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Multi-layer Recurrent Neural Networks (LSTM, RNN) for character-level language models in Python using Tensorflow

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Multi-layer Recurrent Neural Networks (LSTM, RNN) for character-level language models in Python using Tensorflow.

Inspired from Andrej Karpathy's char-rnn.


Basic Usage

To train with default parameters on the tinyshakespeare corpus, run python train.py. To access all the parameters use python train.py --help.

To sample from a checkpointed model, python sample.py. Sampling while the learning is still in progress (to check last checkpoint) works only in CPU or using another GPU. To force CPU mode, use export CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES="" and unset CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES afterward (resp. set CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES="" and set CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES= on Windows).

To continue training after interruption or to run on more epochs, python train.py --init_from=save


You can use any plain text file as input. For example you could download The complete Sherlock Holmes as such:

cd data
mkdir sherlock
cd sherlock
wget https://sherlock-holm.es/stories/plain-text/cnus.txt
mv cnus.txt input.txt

Then start train from the top level directory using python train.py --data_dir=./data/sherlock/

A quick tip to concatenate many small disparate .txt files into one large training file: ls *.txt | xargs -L 1 cat >> input.txt.


Tuning your models is kind of a dark art at this point. In general:

  1. Start with as much clean input.txt as possible e.g. 50MiB
  2. Start by establishing a baseline using the default settings.
  3. Use tensorboard to compare all of your runs visually to aid in experimenting.
  4. Tweak --rnn_size up somewhat from 128 if you have a lot of input data.
  5. Tweak --num_layers from 2 to 3 but no higher unless you have experience.
  6. Tweak --seq_length up from 50 based on the length of a valid input string (e.g. names are <= 12 characters, sentences may be up to 64 characters, etc). An lstm cell will remember for durations longer than this sequence, but the effect falls off for longer character distances.
  7. Finally once you've done all that, only then would I suggest adding some dropout. Start with --output_keep_prob 0.8 and maybe end up with both --input_keep_prob 0.8 --output_keep_prob 0.5 only after exhausting all the above values.


To visualize training progress, model graphs, and internal state histograms: fire up Tensorboard and point it at your log_dir. E.g.:

$ tensorboard --logdir=./logs/

Then open a browser to http://localhost:6006 or the correct IP/Port specified.


  • [ ] Add explanatory comments
  • [ ] Expose more command-line arguments
  • [ ] Compare accuracy and performance with char-rnn
  • [ ] More Tensorboard instrumentation


Please feel free to:

  • Leave feedback in the issues
  • Open a Pull Request
  • Join the gittr chat
  • Share your success stories and data sets!
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char-rnn-tensorflow open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Changes which might be interesting
  • when training, model can be initialized from previously saved model
  • Better error message
  • Added the last save
  • Implement temperature
  • Dropouts
  • Open pickled files in binary mode
  • Allow for infinite sampling streams.
  • Not to create unnessary tensorflow variables when sampling
  • More portable way of executing tensor
  • Fix #47
  • add a script to compute the perplexity of test data
  • BRNN + perplexity evaluation
  • Adding a bidirectional neural network
  • Replace deprecated Tensorflow functions
  • Make save_dir if doesn't exist
  • Simple tests on Travis CI
  • Show defaults in --help
  • Add .gitignore
  • better code to employ decaying learning rate
  • Minor fixes
  • Improve readme and command line help
  • Enable execution of main Python scripts train.py and sample.py
  • Removed unnecessary line
  • Use most fequent character as prime instead of ' ' to not fail on mod…
  • select-device
  • cyrillic sampling bugfix
  • Add explanatory comments to files
  • Make sampling with a unicode prime work correctly
  • add tf
  • Implement temperature
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