Open source projects in ActionScript

  • grossopa/dropbox-as3

    An ActionScript 3 Library

    ☕ActionScript   ★10 stars   âš 4 open issues   âš­0 contributors   ☯over 5 years old  
  • robertpenner/as3-signals

    Signals is a new approach for AS3 events, inspired by C# events and signals/slots in Qt.

    ☕ActionScript   ★1067 stars   âš 8 open issues   âš­14 contributors   ☯about 11 years old  
  • richardlord/Ash

    An Actionscript 3 entity system framework for game development

    ☕ActionScript   ★437 stars   âš 6 open issues   âš­6 contributors   ☯almost 9 years old  
  • smakinson/Pusher-ActionScript-Library

    An ActionScript version of the pusher library for binding to events, etc.

    ☕ActionScript   ★25 stars   âš 3 open issues   âš­4 contributors   ☯over 9 years old  
  • jhuckaby/webcamjs

    HTML5 Webcam Image Capture Library with Flash Fallback

    ☕ActionScript   ★1620 stars   âš 109 open issues   âš­8 contributors   ☯over 6 years old  
  • PhantomAppDevelopment/cityapp

    An Adobe AIR mobile app that uses the Youtube V3 API, Foursquare API, Flickr API and RSS feeds.

    ☕ActionScript   ★16 stars   âš 0 open issues   âš­1 contributors   ☯almost 5 years old  
  • Rokannon/Starling-Extension-LayeredObject

    ☕ActionScript   ★3 stars   âš 0 open issues   âš­1 contributors   ☯almost 7 years old  
  • MartyWallace/Sentinel

    A modern ActionScript 3 game framework for developing games with Starling and Box2D.

    ☕ActionScript   ★19 stars   âš 7 open issues   âš­2 contributors   ☯about 6 years old  
  • krzysztof-o/

    BDD-style assertion library for ActionScript 3

    ☕ActionScript   ★10 stars   âš 0 open issues   âš­1 contributors   ☯over 6 years old  
  • JBEI/vectoreditor

    Web based DNA sequence editing and analysis tool

    ☕ActionScript   ★9 stars   âš 3 open issues   âš­2 contributors   ☯almost 7 years old  
  • amitp/mapgen2

    Map generator for games. Generates island maps with a focus on mountains, rivers, coastlines.

    ☕ActionScript   ★1021 stars   âš 0 open issues   âš­3 contributors   ☯over 10 years old  
  • Gamua/Starling-Framework

    The Cross Platform Game Engine

    ☕ActionScript   ★2171 stars   âš 89 open issues   âš­31 contributors   ☯over 9 years old  
  • myflashlab/inAppPayments-ANE

    Identical in-app-billing and in-app-purchase Air Native Extension for Android and iOS

    ☕ActionScript   ★12 stars   âš 18 open issues   âš­1 contributors   ☯almost 5 years old  
  • Alarcarr/ABEMMOD

    ☕ActionScript   ★5 stars   âš 13 open issues   âš­2 contributors   ☯almost 6 years old  
  • DaVikingCode/Citrus-Engine

    Modern AS3 Game Engine

    ☕ActionScript   ★539 stars   âš 67 open issues   âš­22 contributors   ☯about 8 years old  
  • LLK/scratch-flash

    Open source version of the Scratch 2.0 project editor. This is the basis for the online and offline versions of Scratch found on the website.

    ☕ActionScript   ★1067 stars   âš 344 open issues   âš­20 contributors   ☯over 6 years old  
  • BobLChen/Monkey

    flash3d stage3d 3d

    ☕ActionScript   ★30 stars   âš 1 open issues   âš­1 contributors   ☯over 5 years old  
  • Atry/protoc-gen-as3

    Automatically exported from

    ☕ActionScript   ★42 stars   âš 7 open issues   âš­3 contributors   ☯over 5 years old  
  • funcdoor/LegionTD

    ☕ActionScript   ★4 stars   âš 4 open issues   âš­3 contributors   ☯almost 5 years old  
  • XTDStudios/DMT

    Dynamically Mapping Textures

    ☕ActionScript   ★103 stars   âš 8 open issues   âš­3 contributors   ☯about 8 years old  
  • useflashpunk/FlashPunk

    A free ActionScript 3 library designed for developing 2D Flash games. It provides you with a fast, clean framework to prototype and develop your games in. This means that most of the dirty work (timestep, animation, input, and collision to name a few) is already coded for you and ready to go, giving you more time and energy to concentrate on the design and testing of your game.

    ☕ActionScript   ★374 stars   âš 68 open issues   âš­21 contributors   ☯over 10 years old  
  • AdamAtomic/flixel

    flixel is a free Actionscript (Flash) library that I distilled from a variety of Flash games that I've worked on over the last couple years, including Gravity Hook, Fathom and Canabalt. It's primary function is to provide some useful base classes that you can extend to make your own game objects.

    ☕ActionScript   ★1150 stars   âš 75 open issues   âš­2 contributors   ☯about 11 years old  
  • schlangster/skyui

    SkyUI interface mod for Skyrim.

    ☕ActionScript   ★159 stars   âš 18 open issues   âš­3 contributors   ☯over 8 years old  
  • increpare/bfxr

    Flash + AIR sound effects generator. Based on Sfxr.

    ☕ActionScript   ★522 stars   âš 11 open issues   âš­1 contributors   ☯over 9 years old  
  • ZwickTheGreat/feathers-maps

    Google (and more) maps for Starling and Feathers.

    ☕ActionScript   ★61 stars   âš 3 open issues   âš­1 contributors   ☯almost 5 years old  
  • TencentOpen/Fanvas

    Fanvas,一键把swf转为html5 canvas动画。 Fanvas is a tool which can turn flash into canvas animation with just one key!

    ☕ActionScript   ★69 stars   âš 0 open issues   âš­2 contributors   ☯almost 4 years old  
  • mangui/flashls

    HLS Flash Plugin/Player (Chromeless,OSMF,FlowPlayer,mediaelement.js,video.js,Clappr)

    ☕ActionScript   ★721 stars   âš 166 open issues   âš­19 contributors   ☯over 6 years old  
  • cenfun/cmp

    cenfun music player

    ☕ActionScript   ★50 stars   âš 6 open issues   âš­1 contributors   ☯almost 10 years old  
  • CatalystApps/StarlingGAFPlayer

    Starling GAF Player is an ActionScript 3 library that allows developer easily to play back animations in GAF format using Starling framework. GAF is a solution that allows porting animations created in Flash Pro into an open format GAF and play back them in different popular frameworks, such as Starling, Unity3d, Cocos2d-x and other.

    ☕ActionScript   ★57 stars   âš 9 open issues   âš­8 contributors   ☯over 7 years old  
  • Corsaair/redtamarin

    AS3 running on the command line / server side

    ☕ActionScript   ★82 stars   âš 60 open issues   âš­1 contributors   ☯over 6 years old