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An open source eCommerce plugin for WordPress.

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Statistics on woocommerce

Number of watchers on Github 4246
Number of open issues 57
Average time to close an issue about 8 hours
Main language PHP
Average time to merge a PR about 22 hours
Open pull requests 118+
Closed pull requests 46+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created about 8 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 139 MB
Homepage http://www.woocom...
Organization / Authorwoocommerce
Latest Release3.3.3
Page Updated
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Welcome to the WooCommerce repository on GitHub. Here you can browse the source, look at open issues and keep track of development. We recommend all developers to follow the WooCommerce development blog to stay up to date about everything happening in the project. You can also follow @DevelopWC on Twitter for the latest development updates.

If you are not a developer, please use the WooCommerce plugin page on


Reporting Security Issues

To disclose a security issue to our team, please submit a report via HackerOne here.


This repository is not suitable for support. Please don't use our issue tracker for support requests, but for core WooCommerce issues only. Support can take place through the appropriate channels:

Support requests in issues on this repository will be closed on sight.

Contributing to WooCommerce

If you have a patch or have stumbled upon an issue with WooCommerce core, you can contribute this back to the code. Please read our contributor guidelines for more information how you can do this.

Contributing new features to the WooCommerce REST API

If you'd like to add a feature to the next version of the REST API, contribute here:

