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Exercism exercises in Elixir.

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Exercism Elixir Track

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Exercism Exercises in Elixir


The exercises currently target Elixir 1.6 and Erlang/OTP 20. Detailed installation instructions can be found at


Thank you so much for contributing! :tada:

We welcome pull requests that provide fixes and improvements to existing exercises. If you're unsure, then go ahead and open a GitHub issue, and we'll discuss the change.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Please start by reading the general Exercism contributing guide.

  • Pull requests should be focused on a single exercise, issue, or change.

  • We welcome changes to code style, and wording. Please open a separate PR for these changes if possible.

  • Please open an issue before creating a PR that makes significant (breaking) changes to an existing exercise or makes changes across many exercises. It is best to discuss these changes before doing the work.

  • Follow the coding standards found in The Elixir Style Guide.

  • Watch out for trailing spaces, extra blank lines, and spaces in blank lines.

  • Each exercise must stand on its own. Do not reference files outside the exercise directory. They will not be included when the user fetches the exercise.

  • Each problem should have a test suite, an example solution, and a template file for the real implementation. The example solution should be named example.exs.

  • Use typespecs in the example and template files as described here.

  • Each test file should have code like the following at the top of the file. This allows the tests to be run on CI and configures tests to be skipped with the :pending flag.

if !System.get_env("EXERCISM_TEST_EXAMPLES") do
  Code.load_file("bob.exs", __DIR__)

ExUnit.configure exclude: :pending, trace: true
  • All but the initial test for each exercise should be tagged :pending.
@tag :pending
test "shouting" do
  assert Bob.hey("WATCH OUT!") == "Whoa, chill out!"

All the tests for Exercism Elixir Track exercises can be run from the top level of the repo with $ mix test. Please run this command before submitting your PR. Watch out for and correct any compiler warnings you may have introduced.

xelixir open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 3 years Move from `:pending` to `:skip`
  • about 3 years Implement `grep` exercise
  • about 3 years Implement `all-your-base` exercise
  • about 3 years Accumulate exercise has redundant tests
  • about 3 years change_test.exs needs more test cases
  • over 3 years Update config.json to match new specification
xelixir open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Update queen attack spec for `new`
  • Add "1carrot0" test to binary
  • Fix stubbed custom exceptions in forth.exs
  • Scrabble-score: replace 'multibillionaire' with 'oxyphenbutazone'
  • Add diamond exercise
  • Add crypto-square exercise
  • Add rail fence cipher exercise
  • Add hexadecimal exercise
  • Extra queen attack tests for drawing the board.
  • add luhn exercise
  • [WIP] adding bowling
  • Adding more documentation for contributers
  • Add flatten-array exercise
  • add beer-song
  • Require SUT files relative to test file directory
  • Add 'kindergarten-garden'
  • Remove dict leftovers
  • Add additional test case for `prime-factors`
  • Update Elixir and Erlang versions, add check for trailing whitespace
  • WIP: Add exercise robot-simulator
  • Rewrite tests and example for CustomSet
  • [WIP] Add Dialyzer to travis.yml file
  • Fail CI on script compilation warnings
  • WIP: Add dialyzer to ci
  • Update tests and example for NucleotideCount
  • [WIP] add all-your-base
  • Add documentation about running Dialyzer to
  • Add clock exercise
  • Add difficulty ratings to `config.json`
  • Add simple linked list exercise
  • grep exercise
  • Add topics for first couple of exercises
  • Add RC1 for Elixir 1.4 to Travis
  • Remove UTF-8 tests, as per #297
  • dibs: I will implement exercise 'Binary Search Tree'
  • atbash-cipher: add missing tests from canonical data
  • dibs: I will implement exercise alphametics
  • Consider allowed range for first digit in area & exchange code
  • Pig Latin: Added tests and improved test descriptions
  • Run `mix format`
  • Fix confusion between proteins and amino acids
  • New Exercise: Alphametics
  • Fix largest-series-product/example.exs
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