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Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability

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Statistics on neovim

Number of watchers on Github 26242
Number of open issues 913
Average time to close an issue about 12 hours
Main language VimL
Average time to merge a PR 2 days
Open pull requests 406+
Closed pull requests 194+
Last commit over 2 years ago
Repo Created over 6 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 2 years ago
Size 64.8 MB
Homepage https://salt.boun...
Organization / Authorneovim
Latest Releasev0.2.2
Page Updated
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Neovim is a project that seeks to aggressively refactor Vim in order to:

See the wiki and Roadmap for more information.

Throughput Graph

Install from source

make CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo
sudo make install

To install to a non-default location, specify CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:

make install

See the wiki for details.

Install from package

Pre-built packages for Windows, macOS, and Linux are found at the Releases page.

Managed packages are in Homebrew, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch Linux, Gentoo, and more!

Project layout

 ci/              build automation
 cmake/           build scripts
 runtime/         user plugins/docs
 src/             application source code (see src/nvim/README.md)
   api/          API subsystem
   eval/         VimL subsystem
   event/        event-loop subsystem
   generators/   code generation (pre-compilation)
   lib/          generic data structures
   lua/          lua subsystem
   msgpack_rpc/  RPC subsystem
   os/           low-level platform code
   tui/          built-in UI
 third-party/     cmake subproject to build dependencies
 test/            tests (see test/README.md)
  • To disable third-party/ specify USE_BUNDLED_DEPS=NO or USE_BUNDLED=NO (CMake option).


See :help nvim-features for the full list!


Neovim is licensed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license, except for parts that were contributed under the Vim license.

  • Contributions committed before b17d96 remain under the Vim license.

  • Contributions committed after b17d96 are licensed under Apache 2.0 unless those contributions were copied from Vim (identified in the commit logs by the vim-patch token).

See LICENSE for details.

Vim is Charityware.  You can use and copy it as much as you like, but you are
encouraged to make a donation for needy children in Uganda.  Please see the
kcc section of the vim docs or visit the ICCF web site, available at these URLs:


