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The motion graphics toolbelt for the web

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Statistics on mojs

Number of watchers on Github 15905
Number of open issues 53
Average time to close an issue 28 days
Main language JavaScript
Average time to merge a PR 8 days
Open pull requests 12+
Closed pull requests 6+
Last commit 6 months ago
Repo Created over 6 years ago
Repo Last Updated 3 months ago
Size 136 MB
Homepage https://mojs.gith...
Organization / Authormojs
Latest Release0.174.4
Page Updated
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The motion graphics toolbelt for the web.

mo  js


mo js is a javascript motion graphics library that is a fast, retina ready, modular and open source. In comparison to other libraries, it have a different syntax and code animation structure approach. The declarative API provides you a complete control over the animation, making it customizable with ease.

The library provides built-in components to start animating from scratch like html, shape, swirl, burst and stagger, but also bring you tools to help craft your animation in a most natural way. Using mojs on your site will enhance the user experience, enrich your content visually and create delightful animations precisely.






# cdn
<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@mojs/core"></script>

# npm
npm i @mojs/core

Target browsers

  • Chrome 4+
  • Firefox 4+
  • Opera 11.5+
  • Safari 4+
  • IE 9+


Meet some of the outstanding guys that support mojs on Patreon:

mojs open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 4 years when curve's property radiusY been given negative value, the main part is lost
  • almost 4 years Small error in the tutorials: Shape 'curve' points
  • almost 4 years Getting Started
  • almost 4 years Request: configuration for DOM insertion
  • about 4 years Transform jumps on .then call
  • about 4 years SVG Morph
  • about 4 years Collision detection - future feature?
  • about 4 years mojs.io links not working on mobile.
  • about 4 years Is there a duration for each Shape properties ?
  • about 4 years Handwritting animation ? (Masking)
  • about 4 years Play the animation backwards when the playback is complete.
  • over 4 years loading library gives `Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'appendChild' of null`
  • over 4 years What makes this library different from the rest!
  • almost 5 years Tweens infinite repeat
  • almost 5 years Quick demo and IE(10,11 and Edge)
  • almost 5 years Tutorials are not clickable
mojs open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Non developer readme contribution
  • Adding introductory post by Sarah Drasner
  • Fixes missing bounce easing reference
  • save to package.json
  • fix Sauce Lab config for Travis tests
  • Added parens block indicating codepen err
  • Update bower.json
  • Converted HTTP links to HTTPS
  • Update jsDelivr link
  • Add CodeTriage badge to legomushroom/mojs
  • Added developer focused info about the build system
  • fix(bezier-easing): change check on Float32Array availability to work in strict mode (#126)
mojs list of languages used
mojs latest release notes
0.288.2 Bug fixes, docs improvements
  • b051d161 by @SudoCat - Fixes Cannot read property 'length' of undefined error for pages that are loaded in background.
  • f09e8f7a by @realdreamer - Docs fixes.
  • e425ab91 by @mitchheddles - Docs fixes.
  • 6d9ea927 by @dangodev - Docs fixes.
  • e4a7f930 by @rochestb - Docs fixes.
  • 359c09e8 by @ryanirilli - Docs fixes.
  • b270fcb0 by @roperzh - Docs fixes.
  • 27e6cd67 by @fandy - Docs fixes.
  • 78a6a268 by @Sandstedt - Docs fixes.

Thank you, guys!

0.288.1 `Html` module and `stagger` wrapper
  • add Html module for DOM animations
  • add stagger wrapper
  • stagger now implements tweenable interface and supports then, tune and generate methods
  • add resume public method for tween and tweenables
  • animations now pause and resume on page visibilityChange
  • fix then chains issue
  • performance improvements
0.265.9 Return the `mojs` global.

The release returns mojs global to fix the helpers reference issue. Still works with es2015 imports and require statements.

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