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Texture synthesis in Torch

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This is a Torch implementation of a texture-synthesis algorithm very similar to [1].

Given an input texture patch, the algorithm generates a larger version of the same texture. Here's an example:



You can see more examples in the example gallery.


Texture synthesis is implemented in the script synthesis.lua. The following command line options are available:

  • -source: Path to the source image.
  • -output_file: Path where the output should be written.
  • -height: Height of the output file, in pixels.
  • -width: Width of the output file, in pixels.
  • -k: Kernel size; must be an odd integer.
  • -gpu: Which GPU to use. Setting gpu >= 0 will run in GPU mode, and setting gpu < 0 will run in CPU-only mode.

You can see examples using different source images and kernel sizes in the example gallery.

Works Cited:

[1] Efros, Alexei, and Thomas K. Leung. Texture synthesis by non-parametric sampling. ICCV 1999.

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