You can also sponsor the development of Vim.  Vim sponsors can vote for
features.  The money goes to Uganda anyway.
neovim open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years inccommand should not highlight if nothing is matching
  • over 3 years inccommand in line substitution highlights all matches in the file
  • over 3 years inccommand preview doesn't disappear when browsing command history
  • over 3 years Incsub does not work on vertial terminal split screen
  • over 3 years Mouse dragging breaks in pangoterm
  • over 3 years :hlsearch from a user function / autocmd
  • over 3 years inccommand does not work with :smagic///
  • over 3 years man.vim: error in syntax file
  • over 3 years Add a notification provider
  • over 3 years Segmentation fault (core dump)
  • over 3 years Segfault when going to very large line number using :LineNumber
  • over 3 years Segmentation fault: vs_current_line()
  • over 3 years Segmentation fault (core dumped)
  • over 3 years crash on exit
  • over 3 years Yanking inside command-line window doesn't respect 'clipboard'
  • over 3 years TERM=linux : colorscheme does not load correctly
  • over 3 years nvim_buf_get_lines() only works when buffer has a window open
  • over 3 years Proposal: Deprecate :UpdateRemotePlugins
  • over 3 years RPC/API: Use Cap'n Proto instead of MessagePack
  • over 3 years Discussion of Microsoft Language Server Implementation
  • over 3 years :terminal - soft-wrap long lines
  • over 3 years Very strange cursor movement in Quickfix window.
  • over 3 years ftplugin/shada.vim: Error writing shada file
  • over 3 years <MiddleMouse> leaves TERMINAL mode after paste, even if you map it to '<MiddleMouse>a'
  • over 3 years Trying to re-open a deleted terminal gives you a new terminal
  • over 3 years jobstart() throws exception for non-exe (when using argv) / and not -1 with string
  • over 3 years XDG_* environment variables with doubled values source twice
  • over 3 years `make PREFIX` fails after `make distclean`
  • over 3 years Test failures on Sierra
  • over 3 years Segfault in memfile.c
neovim open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.870
  • [RFC] Add TextYankPost (continuation of #4302) with event information
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.{951,1143,1144}
  • [RFC] Add TextYankPost and TextDeletePost autocmds
  • [RFC] Update version.c to 7.4.1350
  • [RFC] Make TermClose event return the associated buffer
  • [RFC] Enable -Wconversion for ex_cmds2.c
  • [RFC] build: install *.mo into the "standard" directory
  • [RFC] Adjust terminal text color if it is bold
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.{941,942,957}
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.937
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.936
  • [WIP] test: Migrate legacy test 37.
  • [RFC] buffer.c: change return type to bool (adoption of #3667)
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.{926,932,933}
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.925
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.901
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.{891,893,912}
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.{879,881}
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.878
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.895
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.{831,832,845,903}
  • [RFC] tests: migrate legacy marks test.
  • [RFC] tests: Migrate legacy test 47.
  • [RFC] tests: Migrate legacy test 36.
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.857
  • [RFC] edit.c: change return type to bool (adoption of #3693)
  • [RFC] tests: add tests for vim_strsave_escaped() function
  • [RFC] tests: migrate legacy test 12.
  • [RFC] tests: migrate legacy test 64.
  • Enable -Wconversion on path.c (adoption)
  • [WIP] externalize ui elements like the popup menu?
  • [RFC] Review of the memfile.c API and small refactorings
  • [RFC] Add options to change alignment of number/relativenumber
  • [RFC] implement <command> mapping
  • [RFC] python: move script_host.py to python-client
  • [WIP] Create lua interface
  • [WIP] Update lua client
  • [WIP] switch location of the status- and command line
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1126
  • [WIP] screen_puts_len: Ignore control chars.
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.{1107,1114,1116,1117,1120}
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1105
