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Yii 2: The Fast, Secure and Professional PHP Framework

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Statistics on yii2

Number of watchers on Github 11685
Number of open issues 897
Average time to close an issue about 20 hours
Main language PHP
Average time to merge a PR about 21 hours
Open pull requests 387+
Closed pull requests 267+
Last commit almost 2 years ago
Repo Created about 8 years ago
Repo Last Updated almost 2 years ago
Size 76.6 MB
Homepage http://www.yiifra...
Organization / Authoryiisoft
Latest Release2.0.14.1
Page Updated
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it is compact and easy to use.

Yii Framework

Yii 2 is a modern framework designed to be a solid foundation for your PHP application.

It is fast, secure and efficient and works right out of the box pre-configured with reasonable defaults. The framework is easy to adjust to meet your needs, because Yii has been designed to be flexible.

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  • The minimum required PHP version of Yii is PHP 5.4.
  • It works best with PHP 7.
  • Follow the Definitive Guide in order to get step by step instructions.




The framework is Open Source powered by an excellent community.

You may join us and:

Reporting Security issues

Please refer to a special page at the website describing proper workflow for security issue reports.

Directory Structure

build/               internally used build tools
docs/                documentation
framework/           core framework code
tests/               tests of the core framework code

Spreading the Word

Acknowledging or citing Yii 2 is as important as direct contributions.

In presentations

If you are giving a presentation or talk featuring work that makes use of Yii 2 and would like to acknowledge it, we suggest using our logo on your title slide.

In projects

If you are using Yii 2 as part of an OpenSource project, a way to acknowledge it is to use a special badge in your README:


If your code is hosted at GitHub, you can place the following in your file to get the badge:

