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100 day project

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Type Detail

Type detail is an ongoing project by Wenting Zhang, inspired by the great discontent's 100 day project and Stephen Coles's great book The Anatomy of Type. The rule and goal are to annotate a web typeface each day, pointing out the beautiful details of the typefaces that one often takes for granted.



If you are interested in joining me on this type exploratory trip, you could grab my template and start making annotation of your favorite typefaces.

  1. dowanload the template zip file, here is the folder structure and here is how the template looks in browser;
  2. unzip it, you will find a template.html file with supporting folders such as css and js
  3. make a copy of template.html and css/template.scss (or template.css if you don't use sass)
  4. Inside template.html, I have commented out all the annotation markups from which you can pick and use, there are three kinds of annotations
    • div.note: you can add more class
      • .large and .medium change the size of the circle
      • .bottom control the position
      • .left control which side the text should be
    • div.line: it is used to annotate the stress angle, add inline rotate css to control the angle of the stress angle line
    • div.frame: it is used to annotate typeface's metrics such as x-height, cap height, ascender height, descender height
      • add <i></i> to add a line, use inline css to change the position
      • add class .bottom to control the position
      • add class .left to control which side the text should be
  5. inside template.scss, there is just two variable for you to change

    • $tint: change the accent color of the page
    • $font: change it to the typeface you are annotating
  6. I have a pilot checklist for annotating a new typeface, to make sure all the necessary information from the template file are changed to accuracy.

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