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This repo contains the .NET Core foundational libraries, called CoreFX. It includes classes for collections, file systems, console, XML, async and many others. We welcome contributions.

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Statistics on corefx

Number of watchers on Github 13519
Number of open issues 2236
Average time to close an issue about 15 hours
Main language C#
Average time to merge a PR about 12 hours
Open pull requests 628+
Closed pull requests 214+
Last commit about 1 year ago
Repo Created over 4 years ago
Repo Last Updated about 1 year ago
Size 169 MB
Organization / Authordotnet
Latest Releasev1.1.6
Page Updated
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.NET Core Libraries (CoreFX)

This repo contains the library implementation (called CoreFX) for .NET Core. It includes System.Collections, System.IO, System.Xml, and many other components. The corresponding .NET Core Runtime repo (called CoreCLR) contains the runtime implementation for .NET Core. It includes RyuJIT, the .NET GC, and many other components. Runtime-specific library code (mscorlib) lives in the CoreCLR repo. It needs to be built and versioned in tandem with the runtime. The rest of CoreFX is agnostic of runtime-implementation and can be run on any compatible .NET runtime (e.g. CoreRT).

.NET Core

Official Starting Page:

How to Engage, Contribute and Provide Feedback

Some of the best ways to contribute are to try things out, file bugs, join in design conversations, and fix issues.

If you are having issues with the full .NET Framework (also called Desktop), the best way to file a bug is the Report a Problem tool, which is integrated with the VS Developer Community Portal; or through Product Support if you have a contract.

Issue Guide

This section is in progress here: New contributor Docs - Issues (feel free to make it better - it's easy-to-edit wiki with RW permissions to everyone!)

Each issue area has one or more Microsoft owners, who are listed here.

Contributing Guide

This section is in progress here: New contributor Docs - Contributing (feel free to make it better - it's easy-to-edit wiki with RW permissions to everyone!)

Useful Links


This project has adopted the code of conduct defined by the Contributor Covenant to clarify expected behavior in our community. For more information, see the .NET Foundation Code of Conduct.

Reporting security issues and security bugs

Security issues and bugs should be reported privately, via email, to the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) You should receive a response within 24 hours. If for some reason you do not, please follow up via email to ensure we received your original message. Further information, including the MSRC PGP key, can be found in the Security TechCenter.

Also see info about related Microsoft .NET Core and ASP.NET Core Bug Bounty Program.


.NET Core (including the corefx repo) is licensed under the MIT license.

.NET Foundation

.NET Core is a .NET Foundation project.

There are many .NET related projects on GitHub.

  • .NET home repo- links to 100s of .NET projects, from Microsoft and the community.
  • ASP.NET Core home - the best place to start learning about ASP.NET Core.

CoreFX Project

Daily Builds

Daily builds of .NET Core components are published to dotnet-core MyGet gallery. The latest version number of each library can be seen in that gallery.

Build & Test Status

Note: See officially supported OS versions.