yii2 open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years Wrong order of migrations in `migrate/down all`
  • over 3 years How to use ActiveForm instance across Ajax requests in Yii 2?
  • over 3 years Update the guide for the Pjax ID requirement
  • over 3 years Activedataprovider set limit inside of query with union but should outside
  • over 3 years link with data-method still affects form client validation
  • over 3 years Restful resources pagination with [yii\redis\ActiveRecord] + [yii\data\ActiveDataProvider] problem
  • over 3 years Console application logging always writes messages of category 'application' even if exempt
  • over 3 years Setting isNewRecord = false dont have effect
  • over 3 years ArrayHelper::getValue does not throw as documented
  • over 3 years Cookie-based login works only if $duration > 0
  • over 3 years unnecessary cache misses
  • over 3 years Menu: Ability to activate menu items on other routes
  • over 3 years Incorrect behavior of Compare validator
  • over 3 years Separate Migrate controller functionallity into separate component
  • over 3 years FileMutex: unlink(...): No such file or directory
  • over 3 years Error in ValidatorTest
  • over 3 years Have at least basic tests for js
  • over 3 years Migrate redo RBAC problem
  • over 3 years Exception when using datetime-formatting of log_time
  • over 3 years New feature for client side prevention of unwanted multiple form submissions
  • over 3 years Refactoring of /caching/Dependency
  • over 3 years Unused $params property in ExpressionDependency
  • over 3 years 2.0.10: Yii::$app->controller behaves inconsistent with ->action
  • over 3 years Trying to get property of non-object when i open index.php
  • over 3 years DB CASE WHEN in SELECT
  • over 3 years DB LIMIT and ORDER BY in UPDATE
  • over 3 years Yii 2 GridView - set options for filter input field(s)
  • over 3 years Adding common validation error (not related with particular attribute)
  • over 3 years Profile cache level
  • over 3 years \yii\web\User::can() and guest
yii2 open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • grammatical adjustment
  • Change link broken by outher file of doc
  • Create multiple model from data array supplied by end user
  • WIP #10840
  • BaseActiveRecord now triggers event EVENT_AFTER_REFRESH after a record is refreshed
  • Update shortcut format for GridView:columns
  • Update mysql Schema.php
  • parameter dimensions in ArrayHelper::index
  • Update
  • Add Psr7 ServerRequest to \yii\web\Request and abstract Super Gloabls
  • Date range formatter issue #10673
  • Refactoring \yii\db\Connection::getDriverName
  • Advanced table alias handling for Query
  • Enhancement for DateValidator (#7177, #10165):
  • change echo to return in BaseListView
  • Fix compare validator
  • Redirect 301 on missing URL suffix
  • Additional functions for build user friendly role management interface
  • Fixes yiisoft/yii2#10710
  • expression support in orderBy and groupBy
  • Carry out getting label from renderHeaderCellContent in DataColumn #10631
  • fix rbac migration (index prefix)
  • #10574 - Changed signature for BaseArrayHelper::htmlEncode and added doubleEncode parameter
  • Proper using of allowArray attribute in ExistValidator #10566
  • dont set return url, if request's method is not GET
  • Fix for using CompareValidator inside EachValidator #9935
  • Prefixes for yii.activeForm.js event names
  • Add `after()` option to migrations schema builder #9340
  • Calculation of activity menu item through the closure
  • Fix incorrect behaviour of number validator in some locales
  • findFiles always find recursive
  • Update BaseHtml.php
  • updated thai translation
  • Fixes #11038: handling of intervals of 0 seconds in yii\i18n\Formatter::asDuration().
  • fixes #11040: make copyDirectory method work correctly with parameter 'recursive'
  • Fix #10993 yii\rbac\DbManager::removeAllRules()
  • Unsafe attribute event
  • Fixed #11012: getBaseName return null if filename is chinese string
  • Phpdoc read/write only
  • DbManager $assignmentsCache, reduce db call, fixes #10980
  • [WIP] Remove sizzle
  • Updated ActionColumn.php
  • Added optional `$checkHeader` param to loginRequired for checking the…
  • QueryBuilder now supports `Traversable` objects for `IN` clauses.
  • passing properties to recursive call
  • Fix & tests for bug #10935
  • Implementation for #10908
  • add rules array
  • Brings migrations up to parity
  • AccessRule should do more than just string comparison to match IPs
  • Enh new property `skipUpdateOnClean` for `AttributeBehavior`
  • russian translation and small fixes in original
