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The next web scraper. See through the <html> noise.

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Number of watchers on Github 4238
Number of open issues 144
Average time to close an issue 7 days
Main language JavaScript
Average time to merge a PR 18 days
Open pull requests 32+
Closed pull requests 7+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created over 4 years ago
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Organization / Authormatthewmueller
Latest Release2.1.0
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var Xray = require('x-ray');
var x = Xray();

x('', '.post', [{
  title: 'h1 a',
  link: '.article-title@href'
  .paginate('.nav-previous a@href')


npm install x-ray

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  • Flexible schema: Supports strings, arrays, arrays of objects, and nested object structures. The schema is not tied to the structure of the page you're scraping, allowing you to pull the data in the structure of your choosing.

  • Composable: The API is entirely composable, giving you great flexibility in how you scrape each page.

  • Pagination support: Paginate through websites, scraping each page. X-ray also supports a request delay and a pagination limit. Scraped pages can be streamed to a file, so if there's an error on one page, you won't lose what you've already scraped.

  • Crawler support: Start on one page and move to the next easily. The flow is predictable, following a breadth-first crawl through each of the pages.

  • Responsible: X-ray has support for concurrency, throttles, delays, timeouts and limits to help you scrape any page responsibly.

  • Pluggable drivers: Swap in different scrapers depending on your needs. Currently supports HTTP and PhantomJS driver drivers. In the future, I'd like to see a Tor driver for requesting pages through the Tor network.

Selector API

xray(url, selector)(fn)

Scrape the url for the following selector, returning an object in the callback fn. The selector takes an enhanced jQuery-like string that is also able to select on attributes. The syntax for selecting on attributes is selector@attribute. If you do not supply an attribute, the default is selecting the innerText.

Here are a few examples:

  • Scrape a single tag
xray('', 'title')(function(err, title) {
  console.log(title) // Google
  • Scrape a single class
xray('', '.content')(fn)
  • Scrape an attribute
xray('', 'img.logo@src')(fn)
  • Scrape innerHTML
xray('', 'body@html')(fn)

xray(url, scope, selector)

You can also supply a scope to each selector. In jQuery, this would look something like this: $(scope).find(selector).

xray(html, scope, selector)

Instead of a url, you can also supply raw HTML and all the same semantics apply.

var html = "<body><h2>Pear</h2></body>";
x(html, 'body', 'h2')(function(err, header) {
  header // => Pear



Specify a driver to make requests through. Available drivers include:

  • request - A simple driver built around request. Use this to set headers, cookies or http methods.
  • phantom - A high-level browser automation library. Use this to render pages or when elements need to be interacted with, or when elements are created dynamically using javascript (e.g.: Ajax-calls).

Returns Readable Stream of the data. This makes it easy to build APIs around x-ray. Here's an example with Express:

var app = require('express')();
var x = require('x-ray')();

app.get('/', function(req, res) {
  var stream = x('', 'title').stream();


Stream the results to a path.

If no path is provided, then the behavior is the same as .stream().


Constructs a Promise object and invoke its then function with a callback cb. Be sure to invoke then() at the last step of xray method chaining, since the other methods are not promisified.

x('', '', [{
  title: '.dribbble-img strong',
  image: '.dribbble-img [data-src]@data-src',
  .then(function (res) {
    console.log(res[0]) // prints first result
  .catch(function (err) {
    console.log(err) // handle error in promise


Select a url from a selector and visit that page.


Limit the amount of pagination to n requests.


Abort pagination if validator function returns true. The validator function receives two arguments:

  • result: The scrape result object for the current page.
  • nextUrl: The URL of the next page to scrape.

xray.delay(from, [to])

Delay the next request between from and to milliseconds. If only from is specified, delay exactly from milliseconds.


Set the request concurrency to n. Defaults to Infinity.

xray.throttle(n, ms)

Throttle the requests to n requests per ms milliseconds.

xray.timeout (ms)

Specify a timeout of ms milliseconds for each request.


