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Statistics on dusk

Number of watchers on Github 855
Number of open issues 129
Average time to close an issue about 19 hours
Main language PHP
Average time to merge a PR about 9 hours
Open pull requests 1+
Closed pull requests 67+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created almost 3 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 86.3 MB
Organization / Authorlaravel
Page Updated
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Laravel Dusk provides an expressive, easy-to-use browser automation and testing API. By default, Dusk does not require you to install JDK or Selenium on your machine. Instead, Dusk uses a standalone Chromedriver. However, you are free to utilize any other Selenium driver you wish.

Official Documentation

Documentation for Dusk can be found on the Laravel website.


Laravel Dusk is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license

dusk open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years phpunit.dusk.xml not preserved
  • almost 3 years Iterate throw elements
  • almost 3 years Right-click (context-menu) actions
  • almost 3 years Elements array failing to resolve.
  • almost 3 years Filter option no longer working
  • almost 3 years [Question] Why Dusk Page Test uses DatabaseMigrations instead of DatabaseTransactions?
  • almost 3 years Support for LTS version of Laravel.
  • almost 3 years Facebook\WebDriver\Exception\NoSuchDriverException: no such session
  • almost 3 years Can't type() into date input fields
  • almost 3 years Screenshots folder hardcoded in several places
  • almost 3 years Test methods influence each other through session
  • almost 3 years ReflectionException: Class config does not exist
  • almost 3 years Compatibility with Centos 6?
  • almost 3 years [Request] Proposal for Browser class
  • almost 3 years Dusk env file not being loaded correctly
  • almost 3 years [RFC] Additional options for dusk:page command on creating test class
  • almost 3 years File permission set wrong after pulling in with composer
  • almost 3 years Page Shorthand Selectors not working (or I could not understand how to use it)
  • almost 3 years [Doc] Missing dusk option referenced in the doc
  • almost 3 years [Request] On failure trace the browser console log
  • almost 3 years DatabaseMigrations trait doesn't work when using an in-memory SQLite database
  • almost 3 years Cannot run test on Homestead/Docker
  • almost 3 years Other selectors than css? xpath?
  • almost 3 years Configuration File for Dusk? Support for alternative testing directories
  • almost 3 years UnexpectedAlertOpenException: unexpected alert open: {Alert text : Are you sure?}
  • almost 3 years Adding assertHasOption and assertHasOptions
  • almost 3 years In windows 10, does laravel dusk always open the 'chrome' browser?
  • almost 3 years Explicit environment whitelisting
  • almost 3 years clickLink does not escape quotes
dusk open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Add assertAuthentication, assertGuest and assertIsAuthenticated methods
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  • Running Laravel Dusk on Headless (no GUI) machine
  • Running dusk tests on Homestead for Windows
  • Migrate only once with Laravel dusk
  • Deleting models from database after Laravel Dusk tests have run?
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  • Installing Laravel Dusk on 5.3
  • Set up Laravel 5.4 with Dusk using phpunit.xml, .env.dusk.local, and an sqlite in-memory database
  • Laravel Dusk failed to matches url in assertPathIs()
  • XFCE dusk list color bug
  • Calculate whether it is close to dawn/dusk based on sunrise/sunset?
  • How to calculate dawn / dusk times
dusk list of languages used
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