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Statistics on fastlane

Number of watchers on Github 20938
Number of open issues 503
Average time to close an issue 1 day
Main language Ruby
Average time to merge a PR about 16 hours
Open pull requests 458+
Closed pull requests 131+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created almost 5 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 59.5 MB
Homepage https://fastlane....
Organization / Authorfastlane
Latest Release2.85.0
Page Updated
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fastlane is a tool for iOS and Android developers to automate tedious tasks like generating screenshots, dealing with provisioning profiles, and releasing your application.

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If the above doesn't help, please submit an issue on GitHub and provide information about your setup, in particular the output of the fastlane env command.

Note: If you want to report a regression in fastlane (something that has worked before, but broke with a new release), please mark your issue title as such using [Regression] Your title here. This enables us to quickly detect and fix regressions.

fastlane team

Maksym Grebenets

Josh Holtz

Jrme Lacoste

Andrew McBurney

Joshua Liebowitz

Helmut Januschka

Iulian Onofrei

Aaron Brager

Jorge Revuelta H

Kohki Miki

Luka Mirosevic

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Jan Piotrowski

Felix Krause

Jimmy Dee

Fumiya Nakamura

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Stefan Natchev

Special thanks to all contributors for extending and improving fastlane.

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This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. See the LICENSE file.

This project and all fastlane tools are in no way affiliated with Apple Inc. This project is open source under the MIT license, which means you have full access to the source code and can modify it to fit your own needs. All fastlane tools run on your own computer or server, so your credentials or other sensitive information will never leave your own computer. You are responsible for how you use fastlane tools.