  • [RFC] Fix guessing incorrect color index in terminal
  • [RFC] Align number of current line to the right
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.{984,1093}
  • [RFC] tests: Migrate legacy test 42.
  • [RFC] tests: Migrate legacy test 8.
  • [RFC] tests: Migrate legacy test 17.
  • [RFC] man.vim: parse page names containing dash or dot
  • [WIP] Vim patch 1259
  • defaults: Enable syntax/filetype for real.
  • Add support for ranges to remote function definitions
  • [RFC]Vim patch 1236
  • [RFC] os/env.c: cosmetic changes, restrict pointers and removal of two globals
  • [WIP] native X11 clipboard implementation
  • [WIP] tests: Migrate legacy test 24
  • [WIP] Fix allowing arguments as part of shell for `:term` command
  • [RFC] change types to bool in globals.h
  • [RFC] Center Items in the statusline / tagline
  • [RFC] On OS X, precompose filenames found by globbing
  • Remove maxmem and maxmemtot options
  • [WIP] Clean up docs and clint warnings ex_cmds2.c
  • [WIP] rewrite of the man plugin
  • [WIP] Implement PastePre, PastePost
  • Fix some failing tests.
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1015
  • [RDY] Enable -Wconversion for getchar.c
  • [RFC] Keep unnamed register on restart
  • [RFC] Temporary disable code which references mch_resolve_shortcut
  • Port capture() function
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.896
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1799, 7.4.1806, 7.4.1808, 7.4.1809
  • [RFC] Add iequal to completeopt option
  • vim-patch: 7.4.1562
  • vim-patch: 7.4.1568
  • [WIP] vim-patch: 7.4.1036
  • [WIP] packages (vim-patch:7.4.{1384,1388,1396,1478,1479,1480,1486,1492,1499,1528,1550,1552,1553,1554,1596,1712})
  • [RFC] Fix for missing output (#4569, ...)
  • vim-patch: 7.4.1347
  • [RFC] version.c: Update to 7.4.1799
  • [RFC] Add support for the "special" color used for undercurls
  • vim-patch: 7.4.1101
  • vim-patch: 7.4.1091
  • [RFC] implement timers (vim-patch:7.4.1578) and process events during sleep
  • [WIP] Remove all references to tiny.vim, small.vim, and mbyte.vim.
  • [RFC] Remove recursion from vim_to_object
  • [RFC] vim-patch: 7.4.1285
  • [WIP] atomic multi request (with precondition asserts) for async remote plugins
  • [WIP] terminal_open leak, heap-use-after-free
  • [RFC] Fix warnings with gcc 6.1
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1394,7.4.1397,7.4.1464,7.4.1468
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1119,7.4.1123,7.4.1132,7.4.1161
  • [RFC]: Fix running tests from Ninja
  • [RFC] :Man: use :split to create a new window instead of :tab
  • Make listchar override cursorline in highlight
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1281
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1276
  • [WIP] vim-patch 7.4.1266
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1223
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1017,7.4.1018,7.4.1034
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1102, 7.4.1110
  • [WIP] allow stderr handler for rpc jobs
  • [RFC] tcd: Determine correct scope from user input
  • CMake: Search all possibly usable Lua executables.
  • msgpack-gen: Fix for Lua 5.1.
  • log: Move log to $NVIM_LOG_FILE_PATH, falling back to the old location
  • [RFC] Make synIDattr() return #RRGGBB value for '[fg|bg|sp]#'
  • [WIP] vim-patch:7.4.1126
  • [RFC] Check sanitizer results right after the test
  • [WIP] os_resolve_shortcut
  • deps: Download libtermkey from our mirror.
  • [RFC] timers: stop all timers on teardown
  • ci: enable bot webhook
  • runtime: clipboard: start daemons in /
  • [WIP] Issue 4794 Live_sub
  • [WIP] vim-patch:7.4.{1150,1151}
  • [WIP] vim-patch:7.4.{1090,1094}
  • [RFC] process.c: Fix a block when in teardown mode
  • tui: Do not wait for tui loop on teardown.
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.{1051,1068}
  • Update to libuv 1.9.1
  • [WIP] Always resize the embedded vterm properly
  • [RFC] eval: add api_info()
  • [WIP] Livesub finishing
  • [RFC] make timers work like in vim when something is zero
  • [RFC] Restore vim's tab drag behavior
  • [WIP] Use buffered reading/writing for ShaDa files
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1716
  • [RFC] Update jemalloc to 4.2.1
  • vim-patch:7.4.1140
  • vim-patch:7.4.1121
  • [WIP] Add tests for u_write_undo
  • [WIP] Add support for legacy `:ruby` commands
  • [WIP] Fix os_file_exists to not approve directories
  • [WIP] Schedule ui_refresh