Inner x64 Debug Inner x64 Release Outer x64 Debug Outer x64 Release
CentOS 7.1 x64-debug x64-release x64-debug x64-release
Debian 8 x64-debug x64-release x64-debug x64-release
Fedora 24 x64-debug x64-release x64-debug x64-release
OS X 10.12 x64-debug x64-release x64-debug x64-release
Red Hat 7.2 x64-debug x64-release x64-debug x64-release
Ubuntu 14.04 x64-debug x64-release x64-debug x64-release
Ubuntu 16.04 x64-debug x64-release x64-debug x64-release
Ubuntu 16.10 x64-debug x64-release x64-debug x64-release
PortableLinux x64-debug x64-release x64-debug x64-release
Windows 7 x64-debug x64-release
Windows 8.1 (x86) x64-debug x64-release x64-debug x64-release
Code Coverage (Windows) code coverage
corefx open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 2 years DNS client and custom DNS queries
  • over 2 years Reconsider port to core approach for System.Net.HttpListener
  • over 2 years Can DispatchProxy provide Task<object> InvokeAsync abstract method!
  • over 2 years HttpListener contract requires access to internal APIs from Cookie.
  • over 2 years Support "duration" in XmlSerializer
  • over 2 years System.Data.SqlClient.sln contains stresstest project that does not exist
  • over 2 years Strong name validation is failing for certain analyzer assemblies with a fresh build.
  • over 2 years "windows.winmd" is lower-case in our Microsoft.TargetingPack.Private.WinRT package
  • over 2 years System.Transactions.Tests.AsyncTransactionScopeTests.AsyncTSTest failing in CI
  • over 2 years Add 32-bit version of tests that were disabled
  • over 2 years HttpClient allocates a lot of objects
  • over 2 years Single Worker thread, single I/O thread
  • over 2 years Please add System.Drawing.StringAlignment to System.Drawing.Primitives
  • over 2 years Reintroduce the use of MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod in Queryable
  • over 2 years Move the WebSockets implementation from HttpListener to System.Net.WebSockets
  • over 2 years System.Numerics.BigInteger causes StackOverflowException
  • over 2 years System.Runtime.InteropServices.RuntimeInformation fails when running on full .NET on Win7
  • over 2 years Missing ExtendedProtectionPolicyTypeConverter
  • over 2 years Missing stragglers from System.Reflection
  • over 2 years HttpClient slow performance on windows and linux
  • over 2 years Failed to cross build for ARM32
  • over 2 years Strongly-typed database schema API that doesn't rely on DataTable
  • over 2 years RuntimeOps.Expando* methods missing?
  • over 2 years Test failure: System.Net.Sockets.Tests.Shutdown/Shutdown_TCP_CLOSED_Success
  • over 2 years Memory statistics and portable interop.
  • over 2 years Add tracing to SysTx test classes with ITestOutputHelper to assist debugging failures.
  • over 2 years Add an API to determine whether the current environment supports JIT vs is native
  • over 2 years Implement distributed/promoted transactions in System.Transactions.
  • over 2 years Proposal: Adding System.SemanticVersion
  • over 2 years System.Linq.Expressions code coverage partial report
corefx open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Fix #2336 for DateTimeFormatInfo
  • Fix #6286 for IntPtr and UIntPtr
  • Fix #6286 for Guid
  • Fix #6286 for Version
  • Fix #6286 for Decimal
  • Fix #6286 for String
  • Fix #6286 for StringBuilder
  • Fix #6268 for Activator
  • Fix #2336 for Array
  • Remove unused function from CompareInfoTests.LastIndexOf
  • Response stream reads should return error for insufficient data
  • Fix #2336 for StringInfo
  • Fix #2336 for DateTimeStyles
  • Fix #2336 for NumberStyles
  • Fix #2336 for UnicodeCategory
  • Fix WinHttpHandler memory leaks
  • Rewrite WebUtility.HtmlEntities to minimize array/substring allocations
  • ImmutableArray: Remove workaround for bug in native compiler
  • Fix false assumption in Expression.TypeEqual
  • Fix use of nameof with ArgumentException
  • Turn off -Wcast-align inline for musl-libc
  • Add default build configuration to SqlClient tests
  • Update project.json's to match updated RID (debian.8.2 -> debian.8) sโ€ฆ
  • Move CoreCLR-only serialization tests to a separate file
  • Add arm64 native support
  • #2727 Removed unnecessary IsPrime function after expanding table.
  • Cleanup Path tests
  • Cross-compilation support for native code
  • Fix race in SocketAsyncEngine
  • Add for dev workflow
  • Add a few capacity tests for MMF
  • Add a Pipes test for disconnecting during async operations
  • Make SetActiveConnectionAndResult in SqlCommand synchronous to avoid validation race conditions.
  • Make Marshal.PtrToStringAnsi to use Utf8 on Linux
  • Remove unused internal Socket.IOControl overload
  • Break dependency on older collections in System.Net.Security
  • System.Reflection.Metadata: Branch builder
  • System.Reflection.Metadata: Remove FUTURE compilation symbol
  • Upgrade dotnet CLI version
  • Adding DiagnosticSource to EventSource Bridge.
  • Optimise multiple Append and Prepend calls. [WIP]
  • Remove unused System.IO.Packaging code associated with the pack:// URI scheme
  • Cache UTF8Encoding instantiations in a few places
  • Cleanup some code in System.Linq.Expressions
  • Ensure ordering of async Socket send/receive operations
  • Expose additional APIs in System.ComponentModel contracts
  • Adding baseline files for ApiCompat runs
  • Kill Roslyn compiler in clean.cmd
