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A beautiful cross platform Desktop Player for Google Play Music

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Rated 5.0 out of 5
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Statistics on Google-Play-Music-Desktop-Player-UNOFFICIAL-

Number of watchers on Github 6127
Number of open issues 73
Average time to close an issue about 7 hours
Main language C#
Average time to merge a PR 3 days
Open pull requests 70+
Closed pull requests 286+
Last commit about 1 year ago
Repo Created over 3 years ago
Repo Last Updated about 1 year ago
Size 166 MB
Homepage https://www.googl...
Organization / Authormarshallofsound
Latest Releasev4.5.0
Page Updated
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Google Play Music Desktop Player

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Windows: Build status
MacOS / Linux: CircleCI

Run Google Play Music as a standalone desktop app. Never again will you have to hunt through your tabs to pause your music, or stop listening to your favourite song because Chrome is guzzling up all your RAM..

Developed by Samuel Attard.

No affiliation with Google. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.


Head over to our website to download the latest release for your platform.

OS Support

  • Windows 7 or later
  • Mac OS X 10.9.0 or later
  • Ubuntu 14.04 or later
  • Mint
  • Fedora
  • Debian


  • Supports media keys (play, pause, stop, next, previous)
  • Scrobbling and Now Playing support!
  • Hands free Voice Controls!
  • Desktop notifications on track change
  • A simplistic mini player
  • Customizable Dark theme
  • Task bar media controls (media controls embedded into the taskbar) Windows only
  • Smooth scrolling and overlay scrollbars for a nicer User Experience
  • HTML5 Audio Support - No more Adobe Flash Player :+1:
  • Minimize to task bar for background music playing
  • Customizable hotkeys, no worries if you don't have media keys. Choose your own shortcuts
  • Choose your audio output device from within the player
  • And a whole lot more coming soon!

Integrating with GPMDP from External Applications

There are two methods you can use to integrate with GPMDP from an external application.

  1. JSON Interface
  2. Web Socket Interface

Both are documented in the Docs folder. For one time read access you should probably use the JSON interface. For an application that requires continuous updates as to the state of GPMDP or needs to control GPMDP you should use the Web Socket interface.


If you have any bugs / issues please check the FAQ first before raising an issue


To get started just pull the repo and run the following

npm install
npm run build
npm start

To build the installers / release packages you need to run, you can only build a platforms installer from that platform.

# Windows
npm run make:win

# Mac OS X
npm run make:darwin

# Ubuntu (Requires the 'dpkg' package)
npm run make:deb

# Fedora (Requires the 'rpm' package)
npm run make:rpm

All releases will be signing with my Code Signing Certificates (Authenticode on Windows and Codesign on OS X)

Please see the development FAQ for additional requirements for building.


If you find something wrong (theming issues, app crashes) please report them as an issue.
If you think you can add something cool or fix a problem, fork the repo and make a pull request :D

NOTE: Some of the functionality in this app has been extracted into smaller submodules. In particular

  • Google Play Music Interaction -
  • Theming -
  • Mini Player -
  • Electron Chromecast -

Dev Requirements

  • Node.js (Recommend 6.3.x)
  • NPM (3.x.x)

Continuous Integration

We run tests and generate signed installers on three CI platforms

You can download the latest signed installers for Windows from the artifacts section of AppVeyor
You can download the latest signed package for OS X from the URL at the bottom of the build log on Travis CI
You can download the latest linux (debian and fedora) builds from the artifacts section on Circle CI


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2016 Samuel Attard

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the Software), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


