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Command-line interface for WordPress using REST API written in Go

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Command-line tool to interact with WordPress blogs. You can read, publish and administer to some degree.


Works with and self-hosted blogs running Jetpack. If running Jetpack it requires the JSON API to be enabled, which should be activated by default.

You need to configure with an authorization token and blog id for each of your blogs. To do so, you can authorize using this site, which looks totally sketchy but it is run by a good guy, trust me:

Once you obtain the token and blog id, create ~/.wpgo.conf with the following two parameters:

token = ABCDEFGH123456
blog_id = 123456

You can setup multiple blogs, by specifying multiple entries, labeling each with [name] before parameters. The name used in brackets, is what you'll type on the command-line.

token = ABCDEF123456
blog_id = 123456

token = ZYXWVU987654
blog_id = 987654


Single Site

$ wpgo read

$ wpgo read [post-id]

$ wpgo post

$ wpgo stats

$ wpgo upload image.jpg

Multiple sites using blog name

$ wpgo mkaz read

$ wpgo mkaz read [post-id]

$ wpgo mkaz post

$ wpgo mkaz stats

$ wpgo mkaz upload image.jpg

Publishing New Article

See for format. It is similar in style to Jekyll or other static-site tools by specifying post details in the front matter. You can specify title, date, category, and tags.


You? Pull requests welcome.


GNU General Public License, version 2

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  • about 5 years Fix authentication API keys
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