  • [RFC] Rewording documentation about using packages (vim-patch:7.4.1649)
  • [RFC] option: Do not expand options, obtained from XDG vars
  • fix #4943
  • [RFC] test for PR #4646
  • [RFC] Fix #4162 file change problem
  • Adds 'hybridnumberalign' option for when both 'number' and 'relativenumber' are enabled
  • Fix recursive delete() escape problem
  • [RFC] making the API callable from vimscript
  • [WIP] Neovim Universal Healthcare
  • Add mention of tnoremap to map.txt
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1305
  • vim-patch:7.4.1273
  • vim-patch:7.4.1237
  • [RFC] Adjusted word motion and mouse positioning with concealed characters
  • shada: Make :keepjumps and :keeppatterns modifiers work with :rshada
  • shada: Save current cursor position before saving jumps
  • [RFC] Travis: Use caching instead of pre-compiled deps for OSX.
  • [WIP] Update tutor plugin
  • [RFC] rplugin manifest should live at XDG-style path
  • [WIP] vim-patch:7.4.1494
  • [RFC] Fix term revisited
  • Add g:ruby_host_prog
  • [RFC] Highlight folded line with syntax
  • Background color detection for terminals
  • vim-patch:7.4.1477
  • [WIP] Enable -Wconversion for buffer.c
  • [WIP] Extended Marks
  • Test: Problems with macOS rpc tests
  • [RFC] input.c: Restore double click
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1663,7.4.1682,7.4.1703,lint
  • [WIP] Fix function keys in embedded terminal
  • [WIP] test: attempt to avoid macOS hang
  • [RFC] Man and Help TOC
  • [RFC] man.vim: simplified s:open_page
  • [RFC] Travis: Don't destroy cache when preparing for build.
  • [RFC] Add QuickFixLine highlight group
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1607
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1606
  • [RFC] version.c: mark NA patch
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1604
  • [WIP] TermCursor* and TermTextChanged* autocmds
  • [RFC] Enable MSYS/MinGW builds in Appveyor
  • [WIP] eval: Split eval.c into smaller files
  • [RFC] build: don't compile the pty child initialization with gcov
  • [RFC] eval: remove char_u in get_dict_(string|number) key parameters
  • [RFC] Fix new tab not inheriting local working directory.
  • [RFC] Incsub
  • [RFC] Enable functional tests in Appveyor
  • Refresh terminal before calling on_exit
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1898 and man.vim modifiers support
  • [RFC] :messages pane
  • [WIP] screen.c refactor
  • [RFC]Move reverse_text to strings.c
  • [WPS] Refactor: remove uses of has_mbyte in search.c
  • [WIP] Improve python health checking
  • Fix #5270 syntax folding optimization
  • [RFC] Refactor: remove uses of has_mbyte in option.c
  • [RFC] Fix/spec system()/jobstart() for Windows
  • [RFC] Don't use environment variables as XDG defaults
  • [WIP] enable some screen tests on appveyor
  • [RFC] functions to notify a co-process when the current buffer is modified
  • [WIP] Kbtree_t
  • [WIP] Travis CI testing for tab drags
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1961
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.{1893,1895}
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.{1952, 1990, 2033}
  • window: Use "%ld" to format a long instead of "%" PRId64
  • [RFC] Enable CI testing of unsigned char and fix fallout
  • [RFC] Fix crash on invalid modelines
  • [RFC] Move terminal reedit detection code to do_ecmd()
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1588
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1565
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.2274
  • [RFC] vim-patch: 7.4.1765, 7.4.1714
  • Disable syntax folding update in InsertLeave
  • Adds optional prioritisation to 'taglist'
  • [RFC] api: Support getting the number of a window/tabpage
  • [RFC] vim-patch: 7.4.2158, 2162, 2205
  • [RFC] Windows : Implement os_get_hostname()
  • [RFC] throttle shell output to maintain responsiveness
  • [WIP] refactor gendispatch.lua
  • [RFC/WIP] Add version information to API metadata
  • [RFC] allow event processing in getchar()
  • [RFC] Some non tagged commits should be NA
  • [RFC] window.c: Fix winframe_remove height calc
  • vim-patch:7.4.2200
  • [RFC] Issue 5449 Added fix for modeline with number above range of MAX_INT
  • [WIP] vim-patch:7.4.1559
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.[1730,1734,1741,1742,1779,1782]
  • vim-patch:7.4.1967
  • Improve Python health check
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.2128
  • [RDY] vim-patch: 7.4.2212, 7.4.2237, 7.4.2309, 7.4.2312
