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Lantern官方版本下载 蓝灯 翻墙 代理 科学上网 外网 加速器 梯子 路由 lantern proxy vpn censorship-circumvention censorship gfw accelerator

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Statistics on lantern

Number of watchers on Github 4418
Number of open issues 2530
Average time to close an issue 5 days
Main language Go
Average time to merge a PR 1 day
Open pull requests 38+
Closed pull requests 81+
Last commit 27 days ago
Repo Created over 9 years ago
Repo Last Updated 16 days ago
Size 798 MB
Organization / Authorgetlantern
Latest Release5.9.13
Page Updated
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(Lantern) Download Lantern Version

Windows7 Windows 7+ 1 Alternative address1 2 Alternative address2

(4.1+) Android(4.1+) 1 Alternative address1 2 Alternative address2 Google Play

iOS(12.1+) iOS(12.1+)ver5.9.6 iOS

(OS X 10.11 El Capitan 1 Alternative address1 2 Alternative address2

Ubuntu 14.04 32 Alternative address 64 Alternative address

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When you have a problem when using Lantern, please refer to FAQ

We also have new test versions of a major new version of Lantern that offers brand new content sharing capabilities: ****

If you would like to give the latest but more UNSTABLE BETA versions a try, you can find all of them at the following links: ****

Please allow some time for Lantern to complete configurations if installing it for the first-time, love <3

lantern open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years mac 10.12.1,lantern 3.3.5 and 3.3.6,crash no reason and without any symptoms
  • over 3 years lantern can work when using the GPRS but can not work when using the WiFi,wanna know why?
  • over 3 years 521 Origin Down
  • over 3 years Error fetching config: %v
  • over 3 years lantern不工作了,无法登陆GOOGLE和youtobe,怎么解决,望帮忙
  • over 3 years 2.2.5版不稳定?这几天经常用不了。
  • over 3 years 最新的专业版本,频繁崩溃啊
  • over 3 years Make Lantern snapable
  • over 3 years Desktop shortcut tried to open Lantern on when default browser was Edge
  • over 3 years Latest windows version has Trojan and keylogger
  • over 3 years Are you going to fix the account recovery problem???
  • over 3 years 请问ios版本lantern什么时候出啊,不是写即将发布吗?
  • over 3 years windows 10 defender detects lantern.exe as TrojanSpy: win32/banker
  • over 3 years 为什么这么慢?
  • over 3 years ubuntu16.04LTS能装lantern吗?
  • over 3 years Errors detecting Edge
  • over 3 years Youtube视频播不了
  • over 3 years Error piping data to downstream: connection reset by peer
  • over 3 years linux系列的 deepin系统 使用不了蓝灯
  • over 3 years Win 10 下升级到3.3.2版本后 网络问题
  • over 3 years MS Edge and IE doesn't work after my uninstall
  • over 3 years 今天下载的最新版本无法支付,付款人在上海
  • over 3 years 版本3.3.5, 无法翻墙
  • over 3 years 访问Youtube 出现 Still unable to dial persistent://youtube.com:80 after 3 attempts
  • over 3 years cannot proxy Speedtest? 打开代理全部流量后,在speedtest那个测速网站怎么显示的ip还是原来的?
  • over 3 years 为什么我买的专业版比免费版的还慢,握草。why using the professional application is slower than the free type.
  • over 3 years 为什么我买了套餐,还是用免费流量,而且免费流量为0M后就不能访问国外网站了
  • over 3 years 3.3.4版就刚打开的那一会儿能翻,然后过一段时间就不行了。
  • over 3 years lantern的设备管理问题
  • over 3 years [Desktop UI] Increase size of data ticker to accommodate all languages
lantern open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Valencia service
  • Balancer pick dialers per different strategy resolves #3127
  • add 'SystemProxy' in Settings to resolve #3241
  • Instructions for building Lantern manually.
  • rewrite detour
  • [don't merge] add option to detour to skip loopback and LAN address
  • Updated READMEs for config process
  • Windows Firewall configuration (and Go library)
  • Dynamically generating version inside App manifest closes #3723
  • Closes #2136
  • Issue3296 noioloop
  • Release 2.0.1 issue 3560
  • obfs4
  • removed use of getlantern proxy module closes #3876
  • Fixes undefined: Resources
  • detour using eventual connection
  • Release 2.2.0
  • add issue template
  • Apply context and errors to code
  • [WIP] integrate pieces of #4168
  • App can update itself on Android
  • [WIP] Contextual logging with nested contexts and nice defer() syntax
  • [WIP] Borda reporting
  • structured error reporting
  • Also need to ignore hosts listed in /etc/hosts
  • add translations fix #4147
  • Issue 4327
  • check chained server through ping or recently proxied site fix #4268
  • [WIP] Error reporting from client to borda working end to end
  • check dialers only once after idle
  • Final borda/error reporting PR
  • Using interruptible bidirectional copying to keep idle connections fr…
  • Using an explicit patch for Go
  • Update gomobile dependencies
  • Simplify golog and errors package by calling PrintStack directly
  • align balancer.lastDialTime in 64bit boundary
  • lots of changes to fetch per-user proxies separately form global config
  • Added a short "What it is" section
lantern questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • python urlopen error [Errno 10060] when i use proxy named lantern
  • drawing jack o’ lantern in python
  • "Lantern effect" or show only a part of a scene
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