  • WIP DONT MERGE Support Elliptical Curve Cryptography named curves and export
  • Improve cross-compilation support for arm and arm64
  • Fix XmlSerializer Serializing DateTime when DataType = "time"
  • Short-circuit for strings in WebUtility.UrlEncode
  • Cleanup CultureInfo tests
  • Fix WriteEscapedJsonString for Special Control Characters.
  • Add tests for CompareInfo
  • Adding builds files to the test projects
  • Update netci and run-test to use the IgnoreForCI trait in Jenkins
  • Move System.Text.RegularExpressions tests to xunit
  • Add and cleanup tests for TimeSpan, DateTime and DateTimeOffset
  • Cleanup UnicodeEncoding tests
  • Updating CoreFX dependencies to rc3-24020-00
  • Re-enable disabled Uri tests on Unix
  • Multiple fixes and cleanups for ArrayPool
  • Update xunit.netcore.extensions version.
  • Fix shell assignment to IgnoreForCI
  • Move tests for queryable and enumerable out of expressions.
  • Throw on label redefinition in interpreter.
  • Move GCHandle from System.Runtime to System.Runtime.InteropServices.PInvoke
  • Associate issues with more TODO comments in System.Net
  • Added KeepProjectReference flag to the tests that are not compiling.
  • Add setup and cleanup extension points to build script.
  • Move DbEnumerator to System.Data.Common
  • Prepare for Unix current culture changes
  • Package baseline
  • Re-Enable Unicode Compression tests
  • Adding the support for WP8 in System.Data.Common
  • Port UriTypeConverter source and add tests.
  • Remove EnterLoopInstruction class from Linq.Expressions
  • Remove unused files in serialization
  • Remove expression catalog tests from expressions tests
  • Detect properly MIT-KRB5 headers on NetBSD with pkgsrc
  • Cleanup StringDictionary tests
  • Add more Assign and OpAssign expression tests
  • Implement fault blocks in interpreted expressions
  • Avoid a closure allocation in MessageProcessingHandler
  • Remove a closure allocation from WinHttpResponseStream
  • Remove nongeneric collections shim from serialization
  • Create xplat and Windows native symbol packages
  • change from uname -p to uname -m
  • Baseline tests against dotnet/coreclr#2051
  • If we fail to register a socket file descriptor with kqueue/epoll, throw a more appropriate exception
  • Revert Stream.Begin/End contract changes
  • Dispose of the inner HttpClient in HttpWebRequest
  • Fix race condition issue in data contract serializers
  • Rewrite OpenSSL references on OSX to use @rpath
  • Add non generic IDictionary tests to ConcurrentDictionary
  • Allow multi-part netlink messages in pal_networkchange.cpp
  • Moving SafeDeleteContext and SafeFreeCredentials to common location
  • Enabling perf tests execution on linux via helix
  • Cleanup ConstructorInfo tests
  • More metadata writer API clean-up and testing (round 2)
  • ReflectionBasedDCS: Fix 5 test failures, MemberInfo, DateTimeOffset, KeyValuePair
  • FileSystem: Implement WinRT File Enumeration
  • [WIP] Clean up the code in Microsoft.CSharp
  • Better perf for Path.GetInvalidFileNameChars, GetInvalidPathChars
  • Remove OfficialBuildId handling to clean up build.cmd/sh scripts
  • Remove intermediary allocation from Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension
  • [WIP] Define IRuntimeVariables in references.
  • Add some System.Runtime tests
  • Allow NetSecurityNative to use heimdal libraries [Do Not Merge]
  • Throw on open generic, byref or pointer type to NewArrayInit().
  • Add parameter names to System.Linq.Expressions exceptions
  • Remove redundant ToString() overrides in instructions.
  • Add more binary nullable tests
  • Add cloudtest targets to tests.builds file
  • Prohibit null, open generic or address types on Constant
  • Prohibit open generic or address types on NewArrayBounds().
  • Avoid string allocations in Cookie.GetHashCode
  • Fix two issues with delegate creation methods
  • Fix CurlHandler handling of redirects
  • [Do not merge] Test new core clr packages
  • Port to release/1.0.0: Remove implicit casts from ValueTask<T>
  • Dispose of request HttpContent after buffering response
  • ValueTuple: adding Deconstruct and other tuple interop methods for System.Tuple
  • Port System.IO.Pipes AccessControl to CoreFX
  • Port to release/1.0.0: Improve tracing in CurlHandler
  • Improve the CoreFX test runner
  • Remove "Result" property of ValueTask<T>
  • Move HTTP request content disposal responsibility to handlers
  • Fix some issues in RowConfigReader
  • Switch test-runtime to NETStandard.Library
  • Delay HttpResponseMessage publishing in CurlHandler until all request data sent
  • Console Title test should run in separate process.
  • Cleanup Stack tests, add tests for Contains
  • Compiler ServiceProcess native service as 64bit to run on Windows Nano.
  • Fixing perf linux tests and revving xunit perf versions
  • Execute Windows Nano tests in parallel.
  • Cleanup some System.Linq tests
  • Cleanup some method tests in System.Dynamic.Runtime
  • Cleanup compound operator tests in System.Dynamic.Runtime
  • Additional information about deprecated monikers
  • Cleanup System.Dynamic.Runtime ExplicitlyImplemented tests
  • Reflection Based DCS Bug Fix: Fixed 22 Failed Tests.
  • Added basic diagnostics to SqlConnection
  • Windows path tweaks
  • Allow other file handle types
  • Improved failure handling in
  • Add instructions for running code coverage with locally built mscorlib
