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The iconic SVG, font, and CSS toolkit

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Statistics on Font-Awesome

Number of watchers on Github 55295
Number of open issues 4417
Average time to close an issue about 12 hours
Main language HTML
Average time to merge a PR about 22 hours
Open pull requests 73+
Closed pull requests 65+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created over 7 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 42.7 MB
Homepage https://fontaweso...
Organization / Authorfortawesome
Latest Release5.0.8
Page Updated
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Font Awesome 5 Free

Version 5 the iconic SVG, font, and CSS framework

The internet's most popular icon toolkit has been redesigned and built from scratch. On top of this, features like icon font ligatures, an SVG framework, official NPM packages for popular frontend libraries like React, and access to a new CDN.

Not familiar with Font Awesome 5? Learn more about our successful Kickstarter and plan. You can also order Font Awesome Pro which includes tons more icons directly from

Get started with 5!

Learn how to get started with Font Awesome or dive deeper into other topics.

Where did Font Awesome 4 (or 3) go?

Now that Font Awesome 5 has been released we are marking version 4 as end-of-life. We don't plan on releasing any further versions of the 4.x or 3.x.

Documentation is still available but it's moved to and

The Git repository for v4.7.0 and v3.2.1 can be found in our GitHub releases.

Change log

We'll keep track of each release in the

Looking for older versions of Font Awesome? Check the releases.


From time-to-time we'll have special upgrading instructions from one version to the next.

Check out the guide when you upgrade your dependencies.

Code of conduct

We will behave ourselves if you behave yourselves. For more details see our


Please read through our contributing guidelines. Included are directions for opening issues.


Font Awesome will be maintained under the Semantic Versioning guidelines as much as possible. Releases will be numbered with the following format:


For more information on SemVer, please visit

The major version 5 is part of an umbrella release. It includes many different types of files and technologies. Therefore we deviate from normal SemVer in the following ways:

  • Any release may update the design, look-and-feel, or branding of an existing icon
  • We will never intentionally release a patch version update that breaks backward compatibility
  • A minor release may include backward-incompatible changes but we will write clear upgrading instructions in
  • A minor or patch release will never remove icons
  • Bug fixes will be addressed as patch releases unless they include backward incompability then they will be minor releases


Font Awesome Free is free, open source, and GPL friendly. You can use it for commercial projects, open source projects, or really almost whatever you want.

  • Icons CC BY 4.0 License
    • In the Font Awesome Free download, the CC BY 4.0 license applies to all icons packaged as .svg and .js files types.
  • Fonts SIL OFL 1.1 License
    • In the Font Awesome Free download, the SIL OLF license applies to all icons packaged as web and desktop font files.
  • Code MIT License
    • In the Font Awesome Free download, the MIT license applies to all non-font and non-icon files.

Attribution is required by MIT, SIL OLF, and CC BY licenses. Downloaded Font Awesome Free files already contain embedded comments with sufficient attribution, so you shouldn't need to do anything additional when using these files normally.

We've kept attribution comments terse, so we ask that you do not actively work to remove them from files, especially code. They're a great way for folks to learn about Font Awesome.


