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Statistics on syndication

Number of watchers on Github 86
Number of open issues 44
Average time to close an issue 6 months
Main language PHP
Average time to merge a PR 10 days
Open pull requests 15+
Closed pull requests 10+
Last commit over 2 years ago
Repo Created almost 8 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 2 years ago
Size 858 KB
Organization / Authorautomattic
Latest Release2.0.1
Page Updated
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If you are interested in contributing, we need help with two main areas:

  1. Fixing bugs in v1
  2. Feature development in v2

Issues have been created for each of the planned feature developments. Help with documentation for both versions is also greatly appreciated.

syndication open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years Fix Log Display Screen
  • over 3 years Push Syndication and Events Manager
  • almost 4 years Enhanced Logging
  • almost 4 years WP REST API Transport Layer
  • almost 4 years Using sanitize_text_field can break site_token
  • almost 4 years v2: Syndication UI
  • almost 4 years v2.1: Site groups cannot be edited or deleted
  • almost 4 years Customized PermaLink Values are Dropped
  • almost 4 years More validation before queuing a cron job after pull failure
  • over 4 years Timeout issues when adding/editing a site
  • about 5 years You can add settings for RSS syndication but not use them
  • about 5 years RSS feed discoverability
  • about 5 years Do not show config related to inactive transports
  • about 5 years Too easy to create sites which do not syndicate
  • about 5 years Use hidden field when there's 1 transport
  • about 5 years Syndicate Galleries
  • over 5 years Add Custom Taxonomy Support && Add automatic Category / Tag mapping
  • over 5 years Catch XML errors to prevent PHP Warnings
  • about 7 years XML Pull Client does not set post_status based on default_post_status
  • about 7 years Problem with xml pull syndication feed interface when node is used for two items in post
  • about 7 years XPath tester
  • about 7 years On-demand pulling of feeds
  • about 7 years Abstract logging and xpath functionality
  • about 7 years XML Pull: validate settings on save
  • about 7 years XML Pull: UI Cleanup
  • about 7 years XML Pull: error handling for all try-catch blocks
  • about 7 years XML Pull: Feed Validation
  • about 7 years Don't allow changing of transport type
  • about 7 years Better UI for creating Endpoints/Sites
  • about 7 years Rename "Sites" to "Syndication Endpoints"
syndication open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Allow modification of pull client
  • Turn embedded videos back into a shortcode when pulling
  • Short term hacks
  • Pass the site_ID to the syn_rss_pull_filter_post filter
  • Return terms, not ID, in 'syn_before_set_object_terms'
  • Set post ID to `$filtered_post_id` when it exists
  • Add hooks to 'Syndicate' meta box
  • Miscellaneous fixes for variables in Puller
  • Security
  • Ensure that the value 'off' is properly read as a false boolean.
  • 2.1/ Issue 10
  • Updating the REST API endpoint from v1 to v1.2 (latest).
  • Used Β–libxml_get_errors() to catch xml error while loading the xml
  • Fixed post duplication issue when syndicating back to source site.
  • Added post came from.
syndication questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • Is there any defined atom syndication xml schema?
  • Wordpress feed error on syndication: "...URI is missing at line 1, column 48"
  • How can I run two of the same syndication scripts on the same page?
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  • Django syndication, how to replace root element
  • Get request parameter in django syndication?
  • SimplePie double feed link, Mybb syndication
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  • How can i insert my syndication key in dailymotion video using javascript sdk?
  • Django user object in syndication feed?
  • Atom 1.0 Syndication Feed Icon and Logo Sizes
  • Azure Media Service live streaming syndication
  • Incorrect date in Syndication in Windows 8.1 application
  • Sun syndication (Rome) exception
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  • Is there a non-technical reason for choosing a Syndication format?
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  • django syndication feed framework: adding CSS to RSS
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  • Rss 0.92 with .NET Syndication Feed?
  • MS Syndication class doesn't accept valid RSS feed
  • Reading RSS with Syndication Feed and XMLReader in Windows Phone 7
  • WCF Data Services syndication field missing from client-side proxy on MVC project
  • Implementing Try, Catch on Syndication Feed (RSS) Type
syndication list of languages used
syndication latest release notes
2.0.1 2.0.1


  • More explicitly define Syndication globally so it's reliably available to plugins/themes
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