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Launch a repl on your command line to any browser in the cloud.

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Main language JavaScript
Average time to merge a PR about 11 hours
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CLI utility to set up a remote browser repl.

How to use

$ npm install -g browser-repl
$ export SAUCE_USERNAME="your username"
$ export SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY="your key"
$ repl ie6

Sign up for a free OSS account on SauceLabs.

How it works

browser-repl is built on top of the wd module, which is an implementation of the webdriver protocol.

Once a browser session is established, socket.io is used to establish a persistent connection that works on all browsers as fast as possible.

The socket.io server is hosted locally, and a reverse tunnel is set up with localtunnel which gives your computer a temporary URL of the format https://{uid}.localtunnel.me.

The lines you enter are subsequently evald. A global window.onerror hook is also set to capture errors. Summoning repl with the -n argument disables this.



MIT - Copyright 2014 Automattic, Inc.

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  • over 6 years ability to provide an alternate window.location
  • over 6 years IE10-11 are not showing non-enumerable properties
  • over 6 years Inspecting elements on IE8
  • over 6 years Inspecting elements hangs up IE6 and IE9
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