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Open Source real-time strategy game engine for early Westwood games such as Command & Conquer: Red Alert written in C# using SDL and OpenGL. Runs on Windows, Linux, *BSD and Mac OS X.

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Statistics on OpenRA

Number of watchers on Github 5032
Number of open issues 1426
Average time to close an issue 2 days
Main language C#
Average time to merge a PR 3 days
Open pull requests 440+
Closed pull requests 90+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created about 9 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 129 MB
Homepage http://www.openra...
Organization / Authoropenra
Latest Releaserelease-20180307
Page Updated
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A Libre/Free Real Time Strategy game engine supporting early Westwood classics.

Please read the FAQ in our Wiki and report problems at

Join the Forums for discussion.


Distributed mods include a reimagining of

  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert
  • Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn
  • Dune 2000

Check our Playing the Game Guide to win multiplayer matches.



  • Please read and Compiling on how to set up an OpenRA development environment.
  • See Hacking for an overview of the engine.
  • To get your patches merged, please adhere to the Contributing guidelines.


  • We offer a Mapping Tutorial as you can change gameplay drastically with custom rules.
  • For scripted mission have a look at the Lua API.
  • If you want to share your maps with the community, upload them at the OpenRA Resource Center.



  • Sponsor a mirror server if you have some bandwidth to spare.
  • You can immediately set up a Dedicated Game Server.
  • Fund development by creating Bounties on specific tasks.


Copyright 2007-2018 The OpenRA Developers (see AUTHORS) This file is part of OpenRA, which is free software. It is made available to you under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. For more information, see COPYING.