  • [RFC] call TabNewEntered on :tab modifier
  • test: mouse_spec: Adjust parameters.
  • api: Ignore 'modifiable', 'readonly' buffer settings.
  • jobset(), jobget(). Deprecate termopen(), jobpid(), jobresize().
  • WIP: channel.c: fix abort
  • [RFC] Include v:throwpoint in :CheckHealth errors
  • [RDY] Update Ukrainian translation
  • [WIP] tui: query terminal for "cursor blink"
  • [RFC] Fixed systemverilog indent for 'forever'
  • [WIP] vim-patch:7.4.2201
  • [RFC] allow specify api since field and more compatibility checks
  • [RFC] External ui
  • ci: Check core dumps
  • [WIP] vim-patch:7.4.17[35,38,39]
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1723
  • [RFC] Return -1 from jobstart when cmd is non executable instead of exception
  • [RFC] Add cmdline mode to modechange of RPC and tests
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1711
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1707
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1702
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.1701
  • [WIP] vim-patch:7.4.1685
  • [WIP] Account for :lmap in macros close #5652
  • [RFC] Add v:exiting
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.2071
  • [RFC] Vim 7.4.1758, 7.4.1759, 7.4.1692
  • Bump libuv from 1.9.1 to 1.10.1.
  • [WIP] vim-patch:7.4.1975,7.4.1976,7.4.1977,7.4.1978,7.4.1979,7.4.1986,7.4.2029
  • [WIP] vim-patch:7.4.2183,7.4.2194,7.4.2201,7.4.2204,0952131,7.4.2215,7.4.2225,7.4.2226,7.4.2272
  • 'autoread': Support terminal focus events.
  • [WIP] Windows: test: enable python3_spec.lua
  • Windows: test: enable job_spec.lua
  • [RDY] New event: DirChanged
  • [RFC] vim-patch: 7.4.2006, 7.4.2075, 7.4.2077, 7.4.2117, 7.4.2300, 7.4.2313, 7.4.2314
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.2017,7.4.2018,7.4.2021,7.4.2022,7.4.2023,7.4.2024
  • [WIP] Also save numbered marks in a ShaDa file
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.2148,7.4.2159,7.4.2175,7.4.2295
  • [WIP] Notification provider
  • [WIP] functional/legacy/lstlbr_utf8_spec conversion to neovim test
  • [RFC] vim-patch: 7.4.2082,7.4.2084,7.4.2085,7.4.2087,7.4.2088
  • [RFC] Don't set `b_u_curhead` in `ex_undojoin()`
  • [RFC] vim-patch:7.4.2036
  • [RFC] make rpcrequest on host start for UpdateRemotePlugins only
  • [RFC] man.vim: bold and underline backspaced text
  • [RFC] getcompletion() can get cmdline-completion result
  • [WIP] mouse.c: Fix mouse click on multibyte lines w/ concealed text
  • [RFC] screen.c: column width returned by function
  • [RFC] Visual mode put from '.' register, also visual block mode put
  • [WIP] Lambda Support
  • [RFC] setpos() should accept buffer argument for lowercase marks
  • [WIP] Remove all enc_utf8, enc_dbcs, and has_mbyte conditions in screen.c
  • [RFC] clipboard: set v:register after startup
  • Bump luarocks to v2.4.2
  • [RFC] refactor/single-include: if_cscope_defs.h tui/tui.h
  • [RFC] refactor/single-include: misc2 msgpack_rpc/server.h os/shell.h os_unix.h
  • Only use dtterm's extension where supported
  • [WIP] Capture and display errors from clipboard provider
  • [RFC] Allow NVIM_LISTEN_ADDRESS=localhost:12345
  • [RFC] api: do not run autocmds on set_option
  • [WIP] Floating windows in TUI
  • [RFC] generate UI remote event wrappers
  • [RFC] screen.c: remove references to encoding
  • [WIP] api/ui: external 'tabline'
  • Fix clang error in ops.c
  • [RFC] allow window specific ui highlighting (currently only window background)
  • [RFC] Set ':filetype plugin indent on' before sourcing startup scripts
  • terminal: Refresh before on_exit.
  • [RFC] connect to socket (RPC only for the moment)
  • [WIP] screen.c cleaning
  • [WIP] tui: support gui=inverse and transparent cursor
  • [WIP] eval: save_tv_as_string: Correctly handle an empty string
  • [RFC] Fix fold bug when switching from a terminal buffer
  • [RFC] don't delay notifications when request is pending
  • [WIP] Send core editor status along with RPC requests and replies
  • [WIP] Buffer Based STL Highlight Groups
  • [WIP] log.h: LOG_CALLSTACK
  • [WIP] Fix GCC 7 issues
  • [RFC] Langmap things
  • [WIP] Bump Vim version to 8.0 and applied patches
  • eval: Refactor get_user_input to support dictionary
  • [RFC] Refactor functions which find character in a string
  • Default options to ttimeout ttimeoutlen=50
  • fix #6241: "mappings to <Nop> wait forever"
  • [WIP] nvim_put
  • TUI cursor shape and terminal type recognition improvements
  • Add more informative messages about loaded vars