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fastlane open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years Can’t pass options containing a space for all fastlane tools
  • almost 3 years Possible to set "Use 5.5 Display" setting when uploading screenshots?
  • almost 3 years Test target x encountered an error (Early unexpected exit, operation never finished bootstrapping - no restart will be attempted)
  • almost 3 years Snapfile device independent scales ?
  • almost 3 years Why no screenshot even with just 1 failure
  • almost 3 years FrameIt beginner question
  • almost 3 years [Spaceship] Process, display App Analytics Data
  • almost 3 years [Spaceship] App with issues, display messages
  • almost 3 years [Spaceship] Automatically checkbox use 5.5-Inch Display for (4.7-Inch Display)
  • almost 3 years Creating Pushkit Cert
  • almost 3 years Produce crashes while app creation
  • almost 3 years Why snapshot isn't building once
  • almost 3 years fastlane sometimes stop in loadding status.
  • almost 3 years Uncaught Exception: Couldn't posix_spawn: error 7
  • almost 3 years fastlane_require 'posix/spawn' Unable to resolve dependency
  • almost 3 years Feature: showing language for failed deliver
  • almost 3 years Cannot build a "Command Line Tool" project.
  • almost 3 years snapshot reset_all_simulators should have a -f option
  • almost 3 years Languages code with Produce ?
  • almost 3 years Match does not find any matching provisioning profiles even though it just created them
  • almost 3 years Execute fastlane from web.
  • almost 3 years match enterprise support
  • almost 3 years gym: "invalid option: -derivedDataPath" after updating
  • almost 3 years Resign error, when using match xcode 8
  • almost 3 years Adding the target for xCode automatically.
  • almost 3 years new check for imagemagick fails ci even when graphicsmagick install
  • almost 3 years Sigh: Add option to update provision profile with a single UDID
  • almost 3 years [match] Import code signing certificate to match repo
  • almost 3 years Sigh: Add option to save provision profiles by name rather than by app ID
  • almost 3 years Add options to disable the printing of lane context and fastlane summary table
fastlane open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Update last_git_commit action
  • Update Appaloosa action
  • Added new `fastlane lanes --json` flag to make it easier to get the lanes
  • Added
  • Adds report file config item to swiftlint action
  • Added plugin system to fastlane
  • Added `get_build_number_repository` action
  • Provide ipa_url and plist_url to s3 templates when available
  • Added 'update_icloud_container_identifiers' action to change iCloud container identifiers
  • Fix upload_metadata to be able to accept a bool value
  • Update docs to reflect change from last_git_commit to last_git_commit_message
  • * latest_testflight_build_number crash
  • Add support for --allow-warnings and --sources parameters to pod_push…
  • Added verify_build action
  • Add reset_simulator action
  • Notice on how to reset your icon back to normal
  • Create resize_app_icon.rb
  • Update slack action to allow users to supply username and icon URL
  • Gradle upgrades
  • Added sound parameter to OS X notification action
  • Add pubu Action
  • add action to get values from config.xml file on cordova projects
  • Add action to deploy Parse Cloud Code
  • Fix the issue can not get the APK file path
  • Access control to resources for multiple instances of fastlane running on the same machine
  • Build number as build setting
  • Add installation instructions for OS X 10.11 El Capitain
  • Added possibility to use certificate SHA-1 in resign
  • Introduce UI.deprecated
  • Add the Display Name option to sigh resign
  • Handle --email command-line argument in pilot add/remove/find
  • Updated crashlytics upload action to support multiple dSYM paths
  • Adding Sentry action for uploading dSYM files
  • Support For Other App Ids "Platforms"
  • Attempt at remplacing Helper.log calls with corresponding UI.* ones
  • Add tests for derived data pr
  • Updated SnapshotHelper.swift for projects targeting iOS 8
  • Moving countdown content to
  • Using temporary folder to generate IPA file
  • Allow snapshot to set the derived data path
  • Add support for connected devices
  • WWDR certificate install keychain search
  • Pilot: allow create and remove by app with technical role
  • tvOS Provisioning Profiles
  • Added support for carthage `--derived-data`.
  • Augment verify_xcode action's accepted codesign info