Google-Play-Music-Desktop-Player-UNOFFICIAL- open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 2 years Updates don't stick
  • over 2 years Add Logarithmic volume controls
  • over 2 years text/plain mimetype is associated with this application
  • over 2 years Tray icon disappears on screen lock
  • over 2 years Lyrics dont jump back if you pause and rewind
  • over 2 years Implement Playlists in the MPRIS spec
  • over 2 years Suppress update dialog until the album ends
  • over 2 years Lyrics track progress bar color is backwards from GPM UI track progress bar
  • over 2 years 'love' linked to 'thumbs up'
  • over 2 years 3.6.0 No Chromecast icon on Antergos Linux
  • over 2 years Feature Request: KDE Connect Integration
  • over 2 years Feature Request: Adjust Tray menu according to podcast/song
  • over 2 years Zoomlevel isn't persistent after last update
  • over 2 years Provide AppImage builds for Linux
  • almost 3 years BUG: "windows firewall" test looks for rule existance, but does not check firewall/rule states.
  • almost 3 years Provide native translations for GPMDP
  • about 3 years Last.FM doesn't work with proxy settings
  • about 3 years First Time Google Play User - Signing Up Doesn't Work
  • about 3 years Add a mini-mini player
Google-Play-Music-Desktop-Player-UNOFFICIAL- open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Persist the size of the mini-player and store it independently of the main window.
  • Window Titles Track Info
  • MPRIS Integration
  • Mini player tweaks
  • Separate Linux builds/packages and some refactoring.
  • Add an option to disable the tray icon
  • Spanish locale
  • Russian Locale
  • Dutch Locale
  • German Locale
  • Add cmd-left/right history navigation on OSX
  • Added French translation.
  • Added pt-BR strings
  • Add ability to zoom with mouse wheel
  • Create nl-NL.json
  • feature/spanish locale update
  • reimplement scrobbling
  • Update yargs to version 5.0.0 🚀
  • Russian translation
  • Update eslint-plugin-react to version 6.4.1 🚀
  • Update eslint-plugin-react to version 6.4.0 🚀
  • Update eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y to version 2.2.3 🚀
  • Update cross-env to version 3.1.2 🚀
  • Implementation of Plugins
  • request@2.76.0 breaks build ⚠️
  • Add Ukrainian Language
  • changed SystemMediaTransportControls icon color to white for better consistency and visibility
  • Added English (UK)
  • electron@1.4.6 breaks build 🚨
  • Added Romanian language
  • Create .codeclimate.yml
  • de.json (repaired failed PR)
  • Translation of new strings in ru.json
  • Feature/danish translation
  • Add italian translation
  • Update fs-extra to version 3.0.1 🚀
  • Update fr-FR.json
  • ubuntu err msg
  • fixes
  • Use on lastfm requests
  • Update sinon to version 2.3.2 🚀
  • Update chai to version 4.0.0 🚀
  • Update electron to version 1.6.10 🚀
  • Update electron to version 1.6.9 🚀
  • Update raven to version 2.0.2 🚀
  • mocha@3.4.2 breaks build ⚠️
  • Update eslint-plugin-import to version 2.3.0 🚀
  • to-ico@1.1.4 breaks build ⚠️
  • Update sinon to version 2.3.1 🚀
  • node-fetch@1.7.0 breaks build ⚠️
  • Update sinon to version 2.3.0 🚀
  • jimp@0.2.28 breaks build ⚠️
  • Update gulp-uglify to version 3.0.0 🚀
  • Update spectron to version 3.6.4 🚀
  • Update spectron to version 3.7.1 🚀
  • Update ws to version 3.0.0 🚀
  • Update raven to version 2.0.1 🚀
  • Update eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y to version 5.0.3 🚀
  • Update electron to version 1.6.8 🚀
  • Update eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y to version 5.0.2 🚀
  • Add dock menu for Playback controls on darwin platform
  • [Feature] Add fade out alarm option
  • it('should not fire change on position ...
  • Remove album from details in Discord Rich Presence
  • Update
  • Update spanish translation
  • Restore appveyor.yml
  • Display check mark in tray menu to show liked/disliked
  • Show player after clicking Help->About in tray icon menu
  • Intercept and fake a communication channel to the GPM chrome extension
Google-Play-Music-Desktop-Player-UNOFFICIAL- list of languages used
Google-Play-Music-Desktop-Player-UNOFFICIAL- latest release notes
v4.5.0 Version 4.5.0

This is a minor release of Google Play Music Desktop Player

Here is a quick run down of all things that have changed.

  • NEW: Added ListenBrainz support
  • NEW: Discord Rich Presence Integration
  • NEW: Support for Google Cast Groups (finally)
  • NEW: If lyrics can't be automatically found there's now a handy button to search for them on Google
  • NEW: You can now disable disabling hardware acceleration on macOS (kinda enabling I guess)
  • NEW: For all you hungarians, we now have hungarian language support
  • NEW: Global hotkey for "I'm feeling lucky"
  • NEW: Clicking on the volume icons now updates the volume (makes sense right?)
  • FIX: JSON and Playback API time fields now don't climb to infinity and beyond
  • FIX: You can now type in an input box and pause your music at the same time, crazy stuff...
  • FIX: If you're in fullscreen mode and you quit, you won't be left staring into the void
  • FIX: If for whatever reason you have more than 12 chromecasts you can now scroll the cast device list
  • FIX: There is now an easy way to remove hotkeys

Thanks to all the people who have helped with these features and fixes.

v4.4.1 Version 4.4.1

This is a patch release of Google Play Music Desktop Player

Here is a quick run down of all things that have changed.

  • NEW: Option to start minimized
  • NEW: Add experimental support for 5.1 audio if your system supports it
  • FIX: Lyrics support should be a bit better now, one lyrics source was broken
  • FIX: PulseAudio media role is now set on linux
  • FIX: Session handling for Last.FM, loving tracks should work now
  • FIX: Some API issues with track timing not updating

Thanks to all the people who have helped with these features and fixes.

v4.4.0 Version 4.4.0

This is a minor release of Google Play Music Desktop Player

Here is a quick run down of all things that have changed.

  • NEW: You can now enable the windows 10 media service without the volume overlay thing
  • NEW: MPRIS service now listens for, and emits volume events
  • NEW: Added a keyboard shortcut for showing album art
  • FIX: Whole bunch of random "null" errors
  • FIX: Bunch of dark theme issues have been resolved
  • FIX: Last.FM scrobble logic now works better

Thanks to all the people who have helped with these features and fixes.

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