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A preview of full webpage or its DOM element with flexible positioning and navigation support

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Statistics on minimap

Number of watchers on Github 227
Number of open issues 6
Average time to close an issue 2 days
Main language JavaScript
Average time to merge a PR about 1 hour
Open pull requests 0+
Closed pull requests 1+
Last commit about 3 years ago
Repo Created over 4 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 49 KB
Homepage http://www.toolit...
Organization / Authorprincejwesley
Page Updated
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minimap - A jQuery Plugin

A preview of full webpage or its DOM element with flexible positioning and navigation support

Demo Page


Getting Started

Download the latest code

Fork this repository or download js/css files from dist directory.

Including it on your page

Include jQuery and this plugin on a page.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="minimap.min.css" />
<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="minimap.min.js"></script>

Basic Usage

//Desired dom element
var previewBody = $('body').minimap();



height ratio of the view port. ratio can be in the range [0.0, 1.0). (default: **0.6**)


width ratio of the view port. ratio can be in the range [0.0, 0.5). (default: **0.05**)


Margin top ratio of the view port. ratio can be in the range (0.0, 0.9]. (default: **0.035**)


Margin left or right(based on position property) ratio of the view port. ratio can be in the range (0.0, 0.9]. (default: **0.035**)


position of the minimap. Supported positions are:

  1. 'right' (default)
  2. 'left'


touch support. (default: true)


linear animation support for scrolling. (dafault: true)


Smooth scroll delay in milliseconds. (default: 200ms)


disableFind if true, prevents browser CTRL+F from finding duplicated text in minimap. (default: false)


function setPosition(position)

Set position property. position can be either 'left' or 'right'

function setHeightRatio(ratio)

Set heightRatio property.

function setWidthRatio(ratio)

Set widthRatio property.

function setOffsetHeightRatio(ratio)

Set offsetHeightRatio property.

function setOffsetWidthRatio(ratio)

Set offsetWidthRatio property.

function setSmoothScroll(smooth)

Set smoothScroll property

function setSmoothScrollDelay(duration)

Set setSmoothScrollDelay property.


function onPreviewChange(minimap, scale)

onPreviewChange callback will be triggered for the below cases:

  1. View port is resized.
  2. Calling setter functions.

Use this function to customize DOMs inside minimap.


minimap - $minimap DOM
scale - Scale object with `x` and `y` properties.(width/height ratio of minimap with respect to viewport)

Other functions

function show()

Show preview

function hide()

Hide preview

function toggle()

Toggle Preview

Default Settings

Mini-map with default values

var previewBody = $('body').minimap(
    heightRatio : 0.6,
    widthRatio : 0.05,
    offsetHeightRatio : 0.035,
    offsetWidthRatio : 0.035,
    position : "right",
    touch: true,
    smoothScroll: true,
    smoothScrollDelay: 200,
    onPreviewChange: function(minimap, scale) {},
    disableFind : false

CSS classes

Use the below css classes for customization

.minimap - Mini-map area

.miniregion - Mini-map view area


  1. Async updates to the dom elements after minimap was created may not reflect in the preview.


This plugin is licensed under the MIT license.

Copyright (c) 2014 Prince John Wesley

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