  • Updated super class sample
  • Snapchat disable spellcheck
  • This is the alternative to PR #4133
  • Changed the path of the tool for developing.
  • Raise an exception if xcode_version is nil.
  • This is a tentative solution for #3720
  • use Bundler.with_clean_env if defined
  • Stop skipping first line of csv in pilot import
  • Implements workaround for generic archive bug.
  • A ruby based autocomplete. Supports imported Fastfile and .fastlane folders
  • Add workspace command line option to slather action
  • Added apteligent action
  • [WIP] Cryptex
  • Updates Xcake Action to support new `xcake make` command.
  • [Ready] Added device_grid for fastlane, appetize and danger
  • Go back to the original working directory
  • Carthage configuration option and tvOS platform support
  • Device locale not changed to match application/snapshot locale
  • Add 'use_libraries' option to pod_push action
  • Add 3BQKVH9I2X to iOS production push identifiers
  • Export Compliance ITC (#3998)
  • Flock integration
  • Added interline spacing to frameit titles
  • Frameit compatibility with iPhone SE
  • Add action pod lib lint
  • add variable 'processing_state' to 'build' object (fix #3888)
  • Add support for passing around the keychain value.
  • Fix #1942 scan report file name depends from report type
  • [fastlane] Switched to use built-in command runner
  • Match: Implement ruby-git (gem) based repository management
  • [sigh] Extract entitlements from the app while resigning
  • [Match] Git Branch setting for multi- team/app environments
  • Adds Android tools to fastlane tools banners
  • Update README #4477
  • make appetize work for android. fix #4486
  • Added action to update Urban Airship configuration values
  • Improve xcbuild-safe when working with rbenv
  • [Pilot] Adding in platform support for pilot
  • [Fastlane_Core] Adding platform fetch support ipa for fastlane core
  • [Spaceship] Adding in the necessary pieces for iTunes Connect platforms
  • Force utf8 encoding when logging
  • Allow xcode_select to use a version requirement
  • Add option to show complete frame
  • Add build setting to xcodebuild command ...
  • Add `write_properties` Action
  • Multiple iTunes Connect Providers Fix
  • validate provisioning profile against entitlements
  • Added action for Distributor
  • Improve handling of processing builds
  • Action for running gradle command that needs an emulator booted
  • before_each and after_each blocks
  • [WIP]OS X .pkg Creation: - Adds the ability to create a pkg file.
  • Forcing command output to UTF8 to prevent incompatible character enco…
  • Allow create and remove functions to operate properly when app_id is …
  • Added support for multiple destinations.
  • Wrap all Google Api Client calls in error handling
  • Add an action to upload a folder to S3
  • Feature adding pagination to sigh profile downloading
  • Log SSH output as it is received
  • Add read_changelog action
  • Covert Copy Artifacts to Ruby, add tests
  • add git_status action
  • Only query for xcode version on macs
  • add support for rbenv in wrap_xcodebuild/
  • [WIP] Initial alternative plugin system
  • Check for Settings.bundle/Root.plist was in the wrong place
  • [fastlane] Updated dependencies
  • [fastlane_core] Version bump
  • [fastlane] Version bump
  • Show warning when action is overwritten by plugin
  • Added detection if plugin is already taken on RubyGems
  • [fastlane_core] check converted value type
  • Issue with screengrab looking for images in the wrong folder
  • #4912 fix pilot importer to process first row
  • Install latest release for an Xcode plugin
  • Added possibility to use certificate SHA-1 in resign
  • Get info plist path action
  • Updating upload_symbols_to_sentry action to allow for bearer authenti…
  • Escape single quotes in frameit title strings
  • Scan Oclint integration
  • [testfairy action] enable parameters/options
  • [WIP] [deliver] Adding in platform support for deliver
  • add primary_locale_code and available_primary_locale_codes
  • [snapshot] Fixed copy failure when using only 1 set of launch arguments
  • [Ready] Plugin manager
  • [RFC] Fix recursive directory change when executing actions
  • Added option to specify scheme in update_info_plist
  • Authorize location permission for the application prior to taking screenshots
  • Develop
  • Sigh/4397 extract entitlements from app
  • Bump commander
  • Update
  • [gym] Deprecated provisioning_profile_path
  • Added 'krausefx-shenzhen' gem to list of RubyGems
  • add feature manager and refactor itms transporter
