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  • over 3 years infinite loop translating bizarre compound
  • almost 4 years Determine if binary data files are still necessary
  • about 4 years API - Call from bash script
  • over 4 years libraryised WORDS failing on Travis
  • over 4 years remove global state from parse/print routines
  • over 4 years unknowns handling disabled
  • over 4 years data files are CRLF sensitive
  • almost 5 years Get (in String; out Item; out Last) in many IO packages for null records is incorrect.
  • almost 5 years Style and quality changes that need to be done
  • almost 5 years Feature: add some sequence to print entire conjugation/declension table
  • almost 5 years [database] Combine multiple lines for one word into a single entry
  • about 5 years Drawing out record composition
  • about 5 years "<=" for parse_records
  • about 5 years create test suite
  • about 5 years Tooltips for definitions of terms
  • about 5 years Option to hotlink to Perseus or other defn. source
  • about 5 years add makefile target for redistributable binaries, with trap for GNAT GPL
  • about 5 years "meaning" comparison always fails
  • about 5 years Add support for macrons (vowel length-marks)
  • about 5 years Document what each of the source files does, and how they fit together
  • about 5 years provide binaries for Windows, MacOS and Linux

whitakers-words closed issues

  • over 4 years Attempting translation returns invalid pointer error
  • over 4 years English to Latin not working
  • over 4 years Any reason for using Ada 2005 rather than 2012?
  • almost 5 years tackons may not be working
  • almost 5 years remove state from List_Package.List_Stems()
  • almost 5 years Establish src/tools as an integrated part of the build process; adjust composition of Latin_Util library
  • almost 5 years makeinfl is raising Ada.IO_Exceptions.Data_Error a LOT.
  • almost 5 years deprecate build-time dependency on gprbuild
  • almost 5 years Discussion: let's use milestones to group features for release
  • almost 5 years get makefile to respect dependencies
  • about 5 years Add License...
  • about 5 years Factor out the repetitive elements of the code, resulting from cut-n-paste
  • about 5 years Break up the very deep nesting of some of the code blocks
  • about 5 years re-combine source files that are cut-and-paste duplicates differing by a few lines
  • about 5 years make functionality available as a library
  • about 5 years coalesce gpr files / Makefile into single build system