OpenRA open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years Suicide behavior of rocket soldiers
  • almost 3 years Game times do not agree when game is set to "faster"
  • almost 3 years Allow choosing which monitor the game should use, on multi-monitor systems
  • almost 3 years Crash in Survival02 mission
  • almost 3 years Repair Submarines
  • almost 3 years Encountered Undeploy Bug
  • almost 3 years Map editor sidebar tooltips are flickery
  • almost 3 years Serverinfo ingame
  • almost 3 years Comm and Advanced Comm Center detect stealth when low power
  • almost 3 years System.InvalidOperationException - GL Error: 1285
  • almost 3 years Medics & Mechanics can heal enemy soldiers and vehicles. [RA]
  • almost 3 years The 120mm cannon is unable to harm infantry. [RA]
  • almost 3 years Aircraft reveals shroud/fog based on animation, not actual position.
  • almost 3 years System.IndexOutOfRangeException on map: "Orion"
  • almost 3 years The Radar Jammer can no longer defend other units.
  • almost 3 years Global chat name is reset when connecting
  • almost 3 years Nudged actors display a move-flash at their current location
  • almost 3 years [TS]Harpy and Titan render bug
  • almost 3 years Installer metadata origin registry keys only work for 64 bit installs
  • almost 3 years Can't get to menu after loosing connection
  • almost 3 years Help I Can't Start My OpenRA!
  • almost 3 years Can't capture neutral camo-pillbox
  • almost 3 years Get rid of DelayedAction effect
  • almost 3 years help to repair and script the map i made
  • almost 3 years Odd start up crash if no audio output is connected
  • almost 3 years Add Mute Button to lobby
  • almost 3 years Server.Timeout is not reset after a game ends
  • almost 3 years Implement wave 'distortion' effect for TS an d2k sonic zaps
  • almost 3 years Selecting issues
  • almost 3 years OpenRA.Utility --resize-map fills expanded areas with same base ground tile
OpenRA open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Added WithExitOverlay rendered when the actor is leaving production
  • Fix broken dev commands
  • Add player census
  • Added exit codes to CheckSequenceSprites
  • Update license header for 2016 and GPLv3+.
  • Fix LobbyCommands not validating user-modifiable input
  • Fix mod updater and clear out legacy rules.
  • Fixed screen map updates for invisible actors
  • Remove Game.ModData references from Widget code.
  • Fixed game end when admin leaves on dedicated server
  • Remove internal use of map paths.
  • Added friendly capturing with force modifier
  • Exposed nuke missile sprites to lint testing
  • Fix missiles not moving to CruiseAltitude if launched above it
  • Carryall traits for tiberian sun carryall behavior
  • Add a utility command to output the miniyaml tree of an actor type
  • TD Balance Patch Revised. 021616
  • Added static Tiberian Sun low bridges.
  • Fixed Tiberian Sun units walking over icy water
  • Added the regrow-able LAT ice sets to the map editor
  • Added kerning support to SpriteFont.DrawText
  • Added the Tiberian Sun beacon
  • Fix App.configs setup
  • Added a TS/RA2 sprite sequence importer for infantry and buildings
  • Added basic RA2/TS mod rules importers
  • Refactored ticks to delay per issue #9810
  • Improved aircraft reloading
  • Switch assets fast
  • Added artwork for the constant TD hospital healing power-up
  • SoundLoader changes to allow streaming in the near future
  • Fixed AppVeyor after_test depending on a Unix cp command
  • Fix the --png command trying to use OpenRA's virtual file system
  • Added documentation and lint checks to PlaceBeacon
  • Add a ClosestEdgeCell and a ClosestMatchingEdgeCell function to lua
  • Support map-defined bot types
  • Reference SubCells directly from MapGrid.
  • Turrets actively track targets
  • Add support for multiple map categories.
  • Test the main game directory's mod subdirectory for write permissions
  • Add DynamicFacingInit to change the facing of previews dynamically
  • Added damaging through Veins.
  • Added the Devastator self destruction
  • Make UpgradeActorsNear vertical range customizable
  • Added Gates to the Red Alert mod
  • Add ReloadAmmo trait and remove Rearm activity
  • Added an option to replace disconnected players with AI bots
  • Fix looking up un-required trait in Targetable ctor
  • Use Contains method on Selection when possible.
  • Fix reselecting a dropdown option in the lobby causing a server message
  • Fix the length of the idle2 sequence of tanya
  • Expose separate middle and right mouse scroll config.
  • Enable group-unit-selection for spectators.
  • Generate frozen actor renderables for all map-placed actors.
  • Add support for playing a "LoseNotification" to the old owner through CaptureNotification