  • Updating contracts for new UTF8 string marshalling APIs
  • Updating CoreClr dependencies to rc4-24212-04
  • Updating CoreFx dependencies to rc4-24212-04
  • Clean packages on official and CI builds
  • Remove some allocations from unix WebSocket client
  • Use stackalloc for UrlEncode in WebUtility
  • Fixes for Reflection Based DCS in NetNative
  • Mark tests which require elevation - rebased
  • Update versions in test project.json files to prevent failures due to downgrading
  • System.Diagnostics.Debug.SymbolReader assembly for reading Portable PDB on Linux.
  • Add xUnit AppX package to test runtime project.json.
  • Allow Socket.Connect{Async} to be used with a string-based IP addresses
  • Update CoreFX tests to compile against netstandard1.3 and deploy for platform
  • Reduce System.Net.CredentialCache allocations
  • Add Compression binary compat tests
  • Enabling serialization for CultureInfo.
  • Add support to statically link curl to
  • Refactor part of ValueTuple into a new Hash class, update hashing algorithm
  • Add a few more parameter names to System.Linq.Expressions exceptions
  • Updating CoreFx dependencies to beta-24227-04
  • Merge new tests and perf
  • Updating CoreClr dependencies to beta-24227-03
  • Missing DebuggingFlags on DebuggableAttribute
  • Cleanup some more System.Reflection.Emit tests
  • Add SqlClient Read retry logic when receiving undersized packets during prelogin
  • Add NugetTargetMoniker to test projects and update remaining project โ€ฆ
  • Enabled connecntivity to connect SQL Server by instance name:
  • [ARM/Linux] Fix build break during ARM cross build.
  • Change branch condition in `if` statement.
  • Uri supports unknown schemes wrt. RFC3986-5.4.2
  • Removed redundant calls to SetFieldsFromUri() in UriBuilder
  • Local variables support in System.Diagnostics.Debug.SymbolReader for Portable PDB
  • FileSystem: Expand CanCreateSymlinks test
  • Uri parser supports paths wrt. RFC3986-5.4.2
  • Use tuples in APIs that return multiple values instead of out parameters
  • Add instructions for targeting .NET Core with MSBuild projects
  • Fixed a Bug with Using PreserveObjectReferences with IsReference=true
  • Updating CoreFx dependencies to beta-24312-04
  • Updated StringComparison
  • Update portable pdb spec for embedded source
  • Updating CoreClr dependencies to beta-24312-03
  • Add tests for MethodInfo.Invoke with default parameters
  • [WIP - Don't merge] - Changing dev workflow cmd scripts to use the run command tool
  • Add '--test-dir' option to run selected tests only.
  • Avoid repeated virtual method calls in Stack.Contains
  • Validate Xamarin frameworks
  • Fix handling of errors from Process.Start
  • Add more rigorous testing for Stream.CopyTo
  • Add Support for (De-)Serializing CultureInfo.
  • Clean up SymbolReader project
  • Finishing the work for matching the new classic contracts with the existing Core types and its added members
  • Add Windows 10 elliptic curve support to X509
  • Remove some boxing from IPv6AddressHelper.CreateCanonicalName
  • Add `--sequential` option to ``
  • Do not use *.ni.dll on test.
  • Avoid boxing in IPv4AddressHelper.ParseCanonicalName
  • Clean up and Format System.Collections
  • Share query settings between PLINQ SequenceEqual operators.
  • Cleanup TypeBuilder tests
  • Cleanup System.Reflection.Emit.Lightweight tests
  • Add Reflection Based (De-)Serialization Support for DCJS
  • Cleanup some System.Reflection.Emit.ILGeneration tests
  • Bump system io file system
  • Xml Type with 2D Array property tests
  • set __CrossBuild in src/Native/ automatically
  • Update layouts to netcoreapp1.1 and add some package excludes.
  • Renaming ZeroFreeMemoryUTF8 to ZeroFreeCoTaskMemUTF8
  • Setting tcp for default protocol
  • fixes for ManagedWebSocket server mode
  • Updating CoreFx dependencies to beta-24401-02
  • Moving the System.Globalization contract into System.Runtime
  • ARM-CI : Check a device is already mounted while mounting a device.
  • Using IArgumentProvider in more places to reduce collection allocations
  • Fixing write-back behavior for mutable structs in lambda compiler.
  • Fix typos in
  • Add ReflectionEmit LoadContext Tests
  • Added == and != operators to ValueTuple.cs. Closes #10416
  • [SOS] [OSX] Fix potential arithmetic overflow exception in SymbolReader
  • Fix the flags passed to getnameinfo
  • Move serialization primitives to System.Runtime
  • Implement Environment.Get/SetEnvironmentVariable(s) for User and Machine on Win32
  • Prohibit address types from Convert/ConvertChecked expressions.
  • Add more serialization tests for core types
  • Prohibit open generic or address types on Expression.Catch
  • Add a new perf job to Jenkins
  • Add ARM64 private jobs to Jenkins
  • Prohibit open generic or address types on Goto etc.
  • ARM-CI : Add logging for getting the reason of unmounting issue.
  • Add more tests to string.IndexOf for the corresponding changes in CoreCLR
  • MEF2 throws a System.TypeLoadException
  • Added test for RegionInfo.NativeName
  • Use newer linux kernel for some outer-loop jobs
  • Adding ITuple interface and implementation in ValueTuple
  • ApiCompat - Add CAS Stubs
  • Updating CoreClr dependencies to beta-24417-02
  • Updating External dependencies to beta-24417-00
  • Updating CoreClr dependencies to beta-24417-01
  • Update CoreFx to beta-24416-08 (master)
