Open source projects in CoffeeScript

  • JoelBesada/activate-power-mode

    Atom package - Activate POWER MODE to write your code in style.

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★3447 stars   âš 32 open issues   âš­8 contributors   ☯over 4 years old  
  • atom/atom

    :atom: The hackable text editor

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★43886 stars   âš 901 open issues   âš­260 contributors   ☯over 8 years old  
  • nylas/N1

    :love_letter: An extensible desktop mail app built on the modern web. Forks welcome!

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★23930 stars   âš 1049 open issues   âš­34 contributors   ☯over 5 years old  
  • drapanjanas/re-natal

    Bootstrap ClojureScript React Native apps

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★906 stars   âš 32 open issues   âš­5 contributors   ☯over 4 years old  
  • tststs/atom-ternjs

    JavaScript code intelligence for atom with tern.js and autocomplete-plus

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★612 stars   âš 107 open issues   âš­14 contributors   ☯over 5 years old  
  • postcss/autoprefixer

    Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to rules by Can I Use

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★14837 stars   âš 3 open issues   âš­95 contributors   ☯about 7 years old  
  • chethiya/lds

    Memory limits in v8 is limited to somewhere around ~1.7GB when it comes to Object and Arrays. LargeDS (LDS) tries to overcome this barrier by making use of Typed Arrays by defining basic data structure like Hashtables and ArrayLists

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★54 stars   âš 0 open issues   âš­1 contributors   ☯about 5 years old  
  • RocketChat/Rocket.Chat

    Have your own Slack like online chat, built with Meteor.

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★16554 stars   âš 2415 open issues   âš­101 contributors   ☯about 5 years old  
  • gka/chroma.js

    JavaScript library for all kinds of color manipulations

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★4947 stars   âš 16 open issues   âš­12 contributors   ☯over 8 years old  
  • philc/vimium

    The hacker's browser.

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★8671 stars   âš 446 open issues   âš­92 contributors   ☯over 10 years old  
  • basecamp/trix

    A rich text editor for everyday writing

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★8530 stars   âš 52 open issues   âš­8 contributors   ☯almost 7 years old  
  • flosse/sloc

    simple tool to count SLOC (source lines of code)

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★638 stars   âš 24 open issues   âš­23 contributors   ☯almost 8 years old  
  • jashkenas/coffeescript

    Unfancy JavaScript

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★14621 stars   âš 28 open issues   âš­184 contributors   ☯over 10 years old  
  • FelisCatus/SwitchyOmega

    Manage and switch between multiple proxies quickly & easily.

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★8769 stars   âš 79 open issues   âš­15 contributors   ☯almost 8 years old  
  • michaelvillar/dynamics.js

    Javascript library to create physics-based animations

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★6793 stars   âš 7 open issues   âš­1 contributors   ☯over 6 years old  
  • slackhq/hubot-slack

    Slack Developer Kit for Hubot

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★1840 stars   âš 36 open issues   âš­46 contributors   ☯about 7 years old  
  • dropbox/zxcvbn

    Low-Budget Password Strength Estimation

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★8170 stars   âš 60 open issues   âš­20 contributors   ☯over 8 years old  
  • byhestia/springseed

    Awesome note taking.

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★588 stars   âš 75 open issues   âš­11 contributors   ☯over 7 years old  
  • bucketsio/buckets

    [DEPRECATED] Manage content better.

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★1091 stars   âš 7 open issues   âš­19 contributors   ☯about 6 years old  
  • sockjs/sockjs-node

    WebSocket emulation - Node.js server

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★1526 stars   âš 28 open issues   âš­24 contributors   ☯almost 9 years old  
  • bokeh/bokeh

    Interactive Web Plotting for Python

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★7300 stars   âš 663 open issues   âš­127 contributors   ☯about 8 years old  
  • github/hubot

    A customizable life embetterment robot.

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★13714 stars   âš 30 open issues   âš­224 contributors   ☯almost 9 years old  
  • yakyak/yakyak

    Desktop chat client for Google Hangouts

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★3260 stars   âš 100 open issues   âš­12 contributors   ☯about 5 years old  
  • bevry/cson

    CoffeeScript-Object-Notation. Same as JSON but for CoffeeScript objects.

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★1097 stars   âš 9 open issues   âš­10 contributors   ☯about 9 years old  
  • StreamMachine/StreamMachine

    An experiment in next-generation streaming audio infrastructure for radio stations.

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★289 stars   âš 35 open issues   âš­3 contributors   ☯about 8 years old  
  • tooooomin/shuzobot

    This bot cheered me up :joy::heartbeat:

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★6 stars   âš 0 open issues   âš­2 contributors   ☯over 4 years old  
  • noflo/noflo

    Flow-based programming for JavaScript

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★2411 stars   âš 14 open issues   âš­22 contributors   ☯almost 9 years old  
  • baconjs/bacon.js

    FRP (functional reactive programming) library for Javascript

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★5868 stars   âš 50 open issues   âš­80 contributors   ☯over 8 years old  
  • meltingice/CamanJS-Plugins

    Plugins for CamanJS, a Javascript image manipulation library

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★175 stars   âš 8 open issues   âš­3 contributors   ☯over 7 years old  
  • sgentle/phantomjs-node

    PhantomJS integration module for NodeJS

    ☕CoffeeScript   ★2037 stars   âš 5 open issues   âš­65 contributors   ☯over 8 years old