woocommerce open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 2 years [2.7] Negative order fees are converted to absolute values in order edit screen
  • over 2 years Checkout Page - Zip Code Field Auto-Populated with Username by Browser
  • over 2 years Add a new action before the add-to-cart button on single product pages
  • over 2 years [2.6] Increase/Decrease line item stock not removing/adding variations from front end
  • over 2 years [2.7] Download of files under my account is broken
  • over 2 years Implement SELECT2 for layered nav widget
  • over 2 years Ajaxify the cart widget
  • over 2 years wc_get_coupons() in wc-coupon-functions.php
  • over 2 years Partial shipment and backorder order management
  • over 2 years Sales by variation reports
  • over 2 years Switch AJAX to API requests in admin
  • over 2 years Make reports consistent and improve the API
  • over 2 years Allow store managers to manage customers and other managers.
  • over 2 years Remove or Improve Linked/Related product settings
  • over 2 years Photon support
  • over 2 years Import/Export all shop settings
  • over 2 years Themes step in Wizard
  • over 2 years Improve "unsupported" theme experience
  • over 2 years New Variations System
  • over 2 years Variations implementation
  • over 2 years Variations admin UI design
  • over 2 years Built in Product Importer/Exporter
  • over 2 years Product Importer; Import mapped and parsed data
  • over 2 years Product Importer; Variation Handling
  • over 2 years Product Importer; CSV Parser
  • over 2 years Product Importer; Mapping UI
  • over 2 years Create batch CSV product exporter
woocommerce open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Replaced `WP_Post` by `WC_Data` objects in REST API v2
  • Coupon tweaks
  • fix download of files in myaccount
  • Display (toggle-able) terms inline on the checkout rather than…
  • Discount Calculation Classes
  • Upload settings type
  • Api keys refactoring
  • Feature - update variations from cart PR 1/5: Add new files for the this feature
  • Add handling for custom product fields when manually adding order items
  • A single multi-word attribute is fine for variation titles
  • Coding improvements for datepicker range
  • Utilise $product method to get thumbnail
  • Add `status` to the variations REST API
  • Checkout fallback regex tweaks
  • Correct price query when on a post type archive
  • API: Add endpoint for fetching location data
  • #15103 Variation default value of '0' fails to save on product.
  • Adds storefront/theme step to the setup wizard
  • Fix: Re-add date for wc_create_refund()
  • Back to attributes link on attributes edit page
  • Return total number of products found from query
  • Committing unit-test for Products tab in WooCommerce Settings page
  • Change parameter defaults to match input type
  • Phpdoc: Add missing return and throws
  • Fix phpdoc to include params and correct types
  • #15038 Made WC_Checkout::get_posted_data() public
  • Allow other product types to use the sale schedule inputs.
  • Filter sanitized attribute name in WC_Product_Data_Store_CPT::find_matching_product_variation
  • Filter for cookie name
  • Add abspath checks
  • Use VAT for norway
  • Added namespace to jQuery events that are removed in VariationForm
  • New filters for customer total spent
  • Remove all css vendor prefixes and remove 'bourbon' dependency
  • fresh fix for 14677 (without unnecessary commit history)
  • Improve meta data updates
  • Made the buyer phone number clickable in the in the order backend.
  • Make get item consistent
  • Add a data-caption for captions and keep title around.
  • Added filter woocommerce_empty_cart_checkout_message
  • Correct version number on form-checkout.php
  • Release/3.3
  • Proposed a new hook.
  • Prevent warning when height is empty
  • Remove all WC tables when uninstalling the plugin
  • PII Issue Prevention - Remove user login from reset password link.
  • Add support for screen option contextual help
  • Add β€œkey" for list items in react
  • Implement new menu functionality for Products block
  • Updates Flexslider to version 2.7.0
  • Invalidate cart items when a product is updated #16970
  • Splitting layered nav transient per issue #17355
  • Show coupon and login form when js disabled
  • Display zero value when using shipping classes
  • Fix: properly set orderby and order when calling WC_Customer_Download_Data_Store::get_downloads()
  • Add missing action for settings pages that override save method
  • Use shipping method instances to conditionally enable COD
  • Display whether or not external object cache is enabled
  • Products block frontend [WIP]
  • Improve WC_Customer_Download_Data_Store::get_downloads() performance
  • Flat rate: remove currency symbols
  • Optimise saving of orders
  • Refactor woocommerce_wp_select so it could be used for a multiselect
  • Refactor notice class names
  • Add tests for the "add_order_indexes" system status tool
  • Add tests around order reporting
  • Set shipping method ID and instance ID
  • Gutenberg Products block
  • Codify PHP 7.0 as the minimum development version for WooCommerce
  • Coupon support for wilcard (*)
  • Update tracker to be opt-in and contain proper instructions
  • Fix the PayPal API URL
  • Activate plugins during installation process even if directory doesn't match slug
  • Use no-js class to hide JS only forms/content
  • Hide coupons from cart if there are no coupons inserted
  • Fixes- Admin - removed product type column
  • KSES instead of escaping of download names
  • When loading default attributes/variation, if there is no longer a match, reset the form and hide the notice
  • Make placeholders resize based on aspect ratio settings
  • Add outline to T&C box on the checkout page
  • Leave line height alone for inputs
  • Move jquery ui styles to assets
  • Add filters for default values of Product Images controls in Customizer
  • Improve UI on Coupon amount in cart
  • Set is_tax to true when on unsupported theme taxonomy archive
  • Payment method input vertical align
  • Add filter to allow post processing on custom coupons
  • Clear subcategory cache
  • Adds product data filter for cart
  • Use correct arg when making rest request in cli
  • Remember importer mappings
  • Adding check for product tax status before automatically removing 'ta…
  • Add stopword support to product searches
  • Switch search products to use read product permissions
  • Load own overridden product classes by cart data
  • Setup wizard: Show 'Activate' step even when Jetpack is connected, to accept WCS terms
  • Wizard: Going back and next steps
  • Fixed includes/class-wc-checkout.php PHPCS violations
  • Add the "woocommerce_install_get_tables" filter to WC_Install::get_tables()
  • Fixed PHP warning on woocommerce_catalog_ordering()
  • Fixed cart classes PHPCS violations
  • Fix PHPCS violations in includes/class-wc-product-grouped.php
  • add autocomplete attributes to account and register forms #19425
  • MaxMind GeoLite2 integration
  • Use wc_get_default_products_per_row as the default for product shortcodes
  • Set opt-in/out based on geolocation data and DNT headers
  • Add names to nonces
  • Override supports for PayPal to see if credentials exist
  • Update/gdpr actions
  • Use shipping method instances to conditionally enable COD
  • [WIP] Replace icon fonts with Gridicons
  • Add refunded payment prop after an API refund succeeds.
  • Use post_author instead of the post meta '_customer_user'
  • Add multiple products to cart via items-to-cart query arg. Closes #17477, Closes #16742
  • Remove 'woocommerce_lock_down_admin' option and use filter only instead
  • [3.3+] Formalize context for working with order contents
  • Solving long table names
  • [WIP] Working on Shopify mappings for the importer
woocommerce questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • Woocommerce: Checking if successful purchase was from a new or returning customer
  • WooCommerce free shipping conditional function
  • Delete last 2 characters wordpress woocommerce
  • get all free shipping zone woocommerce
  • Use specific theme for WooCommerce store
  • Clear checkout fields in woocommerce
  • WordPress/WooCommerce (Backend) running too slow
  • Automatic printing of WooCommerce orders
  • WooCommerce: in Shipping Options there is no option Free Shipping. Why?
  • adding content above WooCommerce cart page title
  • woocommerce - query for products with the same tag
  • Woocommerce Admin Order Page Required Fields
  • Woocommerce wc-ajax returns html response
  • How to integrate "Length x Width x Height" dimensions searchable form with in WordPress WooCommerce?
  • WooCommerce returns number of products in category inconsistently
  • WooCommerce: Run filter inside action hook
  • Woocommerce plugin my account page editing problems
  • WooCommerce do not send completed order notification to wholesale customers
  • Adding check box with price to WooCommerce Checkout conditionally
  • remove_action on related products is not working with woocommerce hook
  • How to change the customer & product search with 2 key character from 3 in WooCommerce new order creation?
  • WooCommerce REST API - GET Custom Checkout Page Fields for Order
  • How to apply Coupons on Manual orders through Backend Woocommerce
  • WooCommerce - How to remove DIV shadow and change background color
  • How to disable the code which get the client IP address in YITH WooCommerce EU VAT plugin using PHP?
  • WooCommerce Booking - Retrieving specific data on Thank You page?
  • how to set a menu or quick info text below product image in woocommerce porto theme
  • woocommerce product title into phone number format
  • Generate Woocommerce Coupon Code As a Product
  • Show user message in dashborard orders woocommerce
woocommerce list of languages used
woocommerce latest release notes
3.3.3 3.3.3