  • Update phpdoc.
  • [travis-ci] Init postgresql in memory storage
  • (fix) UrlManager not cached rules correctly.
  • Security enhancements
  • FragmentCache not handling empty content correctly
  • Docs: Combining Update, Create and Delete on one page
  • Fix #11252 use strict comparison on hasAttribute()
  • Add getRolesByRole() to RBAC to fetch the child Roles of a Role
  • Fixed `quoteColumnName` for table start with `{{` or `[[`
  • Adds `custom()` modifier to schema builder
  • Issue 11088 field not quoted in joinwith condition
  • enhancement as stated in #11172, a function to simplify cache data re…
  • Batch query test
  • added failing test for #11088
  • adjust internal documentation according to #7812
  • Add session migration
  • Failing test for issue #11073
  • fixes #9561 canGetProperty and canSetProperty on ActiveRecord checks attributes
  • #10405 Attaching CORS filter by default to yii\rest\Controller
  • Support customer logger objects via config arrays
  • #10825 Fixed `yii\validators\EachValidator` does not respect `skipOnEmpty` when using model
  • Object to array with nested expand
  • Moved setting of isPrimaryKey #11484
  • Use PHP 5.5+ `::class` instead of full class namespace
  • Object to array with nested expand
  • #4479 REST filtering support by involving a search class
  • Fix #11461
  • Added hidden keys for \yii\log\Target::logVars.
  • Added support of formaction, formenctype and formmethod button options
  • 11387 oracle charset not respected
  • Handles alias in nested relations
  • WIP #11412 : add Console::table() method
  • loadMultiple() returns true even if load() returns false
  • Batch Query improve for large mysql tables #9269 #11152
  • middle/right clicking links that should go through handleAction()
  • BaseHtml helper's checkbox and radio code has been abstracted as suggested in #11168
  • Fixes #7670 Added normalizer to yii\web\UrlRule
  • check data exist fix #11352
  • fix unique validator support out active record model
  • Fix pjax container option
  • Handles relation's alias in relation declaration
  • Update UniqueValidator.php
  • 11314 action column reset filters
  • ColumnSchemaBuilder can not work with custom types
  • Fixed issue #11561
  • Move Identity Cookie code into separate functions and cleanup invalid identity cookies
  • array_key_exists problem
  • WIP [Fixes #8746] User IP, host, port behind trusted proxies
  • calling getValue() for each attribute in AttributeBehavior
  • JSONP response formatter
  • Update schema-oci.sql
  • change visibility of application public properties to protected
  • Table primary2
  • change primary key migration logic
  • Bug log migration sqlite bigint autoincrement
  • Fixed pageCount in ActiveDataProvider pagination #11647
  • Added dynamic alias '@alias' in ActiveQuery
  • Force direction in Sort::createUrl(), Sort::link() and Sort::createSortParam()
  • Fix MessageFormatter for PHP7
  • Issue #10157 Resolve aliases in getAlias() instead of setAlias()
  • trim pathInfo slashes
  • Chg #11689 Using closures for View::renderDynamic()
  • New proposal fix for ColumnSchemaBuilder not null column
  • Восстановление обратной совместимости yii\db\QueryBuilder
  • create before validate event in all cases
  • Update yii.php
  • CheckboxColumn - Use CSS class to find the elements
  • no longer render label by default in `ActiveField::hiddenInput()`
  • Fixed issue #11672
  • Fix scope for multiple forms file inputs
  • change the signature of FixtureController::actionLoad()
  • add functions for filtering
  • Fixed duplicated quote.
  • Make reusable gridview applyFilter
  • phpDoc: read|write only
  • Handle `_table` and `_column` suffixes on migration creation.
  • ActiveForm ajax validation
  • Allow overriding 'app' messages by wildcard category
  • add after validate trigger in correct case
  • Activerecord where exists relation
  • Fix yii\rest\Serializer serialize ArrayDataProvider with pagination bug
  • 11979 oracle mutex
  • 11804 active record attributes typecasting
  • Enhance `yii\behaviors\AttributeBehavior`
  • if configuration cache server but yii_debug is true and yii_env is dev so urlrule isn't update in main.php
  • Added default value for `get` method in the cache class
  • #11464 ForeignKey name is not provided
  • Enhance `yii\rbac\ManagerInterface::getUserIdsByRole()`
  • automatic generete keys in migration
  • entangled parameters Lines and Columns on Windows
  • Add possibility of unset or force replace former value in `ArrayHelper::merge()`
  • Deeply nesting relation using `via` does not work
  • Skipping add a comments for SQLite