  • [Match] added installed certificate info logging
  • [SIGH] Resign with specific keychain
  • [frameit] Fix offsets for latest Apple shots
  • Fix wrong URL in S3 HTML template
  • Timeout and retry `xcodebuild -showBuildSettings`
  • [WIP] Added new code signing guide
  • Implemented two factor
  • Scan Support for connected devices
  • Add `pilot distribute` to release latest build to testflight
  • Allow create and remove functions to operate properly when app_id is …
  • Fix run-on sentence
  • Added support for relative file paths
  • latest HockeyApp version action
  • [gym]support relative path like "~/file"
  • [add_git_tag] adding force option
  • Fix missing last_git_commit_message to last_git_commit (ref #5213)
  • Upload largest icon from ipa to S3
  • [deliver] Add user_error! when keywords are not of type string
  • Add option to log output for `import_certificate` per #1314
  • Improve plugin action discovery
  • Frameit: fixed portrait orientation offsets for iPad Pro.
  • Fix typo in Produce::Service
  • Add printing out of snapshot progress
  • Update scan to make use of the fastlane_core feature to not look for GH issues
  • [fastlane_core] Version bump
  • Add parameter to user_error! to not look for GitHub issues
  • [scan] Add automatic detection of derived data path
  • (feat/actions): Add new action 'check if the given git tag exists in the repo or not'
  • Add ignore option to commit_version_bump action.
  • Added support for provisioning profile name instead of path
  • Add support for connected devices to snapshot tool
  • Fix for #2081 (Google Maps not visible in screenshot)
  • #1882 More parameters for Pilot
  • Truncate all values, not just strings
  • Update Danger, and use scopes for all of the core API calls
  • (feat/actions): Add new action 'Upload symbols to new relic'
  • add shared logs base directory
  • Implement gitignore for Plugins
  • Device specific warnings in S3 HTML template
  • Improve junit template reference style
  • [gym] add options to configure or disable xcpretty
  • [scan] Refactor matching simulator devices for `device` flags and defaults.
  • [WIP] Auto-generate
  • Adds SCAN_GENERATED_PLIST_FILES variable to report all test summaries.
  • Add new line at end of docs generator
  • Added an action that creates a version on a JIRA project.
  • [fastlane] Add parameter for output path for available plugins
  • [Scan] Handle nil xcode_target
  • Update gym dependency on fastlane_core
  • [match, sigh] Added provisioning profile name exposing for sigh and match (#5910)
  • Add documentation for multiuser configuration
  • [produce] Wait forever for iTC
  • Add `xcode-install` to the fastlane family
  • Moved fastlane_folder to fastlane_core, fixed deliver issue
  • Workaround for
  • Fix build errors due to system Ruby dependency
  • Set layout direction to match Locale on API 17+
  • Update docs only after the complete release is done
  • [snapshot] Show Xcode path in summary table
  • [gym] Show Xcode path in summary table
  • [scan] Show Xcode path in summary table
  • [deliver] make `download_metadata` action respect `app_version` option
  • [match] make match pass the keychain name to cert
  • [frameit] Fix offsets for iPhone 7 shots
  • support signing dylibs located in main bundle path
  • Added support to absolute path in action commit_version_bump
  • Builds S3 domain using SDK Endpoints.hostname method
  • Deprecate SIGH_UDID in favor of corrected SIGH_UUID
  • Preventing actions called from another action to show in summary
  • added support for chruby
  • [WIP] Hemal add environment printer for GitHub issues
  • EI Capitan not need Provisioning Quicklook plugin
  • Add `platform` option to `sigh`.
  • Support Android
  • Trust Apple's status for validity check
  • Pass configuration to showBuildSettings command
  • Add option to provide -framework option for archive Carthage command
  • Match: support for supplying multiple app identifiers at once
  • No longer forcing external distribution when using distribute command
  • Added the ability to suppress echo when entering sensitive parameters…
  • [fastlane] Version bump
  • [Appfile] Fix for_lane docs
  • Remove build badge from READMEs
  • Enable https for all license badges
  • Fix wrong Twitter badge link
  • Add fastlane env to docs
  • Add `fastlane env` command to instructions
  • Fix commit_version_bump could not find a .xcodeproj, this closes #6675
  • [frameit] Version bump
  • [WIP] Make Environment Vars Names Great Again
  • [scan] Handle single scheme Xcode projects
