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This is an Archived Project

Dashboard is no longer actively maintained and is no longer in sync with the version used internally at Etsy.

Etsy Dashboards

Source code for Etsy's dashboards framework.

Take a look at the various htdocs/example_* files to get started.


  1. Create a new virtual host on your favourite web server, and point the DocumentRoot to the htdocs/ directory.

  2. Edit htdocs/phplib/Dashboard.php: i. Edit the varions server variables near the top, to point to your graphing servers. ii. You can edit the TABS section below that. Each of your dashboard pages should import one of the arrays, which will generate a set of navigation tabs at the top of that page. The index page also uses the tabs as a table of contents for you to start on. Check out the top of htdocs/index.php to see how that is organised.

  3. Edit htdocs/assets/js/dashboard.js, and edit the server names there too. We apologies for making you put server names in two places. Still, it's better than three places!


There are a number of cool things you can do in your dashboards as you create them. The framework is designed such that you should not need to put any HTML in your dashboard files to get your graphs to appear.

You can optionally set one variable, $html_for_header, which will be inserted just above your graphs when the page is rendered.

BUILT IN GRAPH TYPES: There are a number of handlers for graphs built in to the frame work. Each type expects to find a global array named '$graphs', but the contents of this array vary from handler to handler. Here is what each of the current handlers expects:

  • Graphite An array of metrics to print on the graph. This can be a single metric name, or a list of metrics. Eg: array( '', '' );

  • Ganglia An array with the following key/value pairs: source: The name of the ganglia cluster node: The name of the server datum: The name of the graph

  • Cacti Cacti does not require a complex array. The value of metric is the integer ID of the graph.

  • FITB FITB has no metric array, but expects the following variables for each graph object: host: The name of the network device portname: The name of the port on the device graphtype: One of 'bits', 'ucastpkts' or 'errors' title: The name you want for this graph

  • NewRelic: The NewRelic metric array for each graph requires two variables: time: One of the dashboard time frames, eg '1w', '2d', etc. url: The URL to the graph, as given when you make a graph public. The configuration for NewRelic requires multiple graph URLs for each graph you want displayed. Please see the example_newrelic.php file for more details.


At Etsy we store a graphite metric each time we do a deploy. We store a unique metric for each type of deploy. For example, when we deploy our Web stack, we insert a '1' to deploys.web.production. We do similar things for Search deploys, blog changes, etc.

These lines get overlayed on all graphite graphs displayed in the dashboard. If you do the same thing, you should add these stat names to the htdocs/phplib/DeployConstants.php file. If you don't, you should delete the entries in this file. The dashbaord framework will let you hide individual deploy types on the dashboard pages.

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