  • When db don't support comments, then show warning instead throw excep…
  • Add HTML::tel() helper
  • Patch 10
  • Fix for non US-ASCII characters in Content-Disposition header
  • Make simple url rule with default parameter
  • Database view emulator. ActiveRecord for query statement.
  • fix #10563, #11953 current implementation of file download does not encode UTF8 filenames correctly
  • make console directory support sub-directory
  • Added EVENT_INIT to widget
  • Enhances ActiveForm with support for HTML5 attributes like formaction, formtarget and formmethod (#8719) [ci-skip]
  • [WIP] Add UrlNormalizer for UrlRule and UrlManager
  • Allows BaseHtml::activeListInput to override the field value
  • Update UniqueValidator.php
  • Add short validator names `time` and `datetime`.
  • Add option $showAllErrors to Html::errorSummary()
  • Added PageCache info of in log
  • Revamps PageCache to store data in one entry (#10506)
  • fix in log migration logic
  • added basic support for database views
  • Fixing issue with filterInputValidation variable in DataColumn
  • Capability to hide root tag and model tag in xml responser
  • Update ActiveDataProvider.php
  • fixed serializer to not convert objects
  • Update yii.activeForm.js
  • The ability to add a parameters to a method of obtaining relation
  • Obsolete translation teams removed
  • Fix BC break for `UniqueValidator` custom message
  • \yii\data\Filter
  • clear cached filemtime call, fix #12713
  • Add `beforeRow` and `afterRow`
  • Added `QueryInterface::cancel()`
  • Catch `Throwable` in `yii\base\ErrorHandler::handleException()`
  • Deprecate `yii\base\Object`
  • 12691 url rule host without protocol
  • Added renderHtmlBody and renderTextBody
  • Skip failing test in PHP 7.1
  • Fix yii\rest\Serializer serialize ArrayDataProvider with pagination bug #11987
  • Documentation ActiveQueryInterface::one()
  • Added ability to use column range in BETWEEN operator
  • break test
  • Alternative implementation for Unknown command suggestions
  • Added REDIRECT_URL to resolveRequestUri method in Request class
  • Use `bool` and `int` in phpdoc
  • Show alternative when command not found
  • Added `\yii\i18n\Formatter::asDurationTime()`
  • Fixed race condition in yii.js AJAX prefilter
  • decimal formatting fixes #12345
  • Adds aria-attributes inputs support
  • Keeping queries more inexpensive
  • Fix for #4479 REST filter
  • 12638 events priorities
  • Better Query::andWhere() behavior
  • Allow omit optional params on URL creation
  • Schema cache cut out to simple component.
  • Guide about Client side Javascript of ActiveForm
  • [Dont Merge] Test migration from several path
  • jquery like event handler
  • Update BaseStringHelper.php
  • 12778 non attribute errors
  • Fix bug GridView::guessColumns when used sub-array (has_many_relations)
  • Remove copy-paste
  • Change place of note about pluralize controller name
  • Errors in sequence numbers of registerCssFile()'s arguments
  • refs #12771 \yii\web\User::can() and guest
  • respect all primaryKey with any parameters, fix #12735
  • refs #11122: Fixed can not use `orderBy` with aggregate functions
  • Issue #12748 fix
  • Support subqueries for values in QueryBuilder::insert()
  • RBAC migration: Changed `data` column type from `text` to `blob`
  • Allow itemOptions in ListView to be a closure
  • Document and test ListView.showOnEmpty, see #11627
  • Skip pjax if data-pjax="0"
  • Add is_dir() validation for BaseFileHelper::findFiles()
  • Calculation of activity menu item through the closure
  • Correct MSIE8 reserved word error
  • Added bash completion file for ./yii commands
  • #12840: Added unit tests for yii.validation.js
  • [WIP] Extract `Object` and `Component` into traits
  • fixes #12905: expanded using get alias
  • Primary key for column schema builder
  • Profile cache time for performance purpose
  • fix #4790
  • Use custom error action regardless of response format
  • Change the name of method getQueryTableName and remove its $query argument
  • simplification of the Application::bootstrap method
  • Simplify validators
  • simplify yii\helpers\Html methods
  • FileMutex: unlink(...): No such file or directory #12860
  • Fixed #12822: Datetime creation from microseconds in i18n\Formatter
  • Added ContentRangeHttpException that uses when the requested range is not satisfiable
  • Fixed getting active validators for safe attribute (#13087)
  • Closes #13080: Rename `yii\base\InvalidParamException` to `yii\base\InvalidArgumentException`
  • Fix for #13050 `HostControl` filter
  • FileTarget::$rotateByCopy: if not specified, automatically set to false when OS is not windows