  • [pilot] update build description upon upload
  • [#6595] Add exit_on_test_failure option to allow copying screenshots …
  • [Spaceship] Get and set territories
  • Re-write frameit to support new device frames
  • add support for provisioning_profile_specifier
  • for_lane support all configuration files
  • Use configuration argument if present when detecting build settings
  • Add option to clear existing screenshots
  • Correcting DELIVER_USER env var name
  • Sigh/recreate profiles
  • [frameit] Add Nexus 6P support.
  • Find matching profiles if we're going to regenerate them anyway
  • make use of the rollout option when promoting from a track to the sta…
  • [fastlane_core] Version bump
  • Add contained_fastlane? to Helper.rb
  • [match] fix/rework for #6886
  • [WIP] add troubleshoot option 🔫
  • [fastlane] support keychains in custom paths and fix non-existing default keychain crash🔐
  • [frameit] Add `title_below_image` option from issue #6824
  • Fix 'fastlane env' crash on non-macOS OS
  • add OS helper
  • [WIP] Implement `fastlane_require` to automatically install gems into bundle
  • Add `pod update` functionality to cocoapods before `pod install`
  • [deliver] Support iMessage Screenshots
  • [spaceship] Support iMessage Screenshots
  • Clarification of devices_file
  • [gym] Add support for exporting pkg file.
  • 'titleFontSize' key for fontSize of frame title
  • Spaceship selects cookie path from set of preferred
  • Added exporting to PKCS12
  • FileWritingScreenshotCallback: moved code that returns a file to writ…
  • gym now supports a skip_export option
  • Ability to list disabled devices, enable and disable them
  • Add new install instructions to
  • [deliver] add new mac version fix
  • [spaceship] add new mac version fix
  • [pem] download certificates if they exist 🎟
  • Creating new version for Mac apps now works
  • Anonymize paths in `fastlane env` output
  • [gym] Improve build error message with more debug information
  • [fastlane] Fix frameit samples for documentation
  • [spaceship] Add information about iTC env variable
  • [spaceship] Add Portal module name to spaceship documentation
  • [gym] support Commandline apps 💪💻
  • [sigh] expand_path on resign
  • Allow commit_version_bump to find the Settings.bundle in the project
  • WIP: remove Shenzhen dependency
  • Add :xcodeproj param to set_build_number_repository action
  • [match] Import P12 codesigning certificate to match's repo.
  • Use HTTPS to download root certificate in UpdateProjectProvisioningAction 🔒
  • [snapshot] support --force on reset_simulators
  • [spaceship] Webpush Id support added for spaceship.
  • [fastlane_core] Add Project.supported_platforms method
  • Add option to update provision profile with a single UDID (Issue #6901)
  • [fastlane] also support gm - as badge uses minimagick
  • Initial work on Bundler support
  • [fastlane, action] reset_simulator - add :ios version flag
  • [spaceship] primaryLanguageCode detection fix
  • [gym] Uses `output_name` to attempt to find the correct .app package
  • Fix call set_info_plist_value result in bplist file
  • [pilot] truncate changelog, feature-request of: #3956
  • Add option to create PushKit cert to PEM
  • Add support for uploading proguard mapping files
  • [produce] 2/2 produce create mac app
  • [spaceship] 1/2 produce create mac app
  • [deliver] platform bug
  • Fix rbenv install message
  • [deliver] support metdata update of live_version
  • Ensure correct line containing Xcode version is used when other outpu…
  • Add missing backtick
  • [fastlane_core] sensitive flag on config items
  • Avoid runtime error when using override_screenshots options.
  • [sigh] Not fulfilled the test case written in the comment when provisioning_profiles is Hash
  • Allow rejecting app versions
  • Add Automatic Release Date for Tunes Submission
  • [snapshot] support for built-for-testing, test-without-building
  • support for test-without-building, build-for-testing
  • [fastlane] update plugins too
  • [docs] move AvailablePlugins
  • [gym] support Commandline apps 💪💻 2/2
  • [fastlane_core] support Commandline apps 💪💻 1/2
  • WIP In-App Purchase
  • Print a message explaining how to quickly open links on macOS
  • [match] Match tvOS support (Sigh & Spaceship bug fix too)
  • Add support to copy simulator device logs to output directory
  • Make cert checker output look better
  • [spaceship] Add support for providing group names for testers and creating new groups
  • Finish platform support for cert & sigh
  • Support Xcode 8's build_for_testing & test_without_building
