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Simple batch renaming script (ruby)

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Simple batch renaming script.


$ gem install mvmv


usage:    mvmv [OPTIONS] <command> [<args>] <files>

          mvmv prefix       <prefix>     <files>
          mvmv suffix       <suffix>     <files>
          mvmv name         <name>       <files>
          mvmv name-suffix  <suffix>     <files>
          mvmv ext          <.extension> <files>
          mvmv upper                     <files>
          mvmv lower                     <files>

          mvmv regexp       <from> <to>  <files>
          mvmv regexpi      <from> <to>  <files>
          mvmv name-regexp  <from> <to>  <files>
          mvmv name-regexpi <from> <to>  <files>

          -f, --force       Force rename
              --no-color    Disable ANSI color codes


Adding simple prefix and suffix to files

mvmv prefix old_ *.txt
mvmv suffix .bak *.txt

Numbering files

You can attach sequence numbers to files with a series of #s. Depending on the number of #s, numbers will be padded with zeros.

mvmv name Photo#### *.jpg *.gif *.png
mvmv name-suffix -## *.jpg

Advanced renaming with regular expressions

regexp command performs regular expression substitutions. (regexpi is the case-insensitive version.) name-regexp command performs regular expression subsitution only on the name parts of the given files.

mvmv name-regexp '^(.*)_-_(.*)$' '\2 - \1' *.mp3
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