Launcher for Windows, an alternative to Alfred and Launchy.

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Statistics on Wox

Number of watchers on Github 8596
Number of open issues 282
Average time to close an issue 2 days
Main language C#
Average time to merge a PR 3 days
Open pull requests 33+
Closed pull requests 55+
Last commit 9 months ago
Repo Created almost 5 years ago
Repo Last Updated 8 months ago
Size 29 MB
Homepage http://wox.one
Organization / Authorwox-launcher
Latest Releasev1.3.524
Page Updated
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WoX is a launcher for Windows that simply works. It's an alternative to Alfred and Launchy. You can call it Windows omni-eXecutor if you want a long name.



  • Search for everythingapplications, uwp, folders, files and more.
  • Use pinyin to search for programs / ****
    • wyy / wangyiyun
  • Keyword plugin search
    • search google with g search_term
  • Build custom themes at http://www.wox.one/theme/builder
  • Install plugins from http://www.wox.one/plugin


Download Wox-xxx.exe from releases. Latest as of now is 1.3.183

Windows may complain about security due to code not being signed. This will be fixed later.

Versions marked as pre-release are unstable pre-release versions.

  • Requirements:
    • .net >= 4.5.2
    • everything: .exe installer + use x64 if your windows is x64 + everything service is running
    • python3: .exe installer + add it to %PATH% or set it in WoX settings


  • Launch: Alt+Space
  • Install/Uninstall plugin: type wpm install/uninstall
  • Reset: delete %APPDATA%\Wox
  • Log: %APPDATA%\Wox\Logs


  • First and most importantly, star it!
  • Read Coding Style
  • Send PR to dev branch
  • I'd appreciate if you could solve help_needed labeled issue
  • Don't hesitate to ask questions in the issues


  1. Install Visual Studio 2015 and tick all Windows 10 sdk options
  2. Open powershell with admin permission and Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Scope CurrentUser


Wox open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 2 years error
  • about 2 years problem
  • about 2 years Win7下debug版抛exception
  • about 2 years 下载不了 能发个邮件么?为什么后面不在百度云上面放备用下载了?yongzhian@163.com thx
  • about 2 years Wox Installation. Squirrel fails to move files
  • about 2 years mscorlib System.IO.IOException Error
  • about 2 years System.UnauthorizedAccessException during app launch
  • about 2 years 启动慢
  • about 2 years Wox error when pc Boot
  • about 2 years bug report
  • about 2 years my
  • about 2 years Total Commander connected with the Folder Plugin
  • about 2 years there is a problem with the lately win10 ver14959
  • about 2 years wox1.3.300在everything1.4.1.782b 版本下内存溢出
  • about 2 years Wox not show last command on reopen
  • about 2 years 希望可以加入自定义词汇打开自定义应用
  • about 2 years System.UriFormatException 无效的 URI: 此 URI 为空
  • about 2 years wox crash with do nothing.
  • about 2 years 增加spacemacs的按键机制
  • about 2 years System.Exception
  • about 2 years 在软件的输入框中输入“截图工具”,会出现以下问题
  • about 2 years When I use the "ev" command and searched some keywords, got the error.
  • about 2 years ev
  • about 2 years Wox version: 1.3.183
  • about 2 years Exception: Squirrel System.Exception
  • about 2 years 1.3.183启动就报错
  • about 2 years 移动输入框后,一旦输入内容就会回到桌面中央,也希望可以调整输入框大小。
  • about 2 years 使用有道查詢 Youdao translator 時出錯
  • about 2 years Wox version: 1.3.183: System.UnauthorizedAccessException
  • about 2 years Disabling start wox on system startup does nothing - still starts up on login
Wox open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Fixes MainWindow.xaml preview
  • Everything queries with DBCS, e.g Chinese, characters return messy path.
  • Settings via context menu
  • Cleanup proxy enable/disable
  • Consistent margins
  • Focuses first textbox on load
  • Add German Translation
  • Add support for rgb() syntax to Color Plugin
  • Fix(Tray Menu): Can not load string from translated resource.
  • Add hex input pattern to regex. This will make hex2dec workable.
  • add option to remove tray icon
  • don't show main window on startup
  • Fixed ActionKeywordsChanged handler subscribing multiple times
  • Add german translations
  • Add ability to configure Everything executable working directory
  • refactor IsWindowFullscreen fix #687
  • Program Plugin: ignored sequences
  • Improved font rendering
  • Create da.xaml
  • Hotfix for 815, accents support check for older Windows versions
  • Interface: added the Ukrainian language and corrected error in text in the Russian language
  • Highlighting how results matched
  • added support to save main window position and restore between restarts
  • add shortcut 'ctrl+l' to unselect query text
  • Added function to open recycle bin
  • ImageLoader - Windows Thumbnail Cache
  • make Wox.Plugin.Shell support bash on Windows 10
  • Make some changes to SettingWindow UI
  • ImageLoader now loads everything through IShellItemImageFactory::GetImage
  • Added setting in Programs plugin to hide suffix description
  • Handle empty actionkeyword + wrap UpdateManager in using block
  • Add Qwant in WebSearch
  • UWP HiDPI icon support
Wox list of languages used
Wox latest release notes
v1.3.524 v1.3.524

website has been changed to wox.one

1.3.475 v1.3.475

Release Notes


  • Fixed folder unauthorized exception (PR #1282, https://github.com/Wox-launcher/Wox/commit/808523b814ddbb82c6ac13f1da697342bc29b6a0, PR #1780)
  • Indexing now continues after unauthorized exceptions (#1779, PR #1780)
  • Prevents ActionKeyword from being empty
  • Empty cache files no longer crash Wox (#1394, PR #1776)


  • ReportWindow exception formatting reverted to a simple ToString as it is more informative for AggregateExceptions and the like (PR #1778)
  • Calculator plugin: YAMP switched to Mages (PR #1628)

New features:

  • Added context menu to non C# plugins https://github.com/Wox-launcher/Wox/pull/1366
v1.3.424 v1.3.424

Release Notes:

  1. Fix win7 exception #1251
  2. UWP support #198
  3. faster startup / query
  4. fix null reference #783
  5. fix web search settings
  6. fix blur in settings #875 #1190
  7. fix cursor jumping #813
  8. fix update issue #1320 and System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException #1266
  9. the theme website has been updated, delete your old theme file if you still have theme file issue #880
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