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Material Design icons by Google

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Statistics on material-design-icons

Number of watchers on Github 40610
Number of open issues 612
Average time to close an issue 22 days
Main language CSS
Average time to merge a PR 12 days
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Closed pull requests 37+
Last commit 4 months ago
Repo Created about 6 years ago
Repo Last Updated 3 months ago
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Organization / Authorgoogle
Latest Release3.0.1
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The Google Fonts team has adopted the Material Icon program. Please help us understand the use of this repository by filling out a short survey.

Material design icons

Material design icons is the official icon set from Google. The icons are designed under the material design guidelines.

3.0.1 Update

  • Changed license in package.json.
  • Added missing device symbol sprites.

3.0.0 Update

License change to Apache 2.0!

Getting Started

Read the developer guide on how to use the material design icons in your project.

Using a font collection

The iconfont folder contains pre-generated font files that can be included in a project. This is especially convenient for the web; however, it is generally better to link to the web font hosted on Google Fonts:

<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/icon?family=Material+Icons"

Read more in the font portion of our full developer guide.

Using symbols and sprites

The css-sprite and svg-sprite folders contain pre-generated sprite sheets, as well as svg symbols that can be <use>d more directly and with fewer constraints. Instructions for using them are in the sprites documentation.

Polymer icons

If you wish to use the icon set with Polymer, we recommend consuming them via the <iron-icons> element (<core-icons> in v0.5).


We have made these icons available for you to incorporate into your products under the Apache License Version 2.0. Feel free to remix and re-share these icons and documentation in your products. We'd love attribution in your app's about screen, but it's not required. The only thing we ask is that you not re-sell these icons.

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material-design-icons open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Added missing Contents.json files to iOS subdirectories
  • Added Sketch files
  • mat icon
  • added SVG font format + gulp build task (TTF to SVG transformation). fixes #149
  • Remove colored fills from icons.
  • Replace // with /**/ – issue #249
  • fix typo so navigating via hash should work
  • add settings_input_serial icon pack
  • fixes typo: "catesian" → "cartesian"
  • Misaligned from artboard
  • Added missing icon category for Gulp file
  • Add missing 24px and 48px SVGs
  • Exit from app icon.
  • Not complete/To do later icon
  • Remove redundant paths #490
  • 2.2.0
  • Version info
  • Merge pull request #304 from google/2.2.0
  • Remove fill from arrow_downward path
  • README: remove confusing re-sell requirement
  • updated
  • updated
  • Updated links to use https instead of http
  • Adding barcode icon
  • add qr code icon web 1x, web 2x, ios, android hdpi, mdpi, xhdpi, xxhd…
  • Update docs to include --save in npm install
  • License looks better now
  • fix "failed to compile" error
  • remove extra space
  • Activate Apache license
  • Bump lodash from 3.10.1 to 4.17.19
  • Swap compact and comfy icons
  • Small mistakes
  • React component wrapper over svg icons
  • Ligature Support in Microsoft Edge on Website
  • created
  • Added classes for implementing SEO-optimized icon usage
  • Update README.md
  • Add forest icon for svg, ios, android and web
  • //Comment added
  • Fixed alignment issues in Restart icon, find it under Fixed Icons folder
  • Update README.md
  • Change sprity/sprity-gm with spritesmith/gmsmith
  • add yarnpkg
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material-design-icons list of languages used
material-design-icons latest release notes
3.0.1 Material Icons 3.0.1

Corrects the license in package.json to use Apache 2.0 and adds missing device SVG sprites.

3.0.0 Material Design Icons 3.0.0

License change to Apache 2.0!

2.2.3 Material Design Icons 2.2.3

No content changes.

Attempting to fix a problem where npm install fails with "npm ERR! cb() never called".

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