  • Removed redundant targetPassedBy check.
  • Removed unnecessary null checks in CheckTargetHealthRadius
  • Added music controlling hotkeys.
  • Fix PixelDoubling not working properly after zooming with mousewheel
  • Add hotkeys for save areas of the map
  • You can now add and remove orders from RejectsOrders
  • Add tileset depth metadata support.
  • Add hotkeys for moving viewport to map edge
  • NotifyActorsBelow trait for aircraft
  • Added a new checkbox to settings, where you can turn off the silo war…
  • Fix "Team colors" affecting (superweapon) countdown timers
  • Add facings support and other controls to LeavesTrails
  • Emp cannon support power
  • TD Campaign: Add nod07a - "Sick And Dying (a)"
  • Added Tiberian Dawn mission GDI 07
  • Add Marn's Shellmap "Fields of Green" to TS
  • Add a utility command to output an actor's MiniYaml tree
  • Expose the rest of the SupportPowers to lua
  • Added more support for multiple Mobile
  • Fixed GPS power not taking tech center disablement into account
  • Buildings get locked by Demolishable activity before their destruction
  • Add slow selfealing to the harvester (RA mod)
  • Reduce effectiveness of demo truck against air targets
  • Polished the Tiberian Sun laser weaponry
  • Fixed a crash when replay is selected in the wrong mod
  • Prevent projectiles from overshooting blocking actors
  • Map update: Symmetrification of some popular maps
  • Added a CustomTerrainDebugOverlay
  • add RemoveSmudge function
  • SpatiallyPartitioned fixup for d2
  • Fix ProvidesPrerequisite not refreshing the tech tree (on owner change)
  • Fix direct hit check in CreateEffectWarhead
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException in OpenAL QueryDevices
  • Added burning trees to the Tiberian Dawn mod
  • Display the SupportPowerChargeBar to all players if DisplayTimer is true
  • Query lobby checkbox state via their owning traits.
  • Set individual shapes and shape offsets for non-building TS actors
  • Added INotifyFiredSalvo trait interface
  • Fix disabled AA gun continuing to track targets
  • Emp support power take 2
  • Map update: Symmetrification of some popular maps
  • Added static Tiberian Sun low bridges
  • Updated NSIS to version 2.51
  • Remove WithSpriteRotorOverlay
  • [RA] Rebalance camo pillbox as country specific building
  • Allow attack anims/overlays to start before weapons fire
  • Support dynamic ActorPreview facings and creating previews from live actors.
  • Add naive capturing to HackyAI
  • Fix NREs in LobbyUtils.GetExternalIP
  • Improved map import for singleplayer missions
  • Speed up sync by only syncing projectiles
  • Fixed air unit resupply
  • Reduce gliding effect on smooth turns while moving
  • New mod content installer
  • Fixed footprints of several RA and TD base structures
  • Add new lua functions and fix the air attacks in allies05a
  • Fix the bogus getAirstrikeTarget methods of the nod08 missions
  • Revamp custom build times.
  • Fix IsMoving returning false when activity is a MovePart-derivative
  • Dump Mono.NAT in favor of Open.Nat 2.0.16
  • Made attackable positions customizable
  • Add The First Decade metadata to the new content installer.
  • Improved the UPnP settings discoverability
  • Set explored map as the default lobby option for all mods
  • Make civilians wander around when idle
  • Avoid importing spawn points with the same location
  • Fix a crash with not space occupying actors granting support powers
  • Remove passing the warheads from DamageWarhead to AttackInfo.
  • Added Squad Exclusion to HackyAI
  • Add Carryall/Carryable traits, merging ts and d2k carryall behavior
  • Merged PoisonedByTiberium and DamagedWithoutFoundations into DamagedByTerrain
  • Add functionality requested for Shattered Paradise
  • ProvidesPrerequisiteFromAllies
  • Improve Rectangle HitShape customizability
  • Added burning trees to the Tiberian Sun mod
  • Rework zip updating
  • Add foundation for player experience tracking
  • Improve AI MCV deployment
  • Fix weapon min/max range and validity checks
  • drop target which was created from autotarget if targeted actor now p…
  • Convert ParticleDensityFactor from a float to an int
  • Added sequence reference checks to OpenRA.Mods.Cnc.Traits.Render
  • Deprecate terrain IsWater check - Part 1
  • Fix the attack-move cursor appearing for units which can't attack-move
  • Don't allow tanya to automatically target, but allow her to move within a attack-moving/guarding group
  • Fixup DamagedByTerrain.
  • Add an Image option to WithIdleOverlay.
  • Fixed palettes in the assets browser when the shellmap is disabled
  • Filter the lua PlayerProperties on Requires
  • Enable tracking of player experience in all mods
  • Implement the TS Cluster Missile.