Font-Awesome open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 2 years Icon Request: fa-diamonds, fa-spades, fa-clubs, fa-hearts (game card symbols)
  • over 2 years Icon request: icon-football
  • over 2 years Icon request: fa-nerofix (brand icon)
  • over 2 years Icon Request: fa-globe-mars
  • over 2 years Icon Request: fa-single-quote-left / fa-single-quote-right
  • over 2 years Icon Request: fa-polararea-chart
  • over 2 years Problem with the icons in the font-awesome
  • over 2 years Icon Request: fa-All-Orders
  • over 2 years Icon Request: fa-archilovers
  • over 2 years Icon Request: fa-b24
  • over 2 years Icon request: wire app
  • over 2 years Icon request: icon-user-with-dollar
  • over 2 years Icon request: male-o and female-o
  • over 2 years Icon request: facebook-workplace
  • over 2 years Icon request: icon-bass-clef; icon-violin-clef; icon-clef;
  • over 2 years Icon request: icon-minds
  • over 2 years Icon Request: fa-roundme
  • over 2 years Icon request: icon-hotairballoon
  • over 2 years Icon Request: fa-jekyll
  • over 2 years Icon Request: fa-anime, fa-manga
  • over 2 years Icon Request: fa-tank or fa_reservoir
  • over 2 years Icon request: fa-caret-square-o-down - revision or new icon
  • over 2 years Add the ability to fully configure a class names
  • over 2 years Icon Request: fa-gots
  • over 2 years Icon request: fa-getty-images
  • over 2 years icon-neighbor
  • over 2 years Icon request: musicbrainz
  • over 2 years Resources with a "?" in the URL are not cached by some proxy caching servers
  • over 2 years Icon request: Passenger / seat
  • over 2 years icon request: kangaroo
Font-Awesome open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Change link in HELP-US-OUT
  • add compress.html layout
  • update jekyll config
  • [BUGFIX] License files added
  • Add bower install to the README file
  • Add "no" and "prohibit" filters to ban icon
  • SASS -> Sass
  • add stylus support
  • Bower Installation
  • Circle number to resolve issues/6099
  • Allow getting paths from node for build process
  • Remove warnings on safari
  • Adding alias for fa-shopping-cart as fa-cart
  • Combine multiple CDN files
  • Allow easy use with bundlers
  • Created function that returns icons code
  • Add license text
  • Add the chinese readme translation
  • Add 'loupe' filter to search-icon
  • feat(bower): add css and fonts for use with bower tools
  • Add a link to Cheatsheet in the primary navbar.
  • Use autoprefixer
  • add style & less property to package.json
  • SASS: List var of all icons
  • Added component to composer.json
  • How to install by bower
  • Added a Text inset option
  • Update composer.json
  • Added links to localized Font Awesome sites - Spanish, French, Russian and Korean
  • Add fa-xl size class, between fa-lg and fa-2x
  • Update background.html
  • Update other.html
  • Update using-with-accessibility.html
  • Exclude icons.yml from .npmignore
  • 5.0.0 wip
  • Update branch alias
  • Update Getting Started Flow
  • avoid punctuation in some links
  • Add main field to package.json
  • Update Interactive Element Accessibility Documentation
  • production file for browsers
  • Mixins to select icons to include
  • Add main to package.json
  • 4.7.0 Minor Release
  • Update
  • Changed links in examples page to be fragment links.
  • Add Changelog episode badge to README
  • Add Code Of Conduct
  • Allow custom naming of font family
  • Update license to include CDN assets
  • free :beer:
  • Existing Unicode code points per YAML
  • Add optimised font files
  • changed sentence structure
  • Fix Composer package "type" to "component"
  • Updating version number
  • Changed http links to https
  • Make icon names more human friendly.
  • Update
  • Add "castle" filter for fort-awesome icon
  • index.js file added to conform to CommonJS
  • The .fa- are now generated with an array with the PUA codes and icon names
  • docs(readme): make links correctly clickable
  • Add "Brand Icons" category to "Podcast" icon categories
  • Add "Brand Icons" category to "PDF File" icon categories
  • Add "Brand Icons" category to "Creative Commons" icon categories
  • SASS -> Sass
  • Add swap filter to refresh & retweet
  • Add switch filter for toggles
  • Scss: Map var of all icons
  • Fixed DOM elements that don't exist in the library definitions being …
  • https relevant links
  • Update fa-regular.scss
Font-Awesome questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • Using javascript link_to to link from a font awesome icon to a path