  • Fix for issue (DataContractโ€ฆ
  • Add full-version package dependency verification
  • Enable per-commit arm64 build and test runs
  • Setting TCP as default for Azure endpoint
  • Change caching in Environment.ProcessorCount
  • Add alias nodeReuse to sync and publish-packages command
  • Updating CoreFx dependencies to beta-devapi-24416-01
  • Updating CoreClr dependencies to beta-24416-04
  • Revises TestAsyncHalfCharacterAtATime test
  • Glibc readdir_r() deprecated use readdir()
  • Moving some types/APIs from S.IO and S.Reflection.Primitives to S.P.CoreLib, to support new Reflection refactoring
  • Port Math and Decimal members
  • Cleanup System.Reflection.TypeExtensions.EventInfo tests
  • [Script] Add options for running selected tests
  • Add Begin/End to FileStream.
  • Fix poor hash function in System.Numerics #1509
  • Fix bug when using a ctor with interfaces in MEF with unbound genericโ€ฆ
  • Fixed incorrect x64 #import for ol.7.0 RID
  • Adding culture-aware string functions
  • Improve code coverage of System.Linq.Expressions.IndexExpression
  • Remove buildtools myget feed and resolve System.Net.NameResolution compilation issue.
  • Produce System.Security.Cryptography.Native.OpenSsl library and package
  • Adding the SqlClient Stress Test execution engine
  • Fix for Issue#10155 & #10217
  • Update SNI package used for testing SqlClient
  • Add Reflection Based (De-)Serialization Support for XmlSerializer
  • Removing obselute uex file reference comments in code
  • Caching some reflection calls
  • Update External, ProjectNTfs to beta-24501-00, beta-24501-00, respectively (dev/api)
  • Changing some runtime checks into asserts in ILGen
  • Reducing closure and list allocations in LambdaCompiler
  • Update
  • Update CoreClr, CoreFx, External to beta-24431-03, beta-24501-01, beta-24501-00, respectively (master)
  • Adding uap10.1 target to System.Runtime and System.Private.Uri.
  • Reducing code duplication in ExpressionQuoter and converging the copies.
  • Make some more corefx types serializable
  • Simplify IndexExpression.FindProperty and MethodCallExpression.FindMethod
  • Add new compression tests
  • Removing obsolete documentation references in API comments
  • 66% speedup for Path.Combine on Windows
  • Adding some nameof uses and removing some string interpolation
  • Some memory optimizations in expression visitors
  • [WIP] Add System.AppDomain apis
  • NetcoreApp api
  • WIP: Adding new SslStream API
  • Add managed Deflate64 support to ZipArchive
  • Add test coverage for issue#10598
  • [WIP] Refactoring CoreFx build structure
  • Expose some threading types and members
  • Enable Reflection Based Serialization on Net Native.
  • Improve Enumerable.ToArray to avoid excessive copying for lazy enumerables
  • Use new PEReader API to open Portable PDB
  • Update ExternalPackages props file
  • Improving ConstantCheck with support for Default
  • Exposed APIs in System.Xml.XmlSerializer.
  • Reducing redundant local variables
  • Updating CoreFx dependencies to servicing-24611-03
  • Re-enable System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter tests after the packageโ€ฆ
  • Updating CoreFx dependencies to servicing-24611-02
  • Fix tests
  • Add System.CodeDom tests
  • Update DbCommand.cs
  • Diagnostics name space
  • Fix SelectArrayIterator.MoveNext after Dispose
  • Move System.DBNull down to System.Runtime
  • Update CoreClr, CoreFx, ProjectNTfs to beta-24611-01, beta-24610-02, beta-24607-00, respectively (master)
  • Expose new String.Split overloads in netcoreapp1.1
  • Switch Assert.True(false) to asserting the condition - System.Net.WebSockets.Client
  • Remove hand-rolled equality tests - System.Reflection.Metadata
  • Port rest of System.NetCookie* methods
  • Bring S.Resources.ResourceManager up to ns20
  • Add netstandard1.7 build to Threading.Timers
  • Add missing IO members to System.Runtime
  • Merge System.Reflection.Metadata changes from master to release/1.1.0
  • Notify GC of allocated native memory
  • Enable machine stores for isolated storage
  • Add DataSet, DataTable, and much more to corefx
  • Update the code with the assumption that LicenseFile is always null.
  • Expose some missing threading types/members (Timer, exceptions, etc.)
  • Add APIs in System.Runtime.Serialization*.
  • Add uap10.1 target to System.Runtime.WindowsRuntime
  • SqlClient CLR UDT binary support
  • Add System.SystemException derivations
  • Improve sync time with a global test-runtime project.json restore upfront.
  • Add ArrayBuilder<T> struct, delete LowLevelList
  • Adding instruction assertion mechanism for expression interpreter.
  • Update CoreClr, External, ProjectNTfs to beta-24626-02, beta-24626-00, beta-24626-00, respectively (master)
  • Update CoreClr, CoreFx to preview1-24626-01, preview1-24626-01, respectively (release/1.1.0)
  • Update to SNI packaging
  • Adding new build/packaging documentation
  • add TransportContext.GetTlsTokenBindings and TokenBinding class
  • Add missing APM methods to Pipes assembly
  • Misc. minor changes to interpreter in System.Linq.Expressions
  • Redirect to System.Private.CoreLib
  • Expose HttpContinueDelegate from HttpWebRequest.
  • Cherry-pick commit 09a2d0022b46e7a5137002b88bb7334bfc43604a from Master
  • Adding Some Types related to Remoting
  • Remove if-defs from System.ComponentModel.TypeCoverter
