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xelixir open issues (View Closed Issues)
  • almost 3 years Move from `:pending` to `:skip`
  • almost 3 years Implement `grep` exercise
  • almost 3 years Implement `all-your-base` exercise
  • almost 3 years Accumulate exercise has redundant tests
  • almost 3 years change_test.exs needs more test cases
  • about 3 years Update config.json to match new specification

xelixir closed issues

  • almost 3 years Changes to Bowling tests
  • almost 3 years Sync Elixir versions
  • almost 3 years Abbreviate test/README doesn't explain expected behavior of consecutive capital letters
  • almost 3 years `markdown` should be a refactoring exercise
  • almost 3 years No information anywhere on the meaning of the type annotations
  • almost 3 years Adopt Mix
  • almost 3 years ElixirConf US Role Call
  • almost 3 years elixir nucleotide_count: map ordering issue
  • about 3 years nucleotide: raising errors?
  • about 3 years Implement new `config.json` file format
  • about 3 years Whitespace failure
  • about 3 years Build and test Elixir exercises with mix?
  • about 3 years The custom-set exercism is based around the deprecated Set module and removed Set behaviour
  • about 3 years Accumulate's recursive function does not actually test recursive mapping