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Statistics on youmightnotneedjquery

Number of watchers on Github 10000
Number of open issues 100
Average time to close an issue 1 day
Main language HTML
Average time to merge a PR about 2 months
Open pull requests 43+
Closed pull requests 24+
Last commit over 2 years ago
Repo Created almost 6 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 337 KB
Homepage http://YouMightNo...
Organization / Authorhubspot
Page Updated
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A resource for doing things au naturel.

youmightnotneedjquery open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 3 years removeClass()
  • about 3 years Improve `ready` example
  • about 3 years youmightnotneedcoffeescript
  • about 3 years β€˜extend()’. How about this?
  • about 3 years Add `.closest()`
  • over 3 years .unwrap()
  • over 3 years Deep extend converts an array to an object
  • over 3 years .parents()?
  • over 3 years `$(el).html(string);` is not exactly equivalent to `el.innerHTML = string;`
  • over 3 years Contribution: improved functionality in some functions
  • almost 4 years :visible
  • almost 4 years fadeOut with callback
  • almost 4 years Date is not a data object
  • almost 4 years AJAX alternative add "Fetch API"
  • about 4 years fadeIn example is incorrect in IE10+
  • about 4 years Checking http status after XMLHttpRequest
  • about 4 years Need implementation of `.toArray()`
  • about 4 years Need implementation of `.closest()`
  • about 4 years Link this to your website.
  • over 4 years jQuery's `.serialize()` replacement
  • over 4 years ES6 Code examples
  • over 4 years still working on this?
  • over 4 years Offset section not working properly in Firefox
  • over 4 years Ajax post request wrong argument to send
  • over 4 years outerHtml for jquery can be simplified
  • almost 5 years Bind: Not fully equivalent implementation given (IE8+)
  • almost 5 years Events - On: Cannot remove handler added by `attachEvent` (IE8+)
  • almost 5 years Matches Selector: Parent node may be missing (IE8+)
  • almost 5 years Vanilla version of `closest()`
  • almost 5 years Working with data attributes
youmightnotneedjquery open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Delete ie10.js
  • fixes deep extend bug where nested objects are not copied
  • Delete ie9.js
  • Just use outerHTML
  • Update removeClass fallback for ie8
  • Implemented toArray jquery function in pure js
  • Added better control over http statuses
  • added removeAttributes
  • Add setTimeout in ie8 ajax request
  • deepExtend works with Arrays and the deep objects are properly extended
  • Added $.closest()
  • Add missing $() for jQuery
  • fix for ie8 regex in removeClass
  • Switch to Firefox-compatible property.
  • Switch to Firefox-compatible property.
  • rollback to '0' if parseInt got 'NaN' in IE8
  • Improve `removeClass`
  • Framerate, stopPropagation, and basic Toggle (show/hide)
  • Modified fadeIn and added fadeOut functions
  • Added support for IE version hash persistence
  • Added comparsion for click
  • outerWidth with margins IE9 'auto' value fix
  • outerHeight with margins IE9 'auto' value fix
  • Offset document.body.scrollTop deprecated
  • IE throws if createHTMLDocument doesn't have a title
  • Update index.html -> Fix an Problem for IE8 on $.ready()
  • Events -> Ready code not working on IE8
  • Add ftdomdelegate as an Event Delegation alternative - #55
  • Save the search in the hash
  • `insertAdjacentHTML` not allow DOM element
  • check whether CustomEvent is a function
  • Update alternatives for animation to add Velocity.js, a larger, more active, more significant project than move.js
  • Fix typo
  • Update Add Class
  • Add a alternative to use requests without jquery
  • Add index method
  • Added fadeout for convience
  • Ok I finally fixed document.querySelectorAll. This is kinda messy but…
  • replace all ajax alternatives to fetch
  • IE9+ changes readyState prematurely
  • fix for `.before()` and `.after()`
  • Add autofocus attribute on search input
  • parseHTML - createHTMLDocument required parameter fix
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