  • FIX index out of range
  • Closes #10675: Docs for disabling CSRF validation in standalone actions
  • Added Application::setContainerDefinitions() to configure DI in declarative style
  • Closes #6242: Access to validator in inline validation
  • Added `foreignKey` method for `yii\db\ColumnSchemaBuilder`
  • Closes #11163: Added separate method for client-side validation options in `yii\validators\Validator`
  • Allow resetting dependency registered as singleton
  • Disable serialization by default for ArrayCache for increased performance
  • Fix #13278: `DbQueryDependency` created
  • Fixed autoloading inside BaseYii scope
  • Fix russian translation
  • Disabled link at current page
  • Changed return value in MemCache::setValues()
  • [WIP] added dockerized test setup
  • [WIP] added migration namespaces to options, added alias syntax support
  • Failing tests for UrlManager::createUrl() cache bug
  • asTime fixed for time-only values
  • Fix #12715: deadlock exception lost with nested transaction
  • Add test case for deadlock in MySQL
  • Exception within useMaster() completely disables slaves
  • Add OR relation for targetAttribute in UniqueValidator
  • Added JS tests for yii.js (#12840)
  • fixed string helper encoding when Yii::$app is not available
  • Add support \yii\db\Expression attribute to \yii\data\Sort
  • WIP Fix race conditions in FileMutex
  • Make \yii\db\QueryTrait::limit and \yii\db\QueryTrait::offset methods works with \yii\db\Expression
  • More control over ActiveForm widget
  • Fixed excess escaping in Command::batchInsert()
  • Improved cache command output in APC case
  • Update Request.php - User IP enhancement
  • Added ability to set multiple event handlers
  • Fixes #5108: Cleaning timestampAttribute when skipOnEmpty is set to f…
  • UploadedFile saveAs with alias
  • Allow remove of previous URL when recovered
  • Allowing customize others params request formats in descendant class
  • Load MySQL comments into TableSchema
  • Update Formatter.php
  • Small refactor to queryScalar
  • WIP: Yii2 implements PSR-11
  • Implement retrieving DBMS constraints
  • Update AttributeBehavior.php
  • [WIP] Add php-cs-fixer coding standards validation to Travis CI
  • Remove unused local var in JS test
  • Reduce `Segmentation fault` errors for PHP 5.4 tests on travis
  • Refactored `yii\base\Theme`. Added tests
  • Update Pjax.php
  • add method registerCsrfMetaTags
  • Refactored yii\base\Module. Added tests
  • Extracted CacheInterface from `yii\caching\Cache`
  • 14035 batchinsert support ignore
  • Allow to use custom AR constructors
  • function clear() -- Set populated arrays to empty arrays
  • Added assignments cache to check access on request
  • added option to disable query logging in DB command
  • Added copyEmptyDirectories option to FileHelper
  • Unique and Exist validator fixes
  • Expose some useful functions in IpValidator
  • unit tests for yii\rest\UrlRule with prefix params
  • [2.1] Php7 list() syntax
  • Documented possibility of using asset-packagist
  • Added function to array helper to check if array| array values empty …
  • Fixes #5442: Moved `resetTable` to `unload` method
  • registerJsVar - Shorthand to add JS variable
  • Add new param for Yii::setAlias() enh #13957
  • Can create fixtures throw anonymous function and Fixture
  • fix file upload bug if used with dynamic forms and elements are zero
  • Add basic support for content-security-profile header
  • ucfirst with support of UTF-8
  • Add test coverage of yii\helpers\Html
  • Nested fields and expand
  • move $params into parameter list on insert()
  • [WiP] Add test coverage of yii\helpers\BaseJson
  • add doc for issue #8420
  • [WiP] Add test coverage of yii\helpers\BaseConsole
  • [Work in progress] Update Vietnamese translate
  • fix current time in formatter
  • Change extractMessagesFromTokens to protected
  • [WIP] Optimization complexity of yii\helpers\BaseArrayHelper::merge()
  • Bug #14192 postgresql wrong default null value for timestamp
  • GridView-columns-special-value-to-disable-colunm
  • Variadic parameters support for DI container
  • add sysexits to ConsoleHelper
  • Removed non-default call of `$app-get()` in favor of using `$app->has()`
  • Bug #11825: User can login by cookie only once when `autoRenewCookie` is set to false
  • Apply child table alias/name for joinWith case to condition columns (with test)
  • Bug #14165: Fix slave usage disabled after Connection::close, set _sl…
  • #14157 Fix Incorrect Value When Using loadDefaultValues with DATETIME…
  • How to use Yii as Microframewok
  • Create AttributesBehavior.php
  • Fixed yii.activeForm.js