  • SnapfileTemplate Wrong device name for iPad pro
  • Added support for providing utf flag to xcpretty via gym/xcodebuild
  • Deprecated actions will display deprecated notes in actions list, action info, while running, and in docs
  • Add new xcodebuild options for skip-testing and only-testing to scan
  • [WIP] Gym option build time
  • [S3] escape title of application for .plist and .plist url
  • Fixes #7557: Hidden error while failing to decode provisioning profile
  • [fastlane,fastlane_core] SWAG
  • [WIP] Fastfile parser/linter best-practice-analyzer
  • [spaceship] Automatically re-try “UnauthorizedAccessError” errors
  • [fastlane/action] get_version_number, improve target detection/notice doc.
  • Make terminal table more responsive
  • [deliver] use buildwatcher class
  • [pilot] use buildWatcher class
  • [fastlane_core] add buildwatcher class
  • [scan] Reduce run time by removing report generation command as separate process
  • [snapshot] OSX targets support
  • [frameit] bug fixes and new design options
  • Handle xcodebuild path differences with export options plist
  • [all] remove all $ globals
  • Git stats
  • Add review information to preview
  • Load review_information from text files
  • Fix pilot stuck on older processing build
  • Enable danger for fastlane
  • Fixes: Arabic frameit imagemagick issue #7522 and similar
  • WIP - Fix option conflicts in sigh
  • Adding a file
  • Add optional date_format parameter to changelog_from_git_commits
  • Add keychain_path option to import_certificate action
  • Add path option to delete_keychain action
  • Gemfile resolution in Action.shell_out_should_use_bundle_exec (#7925)
  • Update
  • Better errors when reading build settings fail
  • Enable automatic scaling when user doesn't provide all screenshots
  • [deliver] Add message when updating the app's age rating
  • Improve deliver setup detection
  • Show line when password was fetched from env variable
  • Enables App Managers to be able to add external testers to apps
  • [spaceship] add methods to create/edit developer response
  • Fix match passphrase issue
  • [WIP] Add Core Parts for Events in fastlane
  • Fix a filter for the target name.
  • Generic Github API action `github_api` - existing github api actions updated to use shared actions
  • [WIP] Update to 8.3.2
  • Add a EOF newline in the pluginfile content if its not already there
  • Add regex version check
  • [match] add `disable_encryption` option to skip encryption
  • fixes #8915
  • push_to_git_remote default tags to `false`
  • Update Circle to use Xcode 8.3
  • Infinite loop on deliver
  • Add configuration option for slather action
  • Recommend actions
  • [pilot] tester management on less-priviliged accounts
  • Snapshot: Split xcodebuild logs by device name and language
  • Add opt-in for nightly builds using update_fastlane(nightly: true)
  • Resolves failure when deliver() called with name: argument and name.txt exists in locale-based metadata.
  • Add feature to set env variables on Fastfile
  • Improve tvos support in deliver
  • Pilot external testing
  • Add a nil check before asking for the shell-escaped version of path in create_keychain
  • Fix supply uploading screenshot html
  • Allow for 1% rollouts in supply command
  • Don't log metrics for failures in custom actions and plugins
  • Automatic code signing error message not clear
  • Catch errors with app names
  • Update license copyright to Google Inc
  • fix method return value is the error log issue
  • supply: Add support for apk superseded
  • List produce enable_services options in config item (deprecating enabled_features)
  • Handle case of Info.plist path prepended by $(SRCROOT)
  • Enhancing app_store_build_number action’s build number sort
  • [WIP] Remove babosa workaround since it has been fixed upstream
  • Update lane scope whenever changing lanes
  • created subkey param for manipulating key value in a dict
  • Allow to use lane name contains `:'
  • Resolve more (strange) Windows test failures
  • Support checking remote git tags existence
  • [WIP] The Frameit documentation should describe all parameters from the Framefile
  • changed cert checker to use ruby openssl to generate sha1 fingerprint
  • Enforcing CSRF token fetching when working with provisioning profile
  • [match] using ruby openssl instead of terminal one
  • [gym] Trim ApplicationIdentifierPrefix to get correct Bundle ID
  • Spaceship: support getting and setting pricing of recurring subscriptions.
  • Remove unused init classes
