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A Nes Emulator written in Scala

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Statistics on nescala

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A NES emulator written in Scala.



How to run

~ sbt run 


Single Controller supported, the button mapping is hard-coded. Keyboard controls are:

Nintendo Emulator
Up, Down, Left, Right Arrow Keys
Start Enter
Select Right Shift
A (Turbo) A
B (Turbo) S
Reset CTRL+R
Eject CTRL+E
Pause CTRL+S
Resume CTRL+C


The following mappers have been implemented:

  • NROM (0)
  • MMC1 (1)
  • UNROM (2)
  • CNROM (3)
  • MMC3 (4)
  • AOROM (7)
  • MMC2 (9)
  • VRC2b (23)
  • VRC4b (25)

Known Issues

  • PPU freezes occasionally when drawing above screen height
  • APU emulation needs attention in regards to timing and DMA
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