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Color package for Go (golang)

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Statistics on color

Number of watchers on Github 2188
Number of open issues 5
Average time to close an issue about 1 month
Main language Go
Average time to merge a PR about 14 hours
Open pull requests 10+
Closed pull requests 5+
Last commit about 2 years ago
Repo Created about 6 years ago
Repo Last Updated almost 2 years ago
Size 1.2 MB
Organization / Authorfatih
Latest Releasev1.6.0
Page Updated
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Color GoDoc Build Status

Color lets you use colorized outputs in terms of ANSI Escape Codes in Go (Golang). It has support for Windows too! The API can be used in several ways, pick one that suits you.



go get

Note that the vendor folder is here for stability. Remove the folder if you already have the dependencies in your GOPATH.


Standard colors

// Print with default helper functions
color.Cyan("Prints text in cyan.")

// A newline will be appended automatically
color.Blue("Prints %s in blue.", "text")

// These are using the default foreground colors
color.Red("We have red")
color.Magenta("And many others ..")

Mix and reuse colors

// Create a new color object
c := color.New(color.FgCyan).Add(color.Underline)
c.Println("Prints cyan text with an underline.")

// Or just add them to New()
d := color.New(color.FgCyan, color.Bold)
d.Printf("This prints bold cyan %s\n", "too!.")

// Mix up foreground and background colors, create new mixes!
red := color.New(color.FgRed)

boldRed := red.Add(color.Bold)
boldRed.Println("This will print text in bold red.")

whiteBackground := red.Add(color.BgWhite)
whiteBackground.Println("Red text with white background.")

Use your own output (io.Writer)

// Use your own io.Writer output
color.New(color.FgBlue).Fprintln(myWriter, "blue color!")

blue := color.New(color.FgBlue)
blue.Fprint(writer, "This will print text in blue.")

Custom print functions (PrintFunc)

// Create a custom print function for convenience
red := color.New(color.FgRed).PrintfFunc()
red("Error: %s", err)

// Mix up multiple attributes
notice := color.New(color.Bold, color.FgGreen).PrintlnFunc()
notice("Don't forget this...")

Custom fprint functions (FprintFunc)

blue := color.New(FgBlue).FprintfFunc()
blue(myWriter, "important notice: %s", stars)

// Mix up with multiple attributes
success := color.New(color.Bold, color.FgGreen).FprintlnFunc()
success(myWriter, "Don't forget this...")

Insert into noncolor strings (SprintFunc)

// Create SprintXxx functions to mix strings with other non-colorized strings:
yellow := color.New(color.FgYellow).SprintFunc()
red := color.New(color.FgRed).SprintFunc()
fmt.Printf("This is a %s and this is %s.\n", yellow("warning"), red("error"))

info := color.New(color.FgWhite, color.BgGreen).SprintFunc()
fmt.Printf("This %s rocks!\n", info("package"))

// Use helper functions
fmt.Println("This", color.RedString("warning"), "should be not neglected.")
fmt.Printf("%v %v\n", color.GreenString("Info:"), "an important message.")

// Windows supported too! Just don't forget to change the output to color.Output
fmt.Fprintf(color.Output, "Windows support: %s", color.GreenString("PASS"))

Plug into existing code

// Use handy standard colors

fmt.Println("Existing text will now be in yellow")
fmt.Printf("This one %s\n", "too")

color.Unset() // Don't forget to unset

// You can mix up parameters
color.Set(color.FgMagenta, color.Bold)
defer color.Unset() // Use it in your function

fmt.Println("All text will now be bold magenta.")

Disable/Enable color

There might be a case where you want to explicitly disable/enable color output. the go-isatty package will automatically disable color output for non-tty output streams (for example if the output were piped directly to less)

Color has support to disable/enable colors both globally and for single color definitions. For example suppose you have a CLI app and a --no-color bool flag. You can easily disable the color output with:

var flagNoColor = flag.Bool("no-color", false, "Disable color output")

if *flagNoColor {
    color.NoColor = true // disables colorized output

It also has support for single color definitions (local). You can disable/enable color output on the fly:

c := color.New(color.FgCyan)
c.Println("Prints cyan text")

c.Println("This is printed without any color")

c.Println("This prints again cyan...")


  • Save/Return previous values
  • Evaluate fmt.Formatter interface



The MIT License (MIT) - see for more details

color open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Adding escape function.
  • Suggest using method value instead of Print*Func
  • Add option to escape color attributes for Zsh/Bash prompt
  • Use color cache map
  • Add Fprintf as requested by Francisco
  • Add direct Sprintf support
  • Expose colorable Stderr to use as writer
  • vendor: switch to dep and update dependencies
  • Add a palette for cycling through a set of colors
  • Implement fmt.Formatter for external formatting fatih/color#70.
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color list of languages used
color latest release notes
v1.6.0 v1.6.0
  • Changed vendoring to use dep
  • Updated dependencies to the latest version. Checkout go Gopkg.lock to see the exact versions.
  • Couple of small cosmetic changes in README
v1.5.0 v1.5.0
  • Added new High Intensity Color helper functions gh-68
v1.4.1 v1.4.1


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