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Scala.js, the Scala to JavaScript compiler

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Rated 5.0 out of 5
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Statistics on scala-js

Number of watchers on Github 3288
Number of open issues 82
Average time to close an issue 6 days
Main language Scala
Average time to merge a PR 2 days
Open pull requests 67+
Closed pull requests 24+
Last commit about 1 year ago
Repo Created about 6 years ago
Repo Last Updated about 1 year ago
Size 16.7 MB
Homepage https://www.scala...
Organization / Authorscala-js
Page Updated
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scala-js open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 2 years Nightly fails: Could not fetch scala-library sources for version 2.10.5
  • over 2 years Upgrade to 2.12.0
  • over 2 years Make test adapter's JSEnv usage more economical
  • over 2 years Cannot find module 'jsdom'
  • over 2 years @JSImport failed to identify electron dependency
  • over 2 years Interop feature for
  • over 2 years Properties should not be enumerable
  • over 2 years CommonJSModule + jsdom env crashes
  • over 2 years js.UndefinedParam interacts badly with compiler plugins
  • over 2 years Rethink encoding of field names in the IR
  • over 2 years IR Checker does not check for field collisions
  • over 2 years PropertyDefs should be emitted with configurable: true in ES5
  • over 2 years Disallow @JSName containing dots inside nested facades
  • over 2 years Things we need to do before 1.0.0
  • over 2 years Code ported from Junit under EPL 1.0 license?
  • over 2 years Code size issue in 2.12.0-RC1: TraversableLike brings java.util.regex.*
  • over 2 years BigDecimal is not distributive
  • over 2 years Be clearer on *how to fix* an IRVersionNotSupportedException
  • over 2 years Use RelativeVirtualFile more aggressively in tools
  • over 2 years Remove the magic from js.constructorOf[C]
  • over 2 years Fixed point loop exceeded the maximum number of iterations error after upgrading to 0.6.11 from 0.6.10
  • almost 3 years Cannot declare Java fields in JDK classes
  • almost 3 years Move top-level export name conflict check to analyzer
  • almost 3 years Add top-level export names to infos
  • almost 3 years Make default bridge generation smarter
  • almost 3 years Test the behavior of assignments to exported properties without setter
  • almost 3 years Exports overload resolution creates multiple local vars with the same name
  • almost 3 years ComNodeJSEnv refuses to run when there is no network connection (Windows?)
  • almost 3 years Produce sourcemaps that can be used by 3rd party bundlers such as Webpack
  • almost 3 years Automatic CLA validation in CI
scala-js open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • WIP Add 'jsnode' to NodeJSEnv.
  • Inline init method in the constructor
  • DO NOT MERGE For discussion: add the ES6 standard library
  • Upgrade to 2.11.8
  • Port test suite source map test.
  • Fix #2009: No own class for anonymous SJS-defined classes
  • Fix #2014: Add project to test jUnit tests from scala/scala.
  • Sbt-plugin sharedSrcDir use Seq instead of Option.
  • Fix #2345: Bring hash implem in Statics up to date wrt BoxesRunTime.
  • Fix JUnit log order and non verbose mode.
  • Fix #2309: Support LMF-capable Function nodes of 2.12.0-M4.
  • Fix #2387: Emit compile error for compiler annotations.
  • Add java.util.EventObject
  • Fix #2382: Add suffix to $outer to avoid clashes.
  • DO NOT MERGE Add JUnit output tests and fix the issues.
  • Add PreTransUnaryOp and PreTransBinaryOp in the optimizer.
  • DO NOT MERGE Prepare remove useless labels
  • DO NOT MERGE Enable dce of VarDefs if they are last in their Block
  • DO NOT MERGE Prepare improve if nothing
  • Fix #2412: Pull changes in ranges toString format in 2.12.
  • DO NOT MERGE Upgrade to GCC v20160517.
  • Sbt-plugin: raw IR AST printer
  • DO NOT MERGE Prepare switch with guards
  • DO NOT MERGE: Fix #2066 : Improve performance of isInstanceOf
  • Fix #2457: Remove useless breaks and labels in JSDesugaring.
  • Fix #2450: Locally dce VarDefs in keepOnlySideEffects.
  • Fix #2475: Support test filtering on testHtml
  • Fix #2471: should close its underlying Reader
  • WIP Fix #2441: Add Scala 2.12 JUnit mixin plugin.
  • First write up of Scala.js release process
  • Fix #2523: A clean implementation of expandLongValue.
  • RuntimeLong tweaks
  • Upgrade Google Closure Compiler version.
  • Fix default overload
  • Privatize value `p` of ThenableOps
  • fix build to work on Java 6 on Mac OS X
  • DO NOT MERGE WiP Module integration, for discussion
  • CI ONLY Do not merge or comment or anything we want to retain
  • DO NOT MERGE Remove Empty Tree CI only
  • Small language cleanups related to JS native load specs
  • DO NOT MERGE Fix #2129: Only request source jars for scalalib
  • Fix #2587: Fix integer multiplication truncation error.
  • Fix PropertyDefs properties
  • Fix #1381: Add top-level exports
  • #2642 Locally install jsdom on-the-fly
  • Allow concrete val/var/defs in JS traits with `= js.undefined`.
  • Add an annotation `@JSOptional` for optional members in JS types.
  • Fix #1997: @JSSymbol support for native JS classes
  • Fix #2721: Better error message in testHtml{Fast,Full}Opt.
  • Export module getters and setters as static in their companion class.
  • Enable scalafmt on library/.
  • CI ONLY - WIP Access the global scope, not the global object.
  • Fix #1275: Use ES6 Math functions when available.
  • Constructor methods (js interop)
  • Complete review of Linker.Config and friends
  • [no-master] Add an option -P:scalajs:sjsDefinedByDefault.
  • Fix #2927: Fail on assertEquals on floats/doubles
  • Support Typelevel Scala
  • Fix #2800: Refer to the global scope instead of the global object.
  • Fix #3267: Always use the enclosing class type for this local vars.
  • Fix #3033: Rehaul JSEnv API
  • CI ONLY wip for #3088
  • Fix #3210: First-class private methods in the IR.
  • CI ONLY WiP Migrate the build to sbt 1.1.0.
  • Migrate to sbt-platform-deps to provide `%%%`.
  • Alternative implementation of `Long`s on top of ES `BigInt`s.
  • Fix #2998: Finish the new Linker API.
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  • How can scala-js integrate with sbt-web?
  • Basic example of scala-js pickling
  • Adding custom javascript functions to scala-js-example-app from GitHub
  • shapeless port to scala-js: create artifact with few external dependencies
  • scala parser combinators (json) in scala js
  • Extremely slow compile time with SBT auto-reload using play! and scala-js
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