  • Drop windows netstandard1.1 implementation to lib/netstandard1.1
  • Add crypto provider wrappers
  • Add EnumBuilder tests
  • Don't allow Expression.Parameter and Expression.Variable to have open generic types
  • Consolidate TypeBuilder.Define* tests
  • Implement missing methods from WebHeaderCollection
  • Implement the missing members in the System.Runtime.CompilerServices โ€ฆ
  • Add multiple tests.
  • Add checked in build definitions and pipeline.json
  • Expose some Thread members
  • Making stack spilling less invasive beyond spill sites
  • Adding more documentation on how to run individual library tests from the command line
  • [WIP] [no merge] Improvements for Where, refactor Count
  • Adding APMTests to System.IO and System.IO.Compression
  • Override MemoryStream.CopyTo and expose the override for netcoreapp1.1
  • EmailAddressAttribute validation returns true on empty string
  • Add more DSA tests
  • Using some C# 6.0 features in DLR code in System.Linq.Expressions
  • Remove some unnecessary use of LINQ in DynamicObject
  • Remove some unused usings in System.Linq.Expressions
  • Fixing a few typos in System.Linq.Expressions
  • [ARM/CI] Fix for hardfp
  • Update CoreFx, External, ProjectNTfs to beta-24710-01, beta-24710-00, beta-24710-00, respectively (master)
  • Code improvements in System.Linq.Queryable
  • Matching AsyncCompletedEvent.RaiseExceptionIfNecessary with Full Framework
  • Update buildtools to 1.0.27-prerelease-01009-06
  • Filling out missing members of System.Linq.Expressions namespace
  • Improve File.Replace implementation on Unix
  • Revert param names
  • Expression casts tests and fix boolean-enum casts
  • Enhance SqlClientDiagnosticListener to support SqlTransaction - Writeโ€ฆ
  • Initial commit to System.Net.HttpListener
  • Add Marshal SecureString apis
  • Update Sytem.Runtime.InteropServices to ns2.0
  • Moving part of System.Security.Permissions down to System.Runtime.Extensions
  • Add AsymmetricAlgorthm.ToXmlString, FromXmlString, and other missing members
  • Shift Expressions Tests and Refactoring
  • Remove some dead code from Interpreter and LightCompiler.
  • Add multiple tests to cover the following APIs.
  • Add layout based NETCoreApp packages
  • Expose additional methods from HttpWebRequest and Response
  • Replace APISet imports with Win32 imports on Windows
  • Throw InvalidOperationException on attempting to throw an object not derived from Exception in the interpreter.
  • Remove some minor redundancies and nits in Linq.Expressions.
  • Use or remove unused parameters in System.Linq.Expressions
  • Fix BufferedStream.FlushAsync bug where the incorrect property was checked
  • Eliminating unnecessary closures in DynamicObject
  • Update CoreClr, ProjectNTfs to beta-24730-02, beta-24730-00, respectively (master)
  • Restoring the use of GetBaseDefinition in IsOverridden in DynamicObject
  • Using GetParametersCached in more places in System.Linq.Expressions
  • Expose AddressFamily.Max and some Disposes
  • Fix and re-enable XSLT checksum tests
  • Avoiding some allocations in CallSite<T>.CreateCustomUpdateDelegate
  • [WIP] Engineering docs updated
  • Move ExpressionVisitorUtils and related types to System.Linq.Expressions
  • Removing partial modifier on CollectionExtensions
  • Short-circuit within nullable arithmetic instructions.
  • Add ConcurrentBag Clear APIs
  • Fixed Join_ObjectArray test in StringTests
  • Adding tests for ReadOnlyCollectionBuilder<T>
  • Expose additional methods from HttpWebRequest and Response
  • SslStream override FlushAsync
  • [WIP] Use RuntimeHelpers.Equals to avoid spurious events in ExpandoObject
  • Reuse _state in some iterators.
  • Implement IntPtr/UIntPtr enum casts in Linq expressions
  • Add ConcurrentQueue<T> Clear method
  • [WIP] Optimize IsOverridden logic in DynamicObject
  • [WIP] Implement and add tests for System.HashCode.
  • Specialize the single-selector overload of SelectMany.
  • Enable tests for Unix FileStream Lock/Unlock
  • Switch to use CoreLib Path class.
  • [WIP] Dev/eng tools
  • [WIP] S.R.CS.Unsafe: Add CopyBlock/CopyBlockUnaligned and InitBlock/InitBlockUnaligned for ref byte
  • System.IO.FileSystem.Tests project fail ValidFileOptions test if FileOptions contains Encrypted flag
  • Expose ConcurrentDictionary GetOrAdd/AddOrUpdate overloads in netcoreapp1.1
  • [release/1.0.0] Disable package build for packages not shipping
  • Update CoreFx to beta-24914-13 (master)
  • Updating CoreFx dependencies to servicing-24914-02
  • Updating CoreClr dependencies to servicing-24914-02
  • Add tests for thread interrupt in finally blocks
  • Update project configuration and sln files
  • Fix projects for VS
  • Update AspNetCoreHosting keyword
  • Add a "Helix Test" step to the official build definitions
  • Fixing documentation for code coverage
  • System.Xml.XmlSchemaSet.Tests fix
  • Remove SSRP for TCP connections without port and Instance name
  • implement synchronous completion support in Sockets
  • [WIP] Add Activity to DiagnosticSource
  • Provide websocket implementation for Managed httplistener.
  • Augment BinaryFormatter tests
  • Add ARM64 Build&Test to Jenkins
  • add SimpleContextAwareResult and use it instead of ContextAwareResult
  • Performance improvement: Make ConcurrentDictionary with Enum values also profit from atomic writes.
  • Cleanup ImmutableArray tests
  • System.Security.Claims cleanup for #4935
