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A minimalist CSS framework.

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Statistics on milligram

Number of watchers on Github 6940
Number of open issues 40
Average time to close an issue about 1 month
Main language CSS
Average time to merge a PR 9 days
Open pull requests 38+
Closed pull requests 25+
Last commit almost 2 years ago
Repo Created about 4 years ago
Repo Last Updated almost 2 years ago
Size 6.13 MB
Organization / Authormilligram
Latest Releasev1.3.0
Page Updated
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Milligram - A minimalist CSS framework

A minimalist CSS framework.

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Why it's awesome

Milligram provides a minimal setup of styles for a fast and clean starting point. Just it! Only 2kb gzipped! It's not about a UI framework. Specially designed for better performance and higher productivity with fewer properties to reset resulting in cleaner code. Hope you enjoy!


Install with Bower

$ bower install milligram

Install with npm

$ npm install milligram

Install with Yarn

$ yarn add milligram

Table of Contents


Want to contribute? Follow these recommendations.


Designed with by CJ Patoilo. Licensed under the MIT License.

milligram open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years Feature request: vertical allign helper
  • over 3 years Feature Request: Input Range
  • over 3 years Matching container padding and row gutter (grid)
  • almost 4 years Root font-size update
  • about 4 years remove dist/ from repo. add Travis-CI
milligram open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Remove `src` from npmignore
  • Add badge MIT License
  • fix typo
  • Add margin left to label only if it's preceded by checkbox or radio
  • RTL Support
  • Added active state for button
  • Hover effects on form elements (inputs, selects, etc)
  • Text align
  • Fix comment wording
  • Added focus state for a tag.
  • Link to a pen that has milligram included
  • Update packaging to include the src
  • Fixed issue with IE11 and flex:1
  • grid: fix row & col vertical alignment class scope
  • Append !important to float right & left
  • Embed SVG images in utf8 instead of base64
  • Variable customisation
  • Add Sass linting support
  • Banner script refactored
  • Add husky and precommit hook
  • 16 different color schemes
  • Added useful set of configuration variables
  • Table border color was specified in hex instead of a variable
  • Changed "Codes" to singular
  • rtl version
  • Support more input form types
  • Change header sizes
  • 124-input-range
  • added new util classes and enhanced the row-center class
  • 144-repsonsive-grid
  • 168-panel
  • 161-fix_select_icon_for_firefox
  • Responsive table
  • Update backstop.conf.js
  • Update
  • add some margin and padding rules
  • Update index.html
  • 145 - Button appears clicked after clicking it
milligram list of languages used
milligram latest release notes
v1.3.0 v1.3.0


  • Add yarn support
  • Remove npm ignore file
  • Remove table border spacing
  • Update code quality
  • Update references to regression testing
  • Update in headings size



v1.2.2 v1.2.2


  • Define normalize version



v1.2.4 v1.2.4


  • Remove coveralls
  • Improvements on CI, editorconfig, test
  • Organizing the tasks



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