  • Fix strip error when using an URL with appetize action
  • Events & Actions 🌶
  • Fix for activating languages with fastlane deliver
  • Improving documentation on profile templates.
  • Issue #11497: [screengrab] Adding Falcon as a ScreenshotStrategy
  • Improve command timeouts
  • [WIP] 2nd batch of require work: require_relative all the things
  • Improve behavior of cfpropertylist extension
  • add helper methods for detecting fs_insensitivty and comparing paths
  • Improve support for Ruby 2.0.0
  • Clean up fixture for automatic_code_signing_spec after tests are done
  • [sigh] Fix entitlements merging when resigning with `use_app_entitlements` option
  • Update reference to age rating template
  • Fix - Hockey dSYM upload only
  • [snapshot] Fixes failure on physical device due to snapshot()
  • Settings method
  • Add bootsnap to optimize boot time
  • plugin prototype, ya tu sabes?
  • Extend ErbTemplateHelper with trim_mode parameter
  • Updating some outdated testflight-samples
  • Generate more idomatic screenshots.html file when using screengrab.
  • removed watermark, added defaults to auto-update
  • Allow the usage of a postfix for the add_git_tag action
  • Fastlane.swift: Fix default type for Integer parameters
  • Fastlane.swift: Fix getPushCertificate type
  • Make name conflict error message more obvious
  • Prioritize user's lane over actions
  • PLEASE IGNORE - Snapshot record video merge
  • Include contents of BCSymbolMaps directory in file.
  • [frameit] Skip warning message for already framed screenshots
  • Enable rubocop for template files
  • [WIP] Snapshot record video
  • YES/NO auto convert fix
  • Ensure the correct formatting of the fastlane tools
  • [pilot] added option to notify external testers
  • Disable metrics collection
  • [WIP] Operating System compatibility of tools and actions
  • Update docs with links to ProvisionQL Quick Look plugin
  • Spaceship: support subscription_pricing_target when creating IAP.
  • [WIP] Update fastlane UI handler to support FastlaneCI rendering
  • Improve SnapshotHelper.swift to support snapshotting for multiple apps.
  • Add CodeTriage badge to fastlane/fastlane
  • [FrameIt] Multiple layout improvements (including iPhone X, multiline labels)
  • Update google-api-client dependency
  • [WIP] Swift Plugin Architecture Proposal
  • Add Support for Registering Mac Devices on Apple Developer Portal
  • Add use_bundle_exec option to pod_push action
  • Show failed point of lines in configuration file
  • Delete keychain checks the keychain list before deleting
  • Check if the bundle id is already populated in the list of applications
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2.85.0 2.85.0 Improvements
  • Added update block to update_url_schemes action (#12014) via Josh Holtz
  • Added alias for 'swift init' to map to 'init swift' (#12000) via Josh Holtz
  • Improve build watcher message (#12002) via Josh Holtz
  • Fix a bug that auto_notify_enabled always be true (#11975) via Takeru Chuganji
  • Fix incorrect backup_xcarchive example (#11997) via Iulian Onofrei
  • Remove crash reporter from fastlane (#11940) via Felix Krause
  • Fix issue with tilde paths in pem tool (#11989) via Artem Antihevich
2.84.0 2.84.0 Workaround for broken Transporter API
  • Add workaround for iTC transporter outage (#11965) via Felix Krause
  • Shellscape java_home ENV var in Crashlytics helper (#11964) via Joshua Liebowitz
  • Move plugin scores cache file to the docs repo (#11927) via Iulian Onofrei
  • match/sigh/sync_code_signing: Improving documentation on profile templates. (#11548) via Luke Wakeford
  • Some actions failed if true is passed as one of their params (#11935) via Sergii Ovcharenko
  • Update remaining tests after merge (#11941) via Felix Krause
  • Add possibility to use a specific proxy (#11938) via Jos Rodrigues
  • Update fastlane UI handler to support FastlaneCI rendering (#11857) via Felix Krause
2.83.0 2.83.0 Remove metrics, improved docs and more
  • Disable all metrics collection for fastlane (#11914) via Joshua Liebowitz
  • YES/NO auto convert fix (#11923) via Sergii Ovcharenko
  • Ensure the correct formatting of the fastlane tools (#11921) via Iulian Onofrei
  • Add plugin scores caching (#11924) via Iulian Onofrei
  • Improve actions default values formatting (#11919) via Iulian Onofrei
  • Cache groups by app_id (#11911) via Joshua Liebowitz
  • Add @minuscorp and @AndrewMcBurney to fastlane team (#11908) via Felix Krause
  • rubocop can't handle our contributor scale (#11932) via Felix Krause
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