  • Fixed parent package from ZipFile not getting disposed.
  • Added With*ControlGroup
  • Allow multiple AttackTurreted traits.
  • Overhaul D2K installed content.
  • Expand SelfHealing.
  • Don't add duplicate facing entries when modifying the DeathActorInit in Turreted.cs
  • Expose the WeatherOverlay to lua
  • Add building depth imposters for TS base structures.
  • Add command to generate settings docs
  • Added text based endgame statistics
  • Refine the support power speech notifications setup
  • Added ready checkbox for spectating admins
  • Fixed the map upgrade needlessly not saving format changes
  • Overhaul RA installed content.
  • TD Balance Change 08012016
  • Remove the "Output Disabled" audio device and simplify platform initialization.
  • Added SpawnDelay for SpawnActorOnDeath trait
  • Update for OSX
  • [RA] Increase Mammoth Tank Speed 42->50
  • Added the auto-generated settings documentation deployment
  • Improved the Red Alert dog behavior
  • Add atreides03b
  • Added Scott's Allies04 co-op multiplayer mission as "Infiltration"
  • Official Map Pool: Alter 20 maps' player spawns (letter order) and ore mines for minimap exposure.
  • Add contrast to text drawn in player colors
  • Tiedied up d2k building build menu icon order.
  • Added API and auto-complete description generator for ZeroBrane Studio
  • Added Scott's Allies03 co-op multiplayer mission as "Exodus"
  • Added ScreenMap support for effects
  • Fixed radar revealing harvested resources under fog of war
  • Check that noiseDirection is not a zero
  • Add an IsDead check to prevent crashes in survival01
  • Add allies04
  • Fix for System Overflow exception
  • Fix UpgradeOnDamage to apply if initial DamageState is valid
  • Unit order viewer (WIP)
  • Allow multiple minelayers in a single MinefieldOrderGenerator.
  • Visualising waypoints
  • Fix voxel rendering with EnableDepthBuffer: True
  • Allow saving maps with multiple visibility options
  • Make turning-while-moving actors follow curved paths.
  • Added the Tiberian Sun: Firestorm assets
  • Same unit command sounds wont overlap anymore
  • Fixed map tile error on "Desert Twister" map
  • Added a TerrainDebugOverlay
  • Added dynamic railroad track terrain to Tiberian Sun
  • Rework mod enumeration and split content metadata into their own files.
  • Updated NUnit to version 3.4.1
  • Updated Mono to version 4.4.2
  • Updated SharpFont to version 4.0.1
  • Rename all "medium" difficulties to "normal"
  • Rename stand3 to liedown
  • [RA] Tweak and buff Light Tank's 25mm
  • Added diplomatic stances to JamsRadar
  • Fix mcv husks losing their faction after being captured
  • Account for terrain height in AttackBomber.
  • Added weapon documentation
  • Fixed transparency for LaserZap
  • Use the MATLAB Jet colormap for displaying depth data.
  • Fix the positioning of the mute label in the TD music player
  • Enable per-pixel depth calculations in TS
  • Add UpgradeOnMovement trait
  • Make naval transports chronoshiftable
  • Fix the floating text for bounties of actors not being InWorld showing up
  • Fix GPSDots being visible when the unit is not InWorld or dead
  • Let engineers detect mines
  • Tiedied up d2k building build menu icon order
  • Multiply hitpoints and damage by factor 10 in D2k and 100 in other mods
  • Added the Nod Cyborg Reaper
  • Added the GDI Juggernaut to Tiberian Sun
  • Add upgrade support to CashTrickler.
  • Fix soviet units not stopping to hunt after being captured in Exodus
  • Fixed tiling errors in the map "doubles"
  • Tweak SubMissileAA towards more traditional AA.
  • Overhaul the HackyAI logic
  • Updated to Mono version 4.6.1
  • Log an error when no cells are available to spawn starting units
  • harvester.cs: Refactor ClosestProc logic
  • [TS] Polish the Unit Movement
  • Replaced civillians with Technicians when building sold
  • Fix the d2k protected lobby icon being off
  • Fix AP/AT mines being visible under fog
  • Fix HeliReturnToBase not exposing an host actor parameter
  • Fix yaks trying to attack invalid targets
  • Add AreaBeam target tracking
  • Support subtraction of two CPos in Lua
  • Fixes sprite barrels ignoring turret/actor orientation in previews
  • Prevent TickRender from running before the world's first Tick.
  • Move production description from Tooltip to Buildable.
  • Heli heal
  • [Lint] Report when Maps contains invalid custom rules.
  • TS polishing pass: More depth sorting and starting units
  • TS polishing pass: Overhauled missiles.yaml
  • TS polishing pass: Ion Cannon, z-sorting, offsets, explosions
  • Updated MaxMind.GeoIP to version 2.7.1
  • Change Aircraft.IsMoving to be true only when moving horizontally
  • [TS] Content: Add support for Firestorm Assets and Music
  • Add support for applying a target flash to actors through lua