X-ray also has support for selecting collections of tags. While x('ul', 'li') will only select the first list item in an unordered list, x('ul', ['li']) will select all of them.

Additionally, X-ray supports collections of collections allowing you to smartly select all list items in all lists with a command like this: x(['ul'], ['li']).


X-ray becomes more powerful when you start composing instances together. Here are a few possibilities:

Crawling to another site

var Xray = require('x-ray');
var x = Xray();

x('', {
  main: 'title',
  image: x('#gbar a@href', 'title'), // follow link to google images
})(function(err, obj) {
    main: 'Google',
    image: 'Google Images'

Scoping a selection

var Xray = require('x-ray');
var x = Xray();

x('', {
  title: 'title',
  items: x('.item', [{
    title: '.item-content h2',
    description: '.item-content section'
})(function(err, obj) {
    title: '',
    items: [
        title: 'The 100 Best Children\'s Books of All Time',
        description: 'Relive your childhood with TIME\'s list...'


Filters can specified when creating a new Xray instance. To apply filters to a value, append them to the selector using |.

var Xray = require('x-ray');
var x = Xray({
  filters: {
    trim: function (value) {
      return typeof value === 'string' ? value.trim() : value
    reverse: function (value) {
      return typeof value === 'string' ? value.split('').reverse().join('') : value
    slice: function (value, start , end) {
      return typeof value === 'string' ? value.slice(start, end) : value

x('', {
  title: 'title | trim | reverse | slice:2,3'
})(function(err, obj) {
    title: 'oi'


In the Wild

  • Levered Returns: Uses x-ray to pull together financial data from various unstructured sources around the web.


  • Video:


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x-ray open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • If paginate is a function, call the function to get the url.
  • fixing path for require() for XRay and a typo in path.resolve
  • fix example typos and relative paths
  • Add Promise for `xray.then()`
  • Add "abort" callback to allow for dynamically ending pagination based on scrape results
  • Update package.json
  • [bug](examples) fix typo in selector example
  • Fix typo
  • Fix Composition and collection error
  • Fixup Documentation
  • Fix issue where callback was called too many times when using composi…
  • Delay method
  • Prevent infinite loops while paging certain sites
  • Ensuring that valid json is written when using pagination and single string selectors
  • Add check self.limit , enhance to paginate control (Pagination determine...
  • add support for superagent parser
  • Update dependency standard to v10
  • Update dependency debug to ~3.1.0
  • Update dependency isobject to ~3.0.0
  • Update dependency coveralls to v3
  • Update dependency chalk to ~2.3.0
  • Update dependency concat-stream to v1.6.0
  • Update dependency coveralls to v2.13.3
  • Update dependency mocha-lcov-reporter to v1.3.0
  • Update dependency isobject to ~2.1.0
  • Update dependency rimraf to v2.6.2
  • Update dependency debug to ~2.6.0
  • Update dependency cheerio to ~0.22.0
  • Update dependency batch to ~0.6.0
  • Update dependency object-assign to ~4.1.0
  • Update promisify.js
  • Update dependency standard to v11
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x-ray list of languages used
x-ray latest release notes
2.1.0 A New Hope Edition

Hello, my name is @Kikobeats and I'm a new maintainer of x-ray project. Nice to meet you!

I'm happy to say that this version have a lot of changes aligned to make easy contribute with the project.


  • Added Travis and Coveralls integration to be sure that PR don't break code.
  • Refactored a LOT. Extracted dirty logic for hide complexity and make clean use API.
  • Moved phantom tests into x-ray-phantom
  • Moved CLI into a separate project (still in progress).
  • Priorized issues under labels.


  • Added .stream method that follow the same behavior that .write wihtout parameters (more semantic)

What's next

  • Better stream support.
  • Better interaction with request object (like setup headers/cookies).
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