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Automated end-to-end tests for WordPress.com

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Number of watchers on Github 96
Number of open issues 58
Average time to close an issue about 16 hours
Main language JavaScript
Average time to merge a PR about 15 hours
Open pull requests 27+
Closed pull requests 24+
Last commit about 2 years ago
Repo Created about 4 years ago
Repo Last Updated about 2 years ago
Size 4.17 MB
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WordPress.com End to End Tests

Automated end-to-end acceptance tests for the wp-calypso client and WordPress.com in general.

Circle CI

Table of contents


Install NodeJS

brew install node #MacOS

Or use [nvm](https://github.com/creationix/nvm) (Recommended)

Install dependencies

npm install


See the configuration documentation for details on setting configuration values and environment variables.

Running tests

See the information on how to run tests where you'll find information on the flags and commands used to run the tests.

Other information

See the other information documentation for other details that may be of interest.

wp-e2e-tests open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years Visdiffs: Combine components into fewer screenshots
  • over 3 years Add test for Featured Image dialog
  • over 3 years Measure performance of interactions
  • over 3 years Remove duplication across editor sidebar and editor page
  • over 3 years Create test for sticky site logic
  • over 3 years Create new test for clicking site content link mobile sidebar
  • over 3 years Jetpack: Work out a way to verify that a Facebook post doesn't contain an image
  • almost 4 years Fix: Better detect failures for cross-browser tests
  • almost 4 years Create helper function to provide credit card details
  • almost 4 years Use themes pseudo-select dropdown instead of editing URL
  • almost 4 years Tests are only run against tablet screensize on master branch
  • almost 4 years Temporarily disabled ensureSaved() call before Preview
  • almost 4 years Clean up created sites on 'currency accounts'
  • almost 4 years Add activate site flow using email accept link to at least one signup flow
  • almost 4 years Clean up editor page/sidebar component to remove duplication
  • almost 4 years TODO list for wp-e2e-bridge
  • about 4 years Update report consolidation to collect results from all nodes
  • about 4 years Remove all xpath selectors
  • about 4 years Skip tests requiring unconfigured 3rd party services
  • about 4 years Create eyes helper class
wp-e2e-tests open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Drop mocha git submodule, use package.json instead
  • README: Change brew formula: s/node-js/node/
  • Added a missing notifications end to end test
  • Fake PR to test webhook integrations, DO NOT MERGE
  • Check for javascript console errors automatically
  • Replaced sleep statements with waiting for a specific className
  • GuidedTours: Force a tour, check if initial step is present
  • Add more post NUX tests
  • Add Slack ping for skipped tests
  • Add support for Site Title step in signup
  • Add instructions for testing mobile apps
  • Updated themes-page to use new theme filter buttons [skip ci]
  • Add e2e test for leaving reader comment
  • Replaced site-selector-component and editor-page xpaths with css selectors
  • Localization test flow
  • E2E test for case "Save a draft of menu changes and preview them via …
  • Showing a warning when NODE_ENV is not set.
  • Add linting pre-commit hook
  • Try clearing cart through WP.com Rest API
  • Add Jetpack Canary & Live Branch Support
  • Ignore failed clicks on IE
  • Add/jetpack pressable nux flow
  • Add 'Basic sign up for a free .blog subdomain site'
  • Switch back to Jetpack master for JN tests
  • Remove minimizeFreePlan test
  • Add the `inlineHelpWithContactForm` A/B test
  • Add Jetpack SSO connect flow
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