  • Show replay percentage as a tooltip.
  • More projectile property streamlining and cleanups
  • Add New Shellmap to D2K
  • Change RA gap generators to halve enemy vision range
  • Replace DelayedAction in GpsWatcher with Tick-based solution
  • Restrcuturing make script
  • Add linking in libgdiplus.dylib to osx-dependencies makefile target
  • Fix error label not updating and split message into multiple labels
  • Fix null being passed through the INotifyAttack interface
  • [D2k] Added the 'Damage' UncloakType to several units
  • Third round of interface moving, making explicit and cleanup
  • Remove Bloody Delta from the ra map pool
  • More explicit interface cleanups
  • Fully support unhardcoded sequences in the voxel render traits
  • Make Reveals-/CreatesShroud upgradable and reduce aircraft ground reveal
  • Fixed map import for all d2k missions
  • Fix for #11505
  • FixHeader.exe: Add Platform detection support
  • Visualising waypoints2
  • Expand Proximity/CellTriggers with an onOwnerChanged method.
  • Make Tooltip upgradable
  • Remember faction, PR issues fixed
  • RA - Some AI Improvements
  • Add upgrade support to CashTrickler
  • Ignore invalid replay files instead of crashing.
  • Remove DelayedAction from NukePower
  • Add map bounds checks to TerrainSpriteLayer and SmudgeLayer.
  • Remove DelayedActions from Demolish activity
  • Let civilian buildings spawn civilians on death
  • Remove SpiceBloom RespawnDelay
  • Fixed the 120mm bullet not harming infantry
  • Fix the AmbientSound still playing when the actor is not in world
  • Remove hardcoded buildComplete delay in some overlays
  • Fixed Mechanic and Medic can heal enemy units
  • Add footprint support to Explodes, remove WithBuildingExplosion.Delay
  • Make friendly units aware of friendly mines
  • Added distinction between RA minelayers
  • Prevent attacking units from knowing that a frozen building is dead
  • Fix dedicated server crash with AllowPortForward.
  • Added allies-06a to the Red Alert mod
  • ScrollPanelWidget - don't allow collection to be set to null
  • Activities re-write, part 1 (aka the boring bits)
  • mipsel architecture support
  • Allow the missile to snap at the target at reach.
  • Make MP start units facings customizable
  • Implement TS bridge rendering.
  • Add TS Firestorm installation
  • Fix crash when actors with multiple RevealsShroud target a dead frozen actor.
  • Upgrades overhaul part 3: Timed, external, and stacked conditions.
  • Shrink TD weapon yamls by using inheritance
  • Upgrades overhaul part2: GrantCondition and Carryall fixes.
  • Replace the "Debug" prefix by "Battlefield Control" for ingame chat messages
  • Upgrades overhaul part 1: EnabledCondition
  • Rework resolved MiniYaml outputting utility commands
  • Add damage/demolition/repair support to ground-level TS bridges.
  • Implement tunnels, elevated bridges, jumpjet and subterranean units.
  • Implement experience multipliers.
  • Implement bullet bouncing logic
  • Remove CanPowerDown from starports
  • Fix TS critters
  • Various minor TS weapon cleanups
  • Fixes Spy detection for Spies.
  • TD Aircraft Speeds.
  • Implement reveal-on-fire.
  • Updated Windows SDL2 to version 2.0.5
  • Merge RA minelayers
  • Reduce "nearEnough" leniency for regular move orders
  • Debian packaging lintian clean
  • Prepare for slimming RA weapon yamls
  • Slim down D2k weapon yamls
  • Allow disabling actor look-ups in CreateEffectWarhead (and use that in TD)
  • Add an OpenSequence to the ParaBombs in Survival02
  • Migrate ProvidesRadar from IDisable to conditions.
  • Add HiDPI support for OSX/Windows/Linux
  • Remove Game.RunAfterDelay from SwallowActor
  • Activities re-write, part 2 - Child and composite activities
  • Hide cost properties on buildable free actors.
  • Refactor Shape.Rectangle.RotateToIsometry
  • Smarter warhead/projectile victim scans
  • Replays - Install missing map
  • Number AI players
  • TD Supply Truck
  • Persist unknown settings.yaml entries across load/save.
  • Cleaned Up Chrome Expression Whitespacing
  • Unhardcode mod package loaders
  • Implement the possibility of costed support powers.
  • Fix jumpjet flying death animations
  • Overhaul packaging scripts
  • Expose the drop-disguise-when-attacking aspect to yaml.
  • Fix Player Earnings - building cancellation/selling
  • Production-Exit types w/ Spawning LST outside of SPEN
  • Add support for blacklist response
  • Fix some wrong TS unit stats
  • Fix Selecting a map resets player color
  • Fix the harvesting sequence being invisible in TS
  • Fix TargetPosition targeting and give D2k buildings better hit-shapes
  • Fix Spectator can can cause lag by holding hotkey
  • Use Player name as default for global chat
  • Fix "game" chat tab mouseover not working from globalchat login tab.