  • [Wip] Add API and Tests for Collectible Assemblies and AssemblyLoadContext
  • [Linq] Lower LargeArrayBuilder's ResizeLimit
  • [WIP] Add DSACertificateExtension extension methods
  • ExcludeFromCodeCoverageAssemblyAttribute for excluding assemblies
  • [RFC] Reduce allocations in {Concat,SelectMany,Append,Prepend}.ToArray by close to 50%
  • System.Security.Cryptography.Xml - phase 2 (make it compile)
  • Add tests for new String.Join overloads
  • Test StringComparer.FromComparison
  • Supporting C# 7 deconstruction of certain types
  • Added additional WellKnownSidType enumeration members.
  • Update CoreClr, CoreFx, ProjectNTfs, ProjectNTfsTestILC to preview2-25305-01, preview2-25305-01, beta-25305-00, beta-25305-00, respectively (master)
  • Enable Canonicalization on NetCore
  • Fix most of S.S.Cryptography.Xml desktop failures
  • Add a test for KnownTypeAttribute.MethodName Property
  • Surface Type.IsTypeDefinition and tests
  • Add Path.cs performance tests.
  • Source init-tools rather than execute
  • Disable failing PKCS tests from <net462
  • Fix remaining IO tests
  • Caching EqualityComparer<T>.Default instances in ValueTuple
  • Re-enabling tests and adding workaround for a known Windows bug.
  • Add type forwarders for newly added IsByRefLikeAttribute in System.Runtime.CompilerServices
  • Make VerifyWithRevocation retry on failure
  • Skip time span tests in desktop with lower version dotnet
  • Enable building on older Linux distros
  • Add a new Dcs test.
  • Add Tests covering WCF Soap Scenario.
  • Enable Environment.Exit tests.
  • Fix incorrect exception thrown in HttpResponseStream.Write for a closed connection
  • Add HttpListenerPrefixCollection tests and align managed implementation with Windows
  • Add MethodBase.IsConstructedGenericMethod property
  • Moved background thread to a task in SerialPort
  • Fix CookieException thrown for invalid HttpListener cookies
  • Perf improvements to StreamWriter with perf tests
  • [rel/1.1.0] Add signing to Windows native build
  • [NO MERGE] This is a test of the emergency broad cast system (eg. CI)
  • [rel/1.0.0] Add signing to Windows native build
  • HttpWebRequest PNSE/NotImplemented members implemented & code coverage increased
  • Improvements on ReflectionXmlSerializationWriter.
  • S.L.Expressions: Consolidate pointer & byref test in ValidateType
  • Add more HttpListener WebSocket tests
  • 2.0 Port: AppCompat: converting two HWR properties to no-op.
  • Fix some System.Net.WebSockets.Client.Tests failures
  • Stop disposing previous managed HttpListener connection on accept failure
  • fix HttpListener chunked encoding handling
  • AppCompat: converting two HWR properties to no-op.
  • Make portable builds the default and remove non-portable official builds
  • Remove non-portable RIDs from netcoreapp package
  • Porting Serialization Tests in NetNative Repo
  • Add debian 9 to CI
  • [WIP] Add tests for reflection based serialization of coretypes
  • AsReadOnlySpan extension method additions
  • Port 2.0: Prep tests for CoreCLR/CoreRT [Serializable] cleanup (#20035)
  • IsInAppContainer & IsNetNative reliability increased
  • Remove asynchrony from many HttpListener tests
  • add explicit check for OSX version to avoid mysterious breakages
  • Add HasSameMetadataDefinitionAs().
  • Issue #18017 Operators * / for Size and SizeF
  • Redistribute 4.0.1 clrcompression for netcore50
  • Implements #19826 and #4571: Adds DbConnection.ProviderFactory and DbProviderFactories
  • Fixed System.Runtime.Extensions uap/uapaot tests
  • Adding the possibility to use resources for the property NullDisplayText in DisplayFormatAttribute
  • Two FtpWebRequest tests taking long time to fail
  • Move DbConnectionOptions.cs to Common
  • Port some WindowsRuntime tests
  • Build Tool Search and Acquire Experience
  • Add HTTP Correlation protocol
  • String-like Span extension methods - Remove / PadLeft and Right
  • Update ProjectNTfs, ProjectNTfsTestILC to beta-26126-00, beta-26126-00, respectively (master)
  • Make sure HttpListenerContext will not deallocate twice
  • Fixed ReadAsync blocking issue
  • Fix load assembly without location issue2
  • Fix IO error handling for adding certs to X509Store on Linux
  • DO NOT MERGE -- test line ending behavior
  • DO NOT MERGE -- Httpversion test
  • clean up request and response version handling in managed handler
  • Port ECDiffieHellman to .NET Core
  • WIP No Merge [Arm64] HW Intrinsics API
  • Update runtime.json to include missing RIDs
  • Add netfx placeholder configuration to System.Data.DataSetExtensions
  • Avoid cast of Microsoft.CSharp's binder types.
  • Fix OOM in regex for large regex quantifier
  • Remove skeletal caching from ExprVisitorBase in Microsoft.CSharp
  • Propagate exceptions from ServiceBase.OnStart
  • ServiceBase And ServiceController Tests using NamedPipes
  • Fix various issues with System.Json.JsonValue.Save
  • WIP Issue #24343 Vector Ctor using Span
  • LargeArrayBuilder<T> optimization of Add and AddRange
  • Remove orphaned methods from Microsoft.CSharp
  • Refactor Microsoft.CSharp's SubstContext
  • ObservableCollection<T> range capabilities
  • [WIP] Sync PerformanceCounterLib
  • Update
  • Consume Span moves
  • WebClient progress monitoring uses ContentLength header
  • set null value with indexer for concurrent dictionary
  • Support Process.Start as a different user on Unix.
