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The generated repo for mu-plugins used on the VIP Go platform.

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VIP MU Plugins

This is the complete MU plugins folder for the VIP next generation hosting platform, assembled without submodules for convenience.

If you wish to issue a pull request for code here, please do so on Automattic/vip-go-mu-plugins.


You can find selective PHPDoc documentation here:


To run PHP linting locally on OSX or Unix/Linux (no setup required, beyond having PHP CLI installed):

cd /path/to/mu-plugins/
make lint

To set up PHPUnit locally (requires a working WordPress development environment, specifically PHP and MySQL):


  • You need to replace the %placeholder% strings below with sensible values
  • You DO need an empty DB, because the contents of this DB WILL get trashed during testing
./bin/ %empty_DB_name% %db_user% %db_name%

To run PHPUnit tests locally:

vip-mu-plugins-public list of languages used
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