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Library support for Kotlin coroutines

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Statistics on kotlinx.coroutines

Number of watchers on Github 1840
Number of open issues 60
Average time to close an issue about 1 month
Main language Kotlin
Average time to merge a PR 2 days
Open pull requests 5+
Closed pull requests 30+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created about 3 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 5.02 MB
Organization / Authorkotlin
Latest Release0.22.5
Page Updated
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Library support for Kotlin coroutines in Kotlin/JVM and Kotlin/JS. This is a companion version for Kotlin 1.2.21 release.

launch {
    println("Hello from Kotlin Coroutines!")


  • common — common coroutines across all backends:
    • launch and async coroutine builders;
    • Job and Deferred light-weight future with cancellation support;
    • delay and yield top-level suspending functions.
  • js — Kotlin/JS implementation of common coroutines with Promise support.
  • core — Kotlin/JVM implementation of common coroutines with additional features:
    • CommonPool coroutine context (default on JVM);
    • Channel and Mutex communication and synchronization primitives;
    • produce and actor coroutine builders;
    • select expression support and more.
  • reactive — modules that provide builders and iteration support for various reactive streams libraries:
    • Reactive Streams, RxJava 1.x and 2.x and Project Reactor.
  • ui — modules that provide coroutine dispatchers for various single-threaded UI libraries:
    • Android, JavaFX, and Swing.
  • integration — modules that provide integration with various asynchronous callback- and future-based libraries.
    • JDK8 CompletableFuture, Guava ListenableFuture, and synchronous networking/IO.


Using in your projects

Note that these libraries are experimental and are subject to change.

The libraries are published to kotlinx bintray repository, linked to JCenter and pushed to Maven Central.


Add dependencies (you can also add other modules that you need):


And make sure that you use the latest Kotlin version:



Add dependencies (you can also add other modules that you need):

compile 'org.jetbrains.kotlinx:kotlinx-coroutines-core:0.22.5'

And make sure that you use the latest Kotlin version:

buildscript {
    ext.kotlin_version = '1.2.21'


Use org.jetbrains.kotlinx:kotlinx-coroutines-core-js:<version> artifact in your Gradle/Maven dependencies or install kotlinx-coroutines-core package via NPM.


In obfuscated code, fields with different types can have the same names, and AtomicReferenceFieldUpdater may be unable to find the correct ones. To avoid field overloading by type during obfuscation, add this to your config:

-keepclassmembernames class kotlinx.** {
    volatile <fields>;

Contributions and releases

All development (both new features and bug fixes) is performed in develop branch. This way master sources always contain sources of the most recently released version. Please send PRs with bug fixes to develop branch Fixes to documentation in markdown files are an exception to this rule. They are updated directly in master.

The develop branch is pushed to master during release.

  • Full release procedure checklist is here.
  • Steps for contributing new integration modules are explained here.
kotlinx.coroutines open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 2 years Add Repo-Info to Tutorial
  • over 2 years JavaScript support
kotlinx.coroutines open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Add support for Rx1 Scheduler.
  • Implementation of awaitFirstOrDefault and awaitFirstOrNull.
  • `blocking` function #79
  • Closeable with suspendable aClose, and suspendable use extension.
  • Add Subscribable interfaces
kotlinx.coroutines list of languages used
kotlinx.coroutines latest release notes
0.22.5 0.22.5
  • JS: Fixed main file reference in NPM package
  • Added context argument to Channel.filterNot (PR by @jcornaz).
  • Implemented debug toString for channels (see #185).
0.22.4 0.22.4
  • JS: Publish to NPM (see #229).
  • JS: Use node-style dispatcher on ReactNative (see #236).
  • jdk8 integration improvements:
    • Added conversion from CompletionStage to Deferred (see #262, PR by @jcornaz).
    • Use fast path in CompletionStage.await and make it cancellable.
0.22.3 0.22.3
  • Fixed produce builder to close the channel on completion instead of cancelling it, which lead to lost elements with buffered channels (see #256).
  • Don't use ForkJoinPool if there is a SecurityManager present to work around JNLP problems (see #216, PR by @NikolayMetchev).
  • JS: Check for undefined window.addEventListener when choosing default coroutine dispatcher (see #230, PR by @ScottPierce).
  • Update 3rd party dependencies:
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