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Sensei the Learning Management Plugin for WordPress

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Statistics on sensei

Number of watchers on Github 226
Number of open issues 155
Average time to close an issue 14 days
Main language PHP
Average time to merge a PR 7 days
Open pull requests 88+
Closed pull requests 31+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created almost 7 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 17.7 MB
Homepage http://senseilms....
Organization / Authorautomattic
Latest Releaseversion/1.9.20-1
Page Updated
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A learning management plugin for WordPress, which provides the smoothest platform for helping you teach anything.

Sensei is a commercial plugin available from The plugin is hosted here on a public Github repository in order to better facilitate community contributions from developers and users alike. If you have a suggestion, a bug report, or a patch for an issue, feel free to submit it here (following the guidelines below). We do ask, however, that if you are using the plugin on a live site that you please purchase a valid license from the website. We cannot provide support or one-click updates to anyone that does not hold a valid license key.


Sensei structural model can be divided into components. These components are not well separated in the current version, but serves as a model for future changes.

  • Core
    • Post Types
    • Settings
  • Users
    • Teachers
    • Learners
    • Messages
    • Emails
  • Content
    • Courses
    • Modules
    • Lessons
    • Shortcodes
  • Analytics
  • Assessment
  • Views
    • Templates (Frontend)
    • Admin
    • Installation
  • Access Management
    • eCommerce
    • Membership
    • Permissions

