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Xenonauts X-COM http://store.steampowered.com/app/223830/ http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/forumdisplay.php/18-Translation-Discussion

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<name>Iceland Incident</name>
<desc>The 1958 Iceland Incident was our first contact with extraterrestrial life. An alien craft entered our atmosphere above the Atlantic in what we now believe was a scouting mission. It was detected and intercepted by NATO jets operating under the assumption it was an experimental Soviet aircraft.&#10;&#10;Visual sighting of the UFO rapidly dispelled that myth - the craft was far larger than its radar signature suggested, more akin to an airborne warship than an aircraft. Attempts to communicate elicited a barrage of energy weapon fire that disintegrated half of the squadron and left the remaining jets limping back to base with severe damage. Several subsequent attempts were made by NATO fighter squadrons to intercept the alien vessel, costing them a number of aircraft but inflicting no appreciable damage on the target. When the UFO abruptly changed course and began heading for the eastern coast of the United States, the decision was made to deploy nuclear weapons. &#10;&#10;Twenty minutes later, half a dozen nuclear-tipped ICBM ignited the sky above an uninhabited part of Iceland.  Astonishingly, the UFO survived the blast - but it crash-landed, almost intact, shortly afterwards. At this point, the NATO forces made the decision to inform their Soviet counterparts about the alien vessel and seek their assistance in securing the vessel and the technology within. This decision was seemingly motivated more by self-preservation rather than altruism; the Soviets were furious at the large unexplained nuclear detonations and were apparently close to launching missiles of their own.&#10;&#10;A joint ground operation was launched to capture the alien craft, but numerous extraterrestrials had survived the crash and put up stiff resistance. Human forces took significant losses during the operation, but slowly secured the area around the craft. What happened next is uncertain - all we know is that the alien craft was destroyed in an enormous explosion, almost certainly caused by the craft's power source. This explosion annihilated the UFO itself and wiped out all ground forces within a ten mile radius (the only survivors were those at the distant command post). There was nothing left; the UFO was gone and only a handful of those who had sighted an extraterrestrial were left alive.&#10;&#10;The aftermath of the Incident involved a large scale cover-up. The official explanation was that of a Soviet invasion of Iceland thwarted by nuclear weapons, with heavy losses on both sides. But behind closed doors, the two superpowers were collaborating - a joint black ops organisation was formed, drawing from the resources of both. Unofficially dubbed the &quot;Xenonauts&quot;, it was tasked with defending the planet against alien invasion. The absence of an obvious alien threat has made us look rather irrelevant for the past twenty years, Commander - but we had little doubt we would be needed some day. It seems that day has come.&#10;&#10;&lt;i&gt;(The free novella Xenonauts: Crimson Dagger tells the story of the Iceland Incident and is included with the game under the &quot;Extras&quot; button of the game launcher)&lt;/i&gt;</desc>
<cdesc>1958&#10;&#10;&#10;&#10;&#10;&#10;&#10;&#10; Xenonauts&#10;&#10;&lt;i&gt; Xenonauts: Extras&lt;/i&gt;</cdesc>

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