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:deciduous_tree: Low-contrast Vim color scheme based on Seoul Colors

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seoul256.vim is a low-contrast Vim color scheme based on Seoul Colors. Works on 256-color terminal or on GVim.



seoul256 (light version)



Use your favorite plugin manager.

  • vim-plug
    1. Add Plug 'junegunn/seoul256.vim' to .vimrc
    2. Run :PlugInstall

Color schemes

" Unified color scheme (default: dark)
colo seoul256

" Light color scheme
colo seoul256-light

" Switch
set background=dark
set background=light

Change background color


" seoul256 (dark):
"   Range:   233 (darkest) ~ 239 (lightest)
"   Default: 237
let g:seoul256_background = 236
colo seoul256

" seoul256 (light):
"   Range:   252 (darkest) ~ 256 (lightest)
"   Default: 253
let g:seoul256_background = 256
colo seoul256

If g:seoul256_background is set, seoul256 will choose the right version based on the value and set background=dark/light will not switch versions.

If you'd like to switch versions with custom background colors, set g:seoul256_background to be a dark value, and additionally define g:seoul256_light_background for seoul256-light.

let g:seoul256_background = 233
let g:seoul256_light_background = 256

colo seoul256
colo seoul256-light

Alternate 256-xterm -> sRGB mapping

The GUI RGB colors are derived from 256-color-terminal color codes in the source code, with the help of a lookup table.

By default, the table contains RGB values of terminal colors as displayed by iTerm2 on macOS. If you're using another terminal emulator (urxvt, xfce4-terminal,... pretty much any terminal on Linux), the colors aren't displayed in the same way. That's why you may see a difference in color of GUI and terminal [n]vim in Linux.

If let g:seoul256_srgb is set to 1, the color mapping is altered to suit the way urxvt (and various other terminals) renders them. That way, the colors of the terminal and GUI versions are uniformly colored on Linux.

let g:seoul256_srgb = 1

Current background color

When loaded, soul256.vim will set up two global variables so that you can use them to customize other plugins:

  • g:seoul256_current_fg - Current foreground color in ANSI code
  • g:seoul256_current_bg - Current background color in ANSI code

iTerm2 color scheme

Emacs color theme


Junegunn Choi



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