  • Bump System.Data.SqlClient assembly version to 4.4.0.
  • DO NOT MERGE: test multiple cookie header handling
  • Add System.IO.Pipelines API
  • Clear initlocals in a bunch of assemblies
  • SocketsHttpHandler: Fix some issues with cookie handling, and add cookie tests
  • Add test infra for auth testing.
  • Add support for PDB Checksum debug directory entry
  • Add TestUtilities NuGet package
  • DO NOT MERGE: test HttpClient cookie handling
  • Support for RFC 3161 cryptographic timestamps with RFC 5816 additions
  • Initialized a bool variable in XmlSerializationReader.cs to fix warning
  • Add FileStream tests for custom OwnedMemory with Read/WriteAsync
  • [WIP]Remove old GetHostByName logic
  • Adding test to verify FileStream.Dispose() ignores IO Related Exception in finalizer
  • Add Hebrew Months test
  • Crossgening roslyn for non-Windows builds
  • Update Sgen version to 2.0 and assembly version to 2.0 in 2.1 release branch
  • [WIP] Try to shutdown socket in some cases to prevent endless hang
  • Add ROSpan StartsWith and EndsWith string-like APIs with StringComparison
  • reduce regex op code time
  • initial connect support
  • Make EnvelopedCms work for Linux and macOS
  • Clear Authorization Headers on Redirect
  • [WIP] Add Sort(...) extension methods for Span<T>
  • Modified Dns.GetHostAddressesAsync to be truly async
  • Re-enable some Socket tests
  • DO NOT MERGE: add drain tests to understand behavior
  • Added tests for Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.Conversions #1โ€ฆ
  • Enable blob comparison for TimeZoneInfo* & fix comment
  • Support Syndication Support Rss Optional Elements
  • Path tests overhaul
  • Fix PauseAndContinue failure?
  • Update CoreFx to preview2-26225-01 (master)
  • Dont allow exceptions to emerge on the threadpool
  • Add tests for ValueType.GetHashCode
  • [WIP] Prototype removing RunningLength and delegating seek to IMemoryList
  • Add tests for empty array in Memory/MemoryMarshal
  • Fix calling convention gap in ILGenerator.EmitCalli
  • add basic and digest authentication for tunnel/https proxy in SocketHttpHandler
  • Add references parameter for sgen.
  • Improve SqlDataRecord test coverage
  • Windows PDB Checksum spec
  • SystemEvents
  • Fix failing outerloop tests in System.Runtime.Extensions
  • Don't reset content stream position on CurlHandler.
  • Use TrailingZeroCount rather than LocateLastFoundByte
  • Support added for 2.0 and 2.1 blobs
  • Enable RSA-OAEP(SHA-2) and RSA-PSS on Unix systems
  • Catch the FileNotFoundException when to get the obsolete attribute for type.
  • Stop FileSystem WriteAsync test from writing too much data to disk
  • Adding to PackageIndex all of the information about our release from 6.0 and fixing packages that needed placeholders
  • Use SCH_USE_STRONG_CRYPTO with SystemDefaults
  • [release/2.1] Fix build on clang 5 (#27178)
  • Directory and File Exists using charPool for normalization
  • refactor some proxy tests using new loopback server functions and new auth
  • Update sgen usage and --parameters
  • Add ROSpan Equals/CompareTo/IndexOf/Contains string-like APIs with StringComparison
  • RegexPrefix struct, RegexFCD buffer to ValueListBuilder & ArrayPool
  • Regex cache 24425
  • [WIP] Add NativeLibrary reference assemblies and tests
  • Add more tests for NamedPipe under different users on Windows
  • Add a test to validate sensitivity on OSX
  • fix NTLM auth and add some manually enabled tests
  • Update BuildTools, CoreFx, CoreSetup to preview2-02612-01, preview2-26312-01, preview2-26311-02, respectively (master)
  • Added tests for callsite inline/L1/L2 caching
  • Promptly close SocketsHttpHandler pooled connection when receiving EOF
  • Bootstrapping & lldb package name
  • Change CurlHandler to only request HTTP/2 over TLS
  • ParallelEnumerable.GroupJoin/Join output ordering (fixes #1155)
  • Try repro crash from #27737
  • Updates for ILLink integration.
  • Fix shim APICompat checks to fail build
  • Update CoreClr to servicing-26309-02 (release/2.0.0)
  • Update Buildtools in 1.0 branch (DO NOT MERGE)
  • Update Buildtools in 1.1 branch (DO NOT MERGE)
  • *NOT TO MERGE* Just to force all tests w/ SocketsHttpHandler
  • Reverting the generic scheduler changes
  • SocketsHttpHandler: fix logic to check for Proxy-support header
  • Enable reverse APICompat for 1:1 libraries
  • Setting element bugfix
  • Optimize MemoryExtensions SequenceEqual for more T's
  • Tests for remove relative segments
  • Add FileStream and int64 overloads to SendPacketsElement
  • Make SocketsHttpHandler default Handler
  • Use ReflectionBasedSerializer for all serializers if any of mappings are soap mappings
  • Fixing disabled ProcessExit_Called test masked by #27426
  • fix WebSocket socket descriptor leak in case of error on connection
  • Handle recycled child PIDs
  • SNIPacket memory allocation perf improvement (revised)
  • HttpListener - Prefix WWW-Authenticate header with scheme
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corefx latest release notes
v1.1.6 .NET Core 1.1.6

The January Update includes .NET Core 1.1.6 and the .NET Core SDK 1.1.7


v1.0.9 .NET Core 1.0.9

The January Update includes .NET Core 1.0.9 and the .NET Core SDK 1.1.7


v2.0.5 .NET Core 2.0.5

The January Update includes .NET Core 2.0.5 and the .NET Core SDK 2.1.4


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