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DEPRECATED Improved /-search (experimental)

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Disclaimer: this plugin has many issues that cannot be easily fixed. I suggest that you try simpler alternatives like vim-evanesco or vim-slash.

Improved /-search for Vim.

  • Different highlight for the match under the cursor
  • Automatically clears search highlight when cursor is moved
  • Does not append short patterns to search history
  • Readline key bindings
  • Fuzzy-search
  • Improved star-search (visual-mode, highlighting without moving)


Use your favorite plugin manager. vim-oblique requires vim-pseudocl.

With vim-plug:

Plug 'junegunn/vim-pseudocl'
Plug 'junegunn/vim-oblique'


vim-oblique overrides the following keys by default:

Default Key <Plug> map Description
/ <Plug>(Oblique-/) Forward search
? <Plug>(Oblique-?) Backward search
z/ <Plug>(Oblique-F/) Forward fuzzy-search
z? <Plug>(Oblique-F?) Backward fuzzy-search
n <Plug>(Oblique-n) Repeat the last search
N <Plug>(Oblique-N) Repeat the last search in the opposite direction
<Plug>(Oblique-n!) Repeat the last search (always forward)
<Plug>(Oblique-N!) Repeat the last search (always backward)
* <Plug>(Oblique-*) Forward star-search (in normal and visual mode)
# <Plug>(Oblique-#) Backward star-search (in normal and visual mode)
g* <Plug>(Oblique-g*) Forward star-search (no word boundary match)
g# <Plug>(Oblique-g#) Backward star-search (no word boundary match)

(Unlike the default star-search, the overridden version will not move the cursor)



Use the <Plug> maps in the above table to customize the maps.


  • g:oblique#min_length (default: 3)
    • Patterns shorter than this will not be added to search history
  • g:oblique#incsearch_highlight_all (default: 0)
    • To highlight all incremental matches (requires incsearch)
  • g:oblique#clear_highlight (default: 1)
    • To clear search highlight or not
  • g:oblique#prefix (default: '')
    • Option to prefix pattern with
  • g:oblique#enable_cmap (default: 1)
    • Enable experimental cmap emulation


You can customize the behavior of vim-oblique by registering custom actions to the following events of User group.

Event When
Oblique /, ?, z/, z?
ObliqueStar *, #, g*, g#
ObliqueRepeat n, N

The following example will move your cursor line to the middle of the screen after search.

autocmd! User Oblique       normal! zz
autocmd! User ObliqueStar   normal! zz
autocmd! User ObliqueRepeat normal! zz


Define the following highlight groups to change the color:

  • ObliquePrompt (default: linked to Label)
  • ObliqueLine (default: linked to None)
  • ObliqueCurrentMatch (default: linked to IncSearch)
  • ObliqueCurrentIncSearch (default: linked to IncSearch)


hi! def link ObliqueCurrentMatch Keyword
hi! def link ObliquePrompt       Structure
hi! def link ObliqueLine         String



vim-oblique open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 4 years incsearch highlighting doesn't reset when starting a new search
  • over 4 years Display number of matches while searching
  • over 4 years Issue with repating delete `/baz` with dot `.`
  • almost 5 years Breaks opening folds with "n"/"N" (with foldopen+=search)
  • about 5 years Add flags ala fnr
  • over 5 years Nvim: blank block always appended to command line cursor
  • over 5 years Can't open command window while searching
  • over 5 years Should not try to print message when n/N is pressed in a new Vim session
vim-oblique open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Added the option to the user clear the highlight by himself:
vim-oblique list of languages used
  • Vim script
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