: add clear
  • git-rebase: hopefully clarify some points
  • beep: add page
  • bc: add a line about interactive usage with mathlib
  • unar: add page
  • install: add page
  • ionic: add page
  • git-svn: add example for making a shallow clone
  • blender: add page
  • source: add page
  • nslookup: add page
  • ftp: new command
  • mktemp: add page
  • Correct syntax for nc listen
  • bedtools: add page
  • od: add page
  • Adds dpkg note for finding which package owns a file
  • git-clean: add page
  • logstash: add page
  • Add -C option
  • Improve explanation
  • add volume option
  • Update
  • git-checkout: also works for remote branches
  • git-fetch: --prune doesn't delete local branches
  • git-push: revamp page
  • composer: add page
  • find: add example to find broken symbolic links
  • less: open current file in an editor
  • nl: add page
  • cmake: add page
  • Ability to comment on PR failure
  • find: add directories example
  • logwatch: add page
  • docker: added some more commands
  • mutt: add page
  • keepass2: add page
  • gist: add page
  • cmake: use -H -B trick for out-of-source build
  • scalac: add page
  • tmux: Adding how to kill a session when attached
  • grep: show filenames only
  • ssh-keygen: add ed25519 example
  • micro: add page
  • tree: add page
  • systeminfo: add page
  • tasklist: add page
  • rmdir: add page
  • nft: add page
  • case: add page
  • add tip to view file locally
  • reg-export: add page
  • top: adding memory options
  • COMMUNITY-ROLES: update list of owners
  • upx: add page
  • update heading
  • 7z: add encrypted (including headers) archive
  • git-stash: Update deprecated commands
  • truncate: add page
  • subl: add page
  • grep: add usage fore grep and find for content searching
  • git: Added examples for standard workflow
  • tldr-lint
  • autopkg: add page
  • phpcs: add page
  • Render PDF copies of tldr pages
  • del: add page
  • iperf3: add page
  • lebab: add page
  • babel: add page
  • Calculating command coverage
  • phar: add page
  • detox: add page
  • tooling: remove old scripts to generate pdf
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