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Statistics on Mancy

Number of watchers on Github 2483
Number of open issues 52
Average time to close an issue 4 days
Main language JavaScript
Average time to merge a PR about 1 hour
Open pull requests 1+
Closed pull requests 4+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created about 3 years ago
Repo Last Updated 8 months ago
Size 13.7 MB
Organization / Authorprincejwesley
Latest Releasev3.2.0
Page Updated
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A cross platform NodeJS REPL application based on electron and react frameworks.

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 Language Support


  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Dark and light themes
  • Load and save session history
  • Separate console window for async stdout/stderr logs
  • Notification for async console logs
  • console output filter support
  • Traversable output with fold/unfold options
  • Support for adding directory to node path
  • Expand/Collapse/reload command options
  • History traversal support
  • Multiple window
  • Multiline prompt support with shift + enter
  • Auto suggestion
  • Tab completion
  • Code format support
  • Support to toggle REPL mode
  • Preferences for theme and REPL mode

 Version II :star2:

  • Download npm modules on demand
  • Babel support
  • await with auto async wrapper
  • Data visualization support
    • Integer representation (bin/oct/dec/hex and signed/unsigned)
    • Regular expression live editor
    • Buffer explorer
    • HTML view
    • CSS color view
    • base64 detection
    • Basic chart representation of data
    • Image detection / display
    • Download buffers support
  • Support to break long lasting commands
  • Preference window
  • Promise output tracking
  • Source file open support for node modules(.source name)
  • No special meaning for _
  • Syntax highlight as we type

For more detailed documentation, read here


wiki page has documentation for new features.


light theme

dark theme

console section

auto suggestion

function source


  • npm install -g mancy (or)
  • Download from latest release (or)
  • Clone and run npm install & npm run package. Executable file will be created inside ./dist/ directory.
  • To build native modules, make sure node >=4.x and npm >= 3.x installed.
  • Refer node-gyp for native module build failure.


Fork and run npm run debug or gulp debug to debug this application.


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 Ideas & Suggestions

Find consolidated ideas and suggestions here.


MIT License

Mancy open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 2 years Error when viewing object with null prototype
  • about 2 years NODE_ENV
  • about 2 years while open a object detail, fixed the input console line in the bottom to input more
  • about 2 years Redclare const / class
  • about 2 years app crashes on start with blank error message
  • about 2 years Error (the object and stacktrace) not showed up in log panel
  • about 2 years Cannot load javascript (es6) files where there are block comments in a class
  • about 2 years [idea] mancy for terminal/console
  • about 2 years Feature Request: Set Tab Size
  • over 2 years Automatically scroll to bottom when opening a function block
  • over 2 years Electron default app icon on 3.1.0
  • over 2 years Make it possible to set the working directory to enable relative requires
  • over 2 years port to mobile???
  • over 2 years crash with autocompletion on
  • over 2 years Not download npm automaticly
  • over 2 years Notification Thread
  • over 2 years Add elm support
  • over 2 years Please add a --session option to load a session from command line
  • over 2 years Fatal crash on startup OSX El Capitan 3.0 AND 2.2.2
  • over 2 years Auto expand object/array results
  • over 2 years Move REPL components to separate module
  • over 2 years Hangs after upgrade to 3.0
  • over 2 years can't run tests
  • over 2 years [CLJS] Output rendering for Sequences > 100 is wrong
  • almost 3 years Uncaught exception on app start on OS X
  • almost 3 years [Windows 7] Mancy GUI never appears
  • almost 3 years bring-your-own Node.js optional alternative to Electron-built-in-Node.js
  • about 3 years feature request: custom stylesheets
  • about 3 years Ideas for Mancy 3.0
  • about 3 years Evaluation error
Mancy open pull requests (View All Pulls)
Mancy list of languages used
Mancy latest release notes
v3.2.0 v3.2.0
  • Disable font manager
  • Bug fixes...
v3.1.0 v3.1.0
  • Syntax error improvement for JS
  • Badge notification for console messages in Unity
  • Execution time support
  • Upgrade electron 1.2.x

and enhancement/bug fixes.

v3.0.0 V3.0.0
  • CodeMirror Integration
  • ClojureScript Support
  • History Navigation & Auto Complete Support
  • Key Map Support using CodeMirror keymap
  • Parinfer mode Support for ClojureScript
  • Enable/Disable Compiler Warnings for TypeScript & ClojureScript.
  • Displaying active Process handle count
  • More command line options
  • Upgrade electron -> 0.37.x (Chrome 49)

and bug fixes.

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