  • font-awesome aligning multi line text correctly
  • Can't get Font-Awesome Icons to display
  • Font Awesome randomly not showing icons, with nothing changed
  • Display SpriteClass using Font-Awesome in Kendo Panel Bar
  • font awesome: retrieve css of pseudo element displays a small rectangle
  • How to use a icons and symbols from "Font Awesome" on Native Android Application
  • Including Font-Awesome makes website slow/unresponsive/laggy
  • Using Font Awesome, how to get rid of underline on hover?
  • Font-Awesome Icon stacking issue in safari
  • Font Awesome not loading with Bundle Optimizations MVC 5
  • font awesome icon not clickable on button tag
  • How can I use Font Awesome (or other font icons) instead of the jQuery sprites in Primefaces DataTable?
  • How to use Font Awesome 4.x CSS file with JSF? Browser can't find font files
  • Font awesome icon font as a placeholder in input after adding class with jquery
  • font-awesome icon in input placeholder not working
  • Add multiple icons and space in Font Awesome with css content
  • Font Awesome add multiple icons to button
  • Adding facebook like to the posts with font awesome
  • Add tooltip to font awesome icon
  • Font Awesome icons for Webix tree nodes when select = true
  • Font-awesome not working with webpack and cordova
  • font-awesome with mvc and ie11/Safari only SOME icons don't work
  • Style font awesome icon to the right of input
  • Align list items with a single font awesome icon
  • Extjs6 Current Version of Font-Awesome
  • List Icons: TinyMCE removes Font Awesome-Tags
  • Font Awesome icons 4.2.0 Minimal do not display
  • Bootstrap 3 without Glyphicons replaced with Font Awesome
  • How to get Png files of Font awesome icons?
  • Rails: Place Font Awesome inside text_field_tag
  • Jhipster not loading font awesome icons
  • How to change color of font awesome icons
  • html - font awesome copy the same icon full length of the screen
  • Font Awesome Failed to load resource /font/fontawesome-webfont.woff?v=3.0.1
  • Font Awesome not working for some reason in Angular-Fullstack Yeoman Generator
  • Resizing Font Awesome Fonts with font-size
  • Font Awesome icon inside text input element
  • font awesome doesn't load net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND
  • How do I load font-awesome using SCSS (SASS) in Webpack using relative paths?
  • How install font-awesome via bower
  • Font awesome icon not displaying
  • StackOverflowException seems to be caused by font awesome?
  • Font-Awesome: Trying to make this thing work with WordPress
  • font awesome 4.3+ spinner mozilla glitch
  • Font awesome icons are not displayed when exporting HTML to PDF with Dompdf
  • Replacing facebook share icon with font-awesome facebook icon
  • Is there a way I can change a font awesome symbol to just show the outline only?
  • Get a list of Font Awesome icons
  • Rspec Target Font Awesome Icon Link
  • Font Awesome not working in offline mode
  • Troubleshooting Font Awesome not working in Chrome on WordPress
  • Font Awesome fonts show up as square icons
  • font awesome - hashtag icon don't show
  • Font Awesome in Blade form?
  • how to have webpack include font awesome woff files in a react based chrome extension?
  • Font awesome checkbox with input after the checkbox and it's text
  • How to add font-awesome to JsFiddle
  • How to use Font Awesome in android Holder class which does not have a context?
  • Font awesome borders
Font-Awesome list of languages used
Font-Awesome latest release notes
5.0.8 Release 5.0.8


  • OTF font files missing ligatures for Pro styles FortAwesome/Font-Awesome#12486 FortAwesome/Font-Awesome-Pro#1034
5.0.7 Release 5.0.7


  • New Logistics category
  • New Medical category
  • Individual SVG files available from the Font Awesome CDN
  • Additional search terms


  • Apple brand icon update FortAwesome/Font-Awesome#12337
  • Disable mutation observers with fontawesome.noAuto() is called
  • License information now references https URL scheme


  • Missing TypeScript names FortAwesome/react-fontawesome#83
  • Adding categories metadata FortAwesome/Font-Awesome#12034
  • TypeScript improvement for fontawesome.layer()
  • Correcting a melting, wobbling, weird-looking whistle
5.0.6 Release 5.0.6

This is the initial release of Font Awesome 5 in this repository. Check the for information on this release.

Previously releases have been managed in the FortAwesome/Font-Awesome-Pro repo.

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