Release of version 3.3.3

3.3.2 3.3.2

Read more:

3.3.2-rc.1 3.3.2 Release Candidate
* Fix - Fixed admin product SKU searching and searching non-published products.
* Fix - PHP7.1 notice when image height is empty.
* Fix - Prevent repeated update_option calls on page load due to php type juggling.
* Fix - Only do unsupported template rendering in the loop to prevent conflicts with other shortcodes on the shop page.
* Fix - Don't prepend regular shortcodes with categories.
* Fix - If using get_catalog_ordering_args. remove the args when finished.
* Fix - Remove "Type" column on attributes table by default unless custom types are defined.
* Fix - Use verbose page rules when shop is in the URL, including shop base with category, to prevent 404s.
* Fix - Set woocommerce_hide_invisible_variations to true so disabled variation attributes are hidden on product pages.
* Fix - Help tip for webhook status.
* Fix - Shipping zone documentation help link was printing wrong.
* Fix - API - Set status after order is created/updated so triggered emails are current.
* Fix - Stop background processing images when disabled via the filter.
* Tweak - Added help text for background image processing.
* Tweak - Added notice when background image processing is running, with cancel button.
* Tweak - Run background image processing less often by tracking changes.
* Tweak - Added system status tool to run background image processing manually.
* Tweak - If using Jetpack Photon, use that instead of background image processing.
* Tweak - Gallery thumbnail image size to handle small, square cropped images.
* Tweak - Helper function (and template version bump for image templates) to render gallery images.
* Tweak - Add help text for the default category to explain usage.
* Tweak - Allow changing the default product category.
* Tweak - Tweak mobile view of order preview to improve layout in non-english.
* Tweak - If selecting text, don't link to order on row click.
* Localization - Remove isle of man state.
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