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A fast background processing framework for Ruby and RabbitMQ

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Statistics on sneakers

Number of watchers on Github 1620
Number of open issues 41
Average time to close an issue 2 months
Main language Ruby
Average time to merge a PR 12 days
Open pull requests 31+
Closed pull requests 17+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created almost 6 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 1.27 MB
Organization / Authorjondot
Latest Releasev2.6.0
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A high-performance RabbitMQ background processing framework for Ruby.

Sneakers is being used in production for both I/O and CPU intensive workloads, and have achieved the goals of high-performance and 0-maintenance, as designed.

Visit the wiki for documentation and GitHub releases for release notes.

Build Status


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'sneakers'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install sneakers

Quick start

Set up a Gemfile

source ''
gem 'sneakers'
gem 'json'
gem 'redis'

How do we add a worker? Firstly create a file and name it as boot.rb then create a worker named as Processor.

touch boot.rb

require 'sneakers'
require 'redis'
require 'json'

$redis =

class Processor
  include Sneakers::Worker
  from_queue :logs

  def work(msg)
    err = JSON.parse(msg)
    if err["type"] == "error"
      $redis.incr "processor:#{err["error"]}"


Let's test it out quickly from the command line:

$ sneakers work Processor --require boot.rb

We just told Sneakers to spawn a worker named Processor, but first --require a file that we dedicate to setting up environment, including workers and what-not.

If you go to your RabbitMQ admin now, you'll see a new queue named logs was created. Push a couple messages like below:

   "type": "error",
   "message": "HALP!",
   "error": "CODE001"

And this is the output you should see at your terminal.

2013-10-11T19:26:36Z p-4718 t-ovqgyb31o DEBUG: [worker-logs:1:213mmy][#<Thread:0x007fae6b05cc58>][logs][{:prefetch=>10, :durable=>true, :ack=>true, :heartbeat_interval=>2, :exchange=>"sneakers"}] Working off: log log
2013-10-11T19:26:36Z p-4718 t-ovqgyrxu4 INFO: log log
2013-10-11T19:26:40Z p-4719 t-ovqgyb364 DEBUG: [worker-logs:1:h23iit][#<Thread:0x007fae6b05cd98>][logs][{:prefetch=>10, :durable=>true, :ack=>true, :heartbeat_interval=>2, :exchange=>"sneakers"}] Working off: log log
2013-10-11T19:26:40Z p-4719 t-ovqgyrx8g INFO: log log

We'll count errors and error types with Redis.

$ redis-cli monitor
1381520329.888581 [0] "incr" "processor:CODE001"

We're basically done with the ceremonies and all is left is to do some real work.

Looking at metrics

Let's use the logging_metrics provider just for the sake of fun of seeing the metrics as they happen.

# boot.rb
require 'sneakers'
require 'redis'
require 'json'
require 'sneakers/metrics/logging_metrics'
Sneakers.configure :metrics =>

# ... rest of code

Now push a message again and you'll see:

2013-10-11T19:44:37Z p-9219 t-oxh8owywg INFO: INC: work.Processor.started
2013-10-11T19:44:37Z p-9219 t-oxh8owywg INFO: TIME: work.Processor.time 0.00242
2013-10-11T19:44:37Z p-9219 t-oxh8owywg INFO: INC: work.Processor.handled.ack

Which increments started and handled.ack, and times the work unit.

From here, you can continue over to the Wiki


If you use Docker, there's some benefits to be had and you can use both docker and docker-compose with this project, in order to run tests, integration tests or a sample worker without setting up RabbitMQ or the environment needed locally on your development box.

  • To build a container run docker build .
  • To run non-integration tests within a docker container, run docker run --rm sneakers_sneakers:latest
  • To run full integration tests within a docker topology including RabbitMQ, Redis (for integration worker) run scripts/local_integration, which will use docker-compose to orchestrate the topology and the sneakers Docker image to run the tests
  • To run a sample worker within Docker, try the TitleScraper example by running script/local_worker. This will use docker-compose as well. It will also help you get a feeling for how to run Sneakers in a Docker based production environment
  • Use Dockerfile.slim instead of Dockerfile for production docker builds. It generates a more compact image, while the regular Dockerfile generates a fatter image - yet faster to iterate when developing


  • Sneakers 1.1.x and up (using the new generation Bunny 2.x) - Ruby 2.x.x
  • Sneakers 1.x.x and down - Ruby 1.9.x, 2.x.x


Fork, implement, add tests, pull request, get my everlasting thanks and a respectable place here :).


To all Sneakers Contributors - you make this happen, thanks!


Copyright (c) 2015 Dotan Nahum @jondot. See LICENSE for further details.

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sneakers open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Adding attr_reader of channel into queue class so that it maybe accessible via queue inside worker
  • Update copyright notice to 2016 [ci skip]
  • Maxretry more flexible
  • use #with_channel rather than maintaining a persistent channel and exchange
  • Add Sneakers::ErrorReporter
  • Support for fatal (non-retriable) errors
  • Update the gemspec to the newest version of `thread`.
  • Bunny 2.1.0
  • Content type (de)serialization
  • Cast exception class to String in maxretry handler
  • Redacting the password out of the logging
  • Now one can customize pid path for each work group. see #98
  • Hooks after message is processed
  • allow classes to be an array
  • Add another maxretry handler which does not create additional exchanges
  • Handle passing serverengine config in from runner
  • Increased default AMQP heartbeat
  • Bump Bunny to 2.3.x
  • Allow to pass Proc as worker classes
  • Add log and pid_path as options for the CLI
  • include headers in Maxretry Handler error messages, plus a rake task to retry failed messages
  • [WIP] [ISSUE-171] add default logger
  • Ensure queue exists before publishing to avoid lost messages
  • Remove Dead code
  • Replace gem thread with concurrent-ruby
  • Exp backoff
  • Fix shutdown
  • added shared connection option for worker group
  • Bumped bunny version
  • Worker group ignores connection option
  • Set hook to run before and after the Worker processes the message
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sneakers latest release notes
v2.6.0 v2.6.0
  • Added licence type to gemspec #274
  • Serialization content type configuration #152
  • Add NewRelic category to example #273
  • Pass additional global Bunny session configuration #276
  • Sneaker.spawn exits with exit_code 1 when no configuration is provided #280
  • Added opt-in option for sharing bunny connections for worker group #266
  • Bumped bunny version from 2.6.* to 2.7.*. #289
  • Relaced thread gem with concurrent-ruby gem #279
  • Fixed stack level to deep error when trying to serialize the exception object in maxretry handler #308
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