Contributing to Sensei

See our guidelines here: Contributing to Sensei

Development Blog

Please follow further development updates at

sensei open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years Guard against division by zero when a course has 0 lessons
  • almost 3 years Use same Module in different Course
  • almost 3 years Wistia Script Video Embeds Broken in 1.9.9
  • almost 3 years Errors When Checking if a Course is in Cart
  • almost 3 years Only consider published lessons when calculating completion percentages
  • almost 3 years Create timer as part of quizzes
  • almost 3 years Allow usage of custom HTML in video embed code
  • almost 3 years Removed learner from Course comeback if see course single page
  • about 3 years Quiz graded when saved at less than 50% answered
  • about 3 years wc_get_product() sometimes fails on class-sensei-course.php
  • about 3 years Randomizing quiz questions from pool takes all questions into scoring
  • about 3 years video tag loses controls on save
  • about 3 years Modification to users displayed in Analysis?
  • about 3 years Module description not displayed on course page
  • about 3 years Autocomplete processing virtual orders not working
  • about 3 years Analysis reports need a column/field/solution for same-name learners (email address?)
  • about 3 years Tally length of lessons to display total time for a course.
  • about 3 years Allow quizzes and correct answers to be exported to PDF.
  • about 3 years Lesson Can't be Marked Complete
  • about 3 years Allow admin to reset quiz for single student.
  • about 3 years Clean code for coding standards
  • about 3 years Display Correct Answer
  • about 3 years the_content filter get's fired on non-lesson post types
  • about 3 years Post Types: prefix all post types and taxonomies to avoid conflicts
  • about 3 years Can re-take quiz before it has been graded
  • about 3 years Link course to a single variation of a variable WooCommerce product.
  • about 3 years Only load Select2 where needed
  • about 3 years When sensei is activated filters for Visual Composer post grids stop working!
  • about 3 years Improve integration between Memberships and Sensei
  • about 3 years the_content filter conflict with other plugins
sensei open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • New filter sensei_courses_shortcode_course_data added inside courses …
  • Convert the settings screen to a tabbed interface
  • Update URL's for plugin action links.
  • added link to go back to the lesson page
  • fix login and register link
  • 1238 - Sensei Styling Changes
  • Prevent infinite loop in the search and assign excerpt properly
  • Hide the course video when the user can't view the course
  • Hide the lesson video when the user can't view the lesson
  • Add filters for grading
  • Add hook to filter the get_correct_answer function
  • Fix issue where answer feedback was not being displayed.
  • Allow empty answers when saving a quiz
  • Quizzes: avoid notices when display quizes
  • i18n Audit
  • settings.js: fix #1431 SyntaxError: invalid regular expression flag
  • changes for compatibility with WPML
  • Add new function to get a module ID, and use it in module hooks.
  • Add not_found tax label for Modules
  • Provide default value to prevent PHP notices
  • Tracking lesson start on first loading lesson
  • Grade also unanswered questions
  • Adhere to coding standards by renaming (most) files with _ in the fil…
  • Skip setup button: don't make it look disabled
  • Include module CSS in disable styles setting
  • Add filter for user_completed_lesson
  • Add filter for showing answers
  • Reduce potential for query conflicts
  • Welcome screen: remove mention of 2 of 3 version numbers
  • Keep PHP 5.3 compatibility by not using anonymous functions refs #1559
  • allow_course_archive_on_front_page should only run on front page
  • Fix file names for coding standards
  • avoid PHP Notices, always check is_main_query() *before* conditionals
  • 1501 memberships and courses issue
  • Update the code coverage test links.
  • Fix title filter for Course Results in newer theme
  • Fix the bad usage of variables in _mixins.scss. Also fix gulpfile.js …
  • Show course prerequisite message in case there is such.
  • adding function to display module description to fix bug #1578
  • Only show the lessons title when there are actually lessons defined.
  • Call `wp_reset_query` after loop in templates
  • Fixes excerpts in template to properly nest within paragraphs.
  • Properly initialize `user_lesson_status`
  • If the reset quiz options is disabled, only show the "Complete/Save Q…
  • Allows admin to reset the progress on a lesson/course for a single st…
  • Use WordPress to register/login instead of built-in functions
  • Test documentation updates
  • Update/code cleanup
  • Fix file names for coding standards
  • Menu should not collapse when navigated to Messages.
  • Remove the page-attributes metabox from lesson because it is redundant.
  • Fix registration process by sending users a confirmation e-mail with …
  • When completing Quiz it should not show the Quiz saved message.
  • Add the option to disable HTML security for Video embeds (Course/Lesson)
  • Fix division by zero error when a course has no lessons in Learner An…
  • Only consider published lessons when calculating completion percentages
  • Fix some of the columns to be sortable for Learners in Analysis overv…
  • Sensei_WC: Don't check cart unless in frontend or doing Ajax
  • Add email column to analysis screen.
  • Add support for `source` tag for videos.
  • Add defensive coding around get_product functionalities.
  • Add total lessons length in the course table for each course.
  • Lock down wp-admin access when editing post_type quiz.
  • Fix the answer feedback blue box appearance logic.
  • Fix navigation variables for prev and next to not conflict with other…
  • Fix grading count of lessons by querying lessons instead of quiz IDs.
  • Add the option to export quiz to PDF once it is completed.
  • Add password strength when registering.
  • Don't count comment_types excluded by WC
  • Fix/1792 modules select2
  • Remove duplicate completion hook call
  • Do not remove modules or reorder lessons when changing course teacher
  • Fix display of single quote in the from name of an email
  • Remove unneeded filters from Usage Tracking
  • Correct version of modules-frontend.css file
  • Include WP coding standards PHPCS
  • Add a Gutenberg block for adding a module to a course
  • WC Memberships 1.9.0 compat
  • Use UTC for memberships access time comparison
  • Add warning on empty quiz response
  • Add module to WPML config file
  • Fix lessons not displaying on order screen
  • Update usage tracking base code
  • Implement button for starting a Lesson, similarly to starting a Course
  • Add revisions support to courses, lessons and questions
  • Trash comments when plugin is deleted
  • Delete transient data from database on plugin deletion
  • Fix 'number' parameter not working for [sensei_user_courses] shortcode
sensei questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • WooCommerce/Sensei add to cart on loop-course.php
  • Plugging Sensei into WP theme - Opimizer
  • WooThemes Canvas: Override the Default Layout Setting for a Single Category (or for Sensei Pages)?
  • PHP Coding Error For Sensei Plugin
sensei list of languages used
sensei latest release notes
version/1.9.20-1 1.9.20
  • New: Course navigation moves between both lessons and modules
  • New: Page template for modules
  • New: Filters for customizing quiz answer text and CSS class names
  • New: Usage tracking
  • Tweak: Remove Sensei Welcome screen
  • Tweak: Remove theme check notice
  • Fix: Tabbed navigation for sensei_user_courses shortcode
  • Fix: Setting course start date for all students
  • Fix: Only authorized users can view messages
  • Fix: Only users with appropriate permissions can duplicate courses and lessons
version/1.9.20-beta 1.9.20

Fix: Allow only authorized users to view messages Fix: Fix user courses shortcode Fix: Fix being unable to set a start data in Learner Management Tweak: Remove Sensei Welcome screen Tweak: Remove theme check notice Tweak: Update course navigation to move between both lessons and modules New: Quiz Answers - Add filters for text and CSS New: Add usage tracking(the checked items indicate what is being logged so far)

version/1.9.19 1.9.19
  • Fix: Fix JS bugs introduced by minification process
  • Add: ESLint support
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