  • [WIP] Allow interrupting lua code
  • [RFC] Make :terminal remain in normal mode when created
  • [RFC] lint: check indentation of FUNC_ATTR lines
  • TUI cursor motion, SGR, and scrolling optimizations
  • Fix test bashisms
  • [RDY] lua: Add paths from &runtimepath to package.path and package.cpath
  • build: BSD tweaks
  • [WIP] lua/executor.c: fix ASAN issue
  • [WIP] nvim_set_channel_info
  • [WIP] let remote hosts update their specs
  • [RFC] if_cscope: Fix truncation of formated output
  • [WIP] Pastetoggle exceptions
  • test: :! can cat binary data
  • [WIP] window specific ui highlighting: part 2
  • [RDY] [build] static link almost libs on windows iconv/libintl/winpty
  • [RDY] Fix bug, hostname on windows ignore character-case
  • [RFC] vim-patch:8.0.0427
  • test/old: minor fixes for local invocation
  • [WIP] Switch list implementation to more effective one
  • vim-patch:8.0.0672: synconcealed() seqnr changes too often
  • version.c: update [ci skip]
  • [WIP] *: Make sure that !did_throw implies !current_exception
  • [RFC] Allow functions called by statusline %! option to access the statusline-local window handle
  • [WIP] Fix passed timeout with backwards searchpair
  • [WIP] os/shell.c: shell_build_argv no longer tokenizes p_sh
  • [WIP] shell: use msg_outtrans_len_attr for :!cmd
  • [RFC] test: fnamemodify() continued
  • vim-patch:8.0.1361
  • [RDY] Terminal splitted and mksession
  • [RFC] vim-patch:8.0.0358,8.0.0359
  • [WIP] channels: fix use after free
  • [WIP] Refactor few functions from eval.c Issue: #5081
  • [WIP] test: win: enable unit tests
  • doc
  • [RFC] ui: refactor external widget options
  • [WIP] Implemented a curl wrapper. Issue: #7189
  • [WIP]committed as first change towards macros all-caps refactor #6297
  • startup: non-tty stdin implies "-" file
  • [WIP] Detect mintty as a terminal
  • [RFC] vim-patch:8.0.0286
  • [WIP] Let :filter work on :registers command
  • [WIP] fix copying setl options for buffer currently displayed in another window
  • [WIP] support multiple top-level windows
  • vim-patch:8.0.1281, vim-patch:8.0.1282
  • [RDY]Modified assert for scale_number base
  • [WIP] change defaults for fillchars 'vert' and 'fold'
  • [RDY] tui: fix corrupt display #7861
  • [WIP] highlighting refactor + implement termguicolors purely on TUI side
  • [WIP] tui: update built-in terminfo entry for rxvt-256color
  • [RFC] Shell: support bell and buffer incomplete UTF-8 sequences
  • [RDY] Fix issue #4877
  • [WIP] Lua error message better formatting
  • [RFC] vim-patch:8.0.0470,8.0.0471
  • vim-patch:8.0.0440, others
  • version.c: update [ci skip]
  • Fix :highlight completion displaying all cleared highlight groups
  • [WIP] CmdlineChanged vim-patch:8.0.1445
  • [RDY] vim-patch:8.0.0184
  • [RFC] vim-patch:8.0.0455,8.0.0467,8.0.0468
  • [RFC] Resolve neovim issue #7937
  • win: fix fnamemodify (#7930)
  • kbtree: adjust __KB_PRAGMA_START
  • os_setenv: use _wputenv_s; remove vestigial code
  • [WIP] Continue #5269
  • unittest: Ignore all _Float-prefixed types
  • Fix typo: s/does not looks/does not look/
  • vim-patch:8.0.0708: some tests are old style
  • Add the nvim_get_commands function
  • [RFC] vim-patch:8.0.0234,8.0.0236
  • health/provider: python: warning with correct host prog
  • [RFC] third-party: create debug build of unibilium if CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug
  • [RFC] test: win: enable more job tests
  • [RFC] Multiple cursors support
  • [RFC] vim-patch:8.0.0220
  • [RFC] ui: notify changed highlights
  • [RFC] Added nvim_list_uis method to vim.c
  • version.c: update [ci skip]
  • [RFC] vim-patch:8.0.1494: no autocmd triggered in Insert mode with visible …
  • [WIP] Change ScreenLines to UTF-8 representation
  • [RFC] vim-patch:8.0.0493
  • [WIP] build/windows: Remove Python and Perl dependencies on Windows
  • test: win: use cmd.exe by default in job_spec.lua
  • version.c: update [ci skip]
  • [WIP] open rpc pipes in overlapped mode on win32, for asyncio in pynvim
  • jobs: child proc must have a separate process-group
  • api: nvim_err_write, nvim_out_write: prepend channel id
  • [WIP] screen: make winhl=Normal:XXX not override syntax
  • [WIP] Add ModeLeave, ModeEnter events
  • [WIP] msg: do not scroll entire screen when showing multiline messages
  • [RFC] Fix for Wrong terminfo value for "standout"
  • [RFC] Add new type '#' (number) for cmdline and use it in get_number
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