  • Helis return to nearest base like Planes
  • Implement "Enter Tunnel" cursor
  • D2K - Add Harkonnen Mission 3b
  • Throw a more detailed error message when creating invalid frozen actors
  • D2K - Add Sihaya Ridge to map pool.
  • LAN games discovery #8906
  • Fixes for yupgi_alert
  • Fix logging of missing fields exception
  • Add condition granting support to AutoTarget.
  • Remove unnecessary loading mod exceptions
  • Fix flickering tooltip in slow speed game and Map editor
  • Frozen attack fix
  • Polish the windows make and launcher scripts
  • Add Actor Categories and Categories dropdown filter in Map editor
  • Smarter Variable Linting (Removal of Dummy Properties)
  • Catch and ignore BeaconLib errors, stop Beacon on closing server browser
  • Refactor WithAttackAnimation to support multiple sprite bodies
  • Tweak TS mechs
  • Move package loaders to mod code.
  • Remove legacy FileSystem.OpenPackage(string, IReadOnlyPackage).
  • Rework read/write zip file loading/saving.
  • Make Explodes conditional and implement TS elite explosions
  • TS - Implement some of missing Elite Abilities
  • Fix Rectangle OuterRadius calculation
  • Allow multiple terrain (tile) categories
  • Map editor search - tile/overlay/actor in list and actor on map
  • Visualising waypoints3
  • Add Cancel button to 'Connection Failed' dialog on host disconnect
  • Add Visualization chat commands
  • D2K - Add Ordos Mission 3b
  • Key IsRepeat - Fix holding ESC pauses game forever
  • Surrender on Leave multiplayer game
  • Fix Map editor total ore money
  • Migrate projects to NET 4.5.2
  • Add HitShape trait
  • Fix Joystick scrolling stuck
  • Further polish d2k tileset - continuation
  • Remove chat bindings when closing the ingame menu
  • Revert "Remove CreateGroup order as the ActorGroupProxy is gone."
  • Add IsPlayerPalette support to WithDecoration
  • Make AttackSuicides coditional
  • Unhardcode GrantExternalConditionPower cursors
  • HackyAI AvoidCapturingActorTypes
  • Don't render empty background images
  • Fix order serialization issues.
  • Disable crates by default
  • Refactor handling of hit radii in projectiles.
  • Handle Case sensitive ModID inputs as lowercase
  • Make BaseProvider PausableConditional
  • Add support for disabling IIssueDeployOrders.
  • D2k - Limit Production to Atreides and Ordos Palaces
  • Exponentially scale the volume value
  • RA - Subfaction FactionSuffix
  • Added Itch manifest & launch configs
  • HackyAI: Refactor and remove duplicated logic.
  • GrantConditionOnTerrain checks Location.Layer==0 to fix apcs swimming
  • AnyCPU (run as either 64-bit or 32-bit as needed)
  • Change LowPowerSlowdown to LowPowerModifier
  • Fix pausing when the game has ended.
  • ActorSelectorLogic: Keep track of available owners.
  • Ensure that orders are longer than 4 bytes
  • Streamline repair logic and add ResupplyManager
  • Re-activate Edge-Scrolling for inverted Mouse-Scrolling
  • #14572 Prevent StackOverflowException by not reusing the same Activity
  • Improve AI excess power management
  • TerrainSpriteLayer now supports a choice regarding in-memory buffering.
  • RA - Add more Long Bridges
  • Fix FallsToEarth not accounting for effective ownership
  • D2K - Add Ordos 5
  • Fix not all traits respecting multiple instances of 'Production'
  • Fix to dedicated server bug announcement
  • Add lua functions for DeliverCash and DeliverExperience
  • Add lua functions for Ion Cannon and Nuclear Missile
  • Fix givecash negative value bug
  • Add DamageTypes to Kill() and make some traits use it.
  • Color picker update with team color presets
  • Add support for GIMP and JASC palettes (with per-color alpha)
  • Add WithTurretAimAnimation and remove WithSpriteTurret.AimSequence
  • Replace WithReloadingSpriteTurret with conditions
  • (TD) Add Bridge to TerrainType
  • Add full slate of difficulty levels to nod06a
  • Added Polygon IHitShape
  • Fix the carryall freeze and untangle the afterLandActivity mess
  • Fix Repairable not accounting for multiple ICallForTransport traits
  • Spatially partition projectiles with engine-drawn effects
  • Add Github issue template
  • RA - Add red cross icon for infantry after capturing a hospital
  • Hide map preview when no replay is selected.
  • Add TrimExcess to TypeDictionary.
  • Movement classes
  • Extract AIUtils and HarvesterManager from HackyAI
  • Add make.ps1 command shortcuts
  • Implement exponentially scaled slider widget
  • Send the external port in game advertisements.
  • GDI-turret and GDI-/NOD-gates replace walls
  • Filter out Abstract Actors + Use Constant for Support Directory
  • Exception handling items
  • Pull request for allowing /givecash commands to accept floats
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