  • Prevent multiple validateAttribute() calls when scenarios() returns duplicate attributes
  • Alternative implementation for passing parameters to AccessRule roles
  • Eng #14103: Rbac Manager's `getUserIdsByRole()` can return all userid…
  • WIP Added JSON type to MySQL and PostgreSQL schema
  • Build image in dockerized tests with BUILD_ARG
  • rbac fix migration
  • incorrect float to string conversion in yii\helper\BaseStringHelper
  • WIP: Call help, when required arguments was not provided
  • fix issue when updating session params caused exception in php 7.2
  • Filtering invalid behavior
  • Fix #11389 Refactor Event Interface
  • Fix messy .gitlab-ci.yml file
  • Modified BaseHtml to not double encode entities in label (Issue #15456)
  • 15133 create alter field migrations
  • Fix #15438 PSR middleware
  • Event names changed matching 'dot-separated string' format
  • Transfer components from sl to dic
  • #15411: QueryBuilder::buildSelect() with aggregate functions and inner constructions
  • Copy query cache from `yii\db\Command` to `yii\db\Query::createCommand()` and `yii\db\ActiveQuery::createCommand()`.
  • Make yii2 extensions config override able by config file key `extensions`
  • Added `andFilterHavingCompare`
  • Implemented custom data types support in DBMSs
  • [WIP] Improved local testing
  • Context component get
  • fix to validate when `$requiredValue` is `null` and validation is strict
  • Update BaseHtml.php
  • Fix session_name(): Cannot change session name when session is active
  • Bug #15307: Add check filterModel before registerJs in `yii\grid\GridView`
  • Bug #5341: HasMany via two relations
  • Middleware
  • Extracted FormatterInterface from yii\i18n\Formatter yiisoft/yii2#14997
  • Extracted ViewInterface from yii\web\View yiisoft/yii2#14997
  • Extracted UrlManagerInterface from yii\web\UrlManager
  • Deprecate some things going away/changing in 2.1
  • Fix BaseInflector::transliterate bug when a transliterator rule is incompatible with ICU version
  • Extracted ConnectionInterface from yii\db\Connection yiisoft/yii2#14997
  • Tests: testSchema. MySQL over 8.1 (add versioned data set)
  • change order of autoload if phpunit run from outside
  • Add support for tinyint as DB column type
  • Added truncateMiddle method.
  • Update ActiveDataProvider.php
  • new AtLeastValidator
  • Fix namespaces in fixtures
  • LikeCondition enhancement
  • Added more rules for 'cs-fixer'
  • Detects circular array references in VarDumper::dumpInternal
  • Automatically expand relations in \yii\rest\Serializer
  • Fixed code style for better readability
  • Saving model removed from yii\db\BaseActiveRecord::bindModels().
  • Fix migration with a comment containing an apostrophe
  • #15850: Fixed AssetManager to validate basePath only when neccessary
  • Fixed JsonExpressionBuilder to cast JSON explicitly
  • Issue #15845 Implement LooseSetInterface
  • `grid\ActionColumn` refactored allowing buttons specification and override via array configuration
  • Added try catch for yii2/framework/di/Container
  • [WIP] Undo sequence pk assignement on ActiveRecord insert rolled back
  • Make cache key more unique (more scoped)
  • [enh] Add AssetController::actionPublish()
yii2 questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • yii2 return ActiveRecord attribute as JSON with other name
  • Yii2 dropdownList select default option
  • yii2 - auto fill fields from related table
  • Yii2 upload + create multiple models only if all validates
  • Get a better yii2 rbac extension
  • Accessing all the datasets of storde procedure with more than one (set of result) in Yii2
  • get selected rows in yii2 using gridview
  • Yii2 | requires bower-asset/jquery
  • Yii2 login Function not working
  • yii2 upload multiple + create multiple models
  • How to login using two different model in yii2?
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  • Yii2 : Using a complete UI/Design not from Yii
  • Upgrading to Yii2, ORM not functional
  • Yii2 dynamic form wbraganca
  • Yii2 - How to add custom error messages on input fields
  • How to add an action button for a specific row in gridview YII2 Advanced Template?
  • How to make a drop down list in yii2?
  • what a part does bower/bower-asset play in php application such as yii2
  • Yii2 custom login-logout
  • How to add onclick event on certain columns only with Yii2 Gridview rowOptions
  • left join with ActiveRecord (yii2)
  • Yii2 url rule for module and parameters
  • How do you assign roles to users with the basic template in Yii2?
  • Yii2 Bootstrap navbar's label URL without clean URL
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