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A UI library by WeChat official design team, includes the most useful widgets/modules in mobile web applications.

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Statistics on weui

Number of watchers on Github 17941
Number of open issues 63
Average time to close an issue 27 days
Main language CSS
Average time to merge a PR 4 days
Open pull requests 7+
Closed pull requests 25+
Last commit over 2 years ago
Repo Created over 5 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 2 years ago
Size 6.33 MB
Homepage https://weui.io
Organization / Authortencent
Latest Releasev1.1.2
Page Updated
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WeUI - tailor-made for WeChat web service

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WeUI is an WeChat-like UI framework officially designed by the WeChat Design Team, tailor-made for WeChat Web development, in order to improve and standardize the experience for WeChat users. Including components such as buttoncelldialog progress toastarticleactionsheeticon.

Mobile demo



Legacy version: https://weui.io/0.4.x




The MIT License(http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT)

Please feel free to use and contribute to the development.


If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve Wechat WeUI, welcome to submit an issue/pull request.

weui open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 3 years weui有轮播图吗?
  • about 3 years datePicker可以支持只选年月吗
  • about 3 years vue下uploader的问题
  • about 3 years 大侠,android下input type="date" 会显示时分秒,怎么去掉啊?
  • about 3 years 内置对象WeixinJSBridge以后不再维护了吗?
  • about 3 years actionsheet 长列表超出屏幕,并且无法滚动
  • about 3 years 触发事件会出现两次
  • about 3 years [iOS][SearchBar] focus后弹出的键盘显示的是“换行”,如何变为“搜索”?v1.1.2
  • about 3 years 建议在按钮disabled的样式加上禁止点击
  • about 3 years https://weui.io/ demo页面在chromium 58.0.3029.81 上无法使用
  • about 3 years [iOS][SearchBar]使用输入法的退格删除搜索词,光标不回到开头
  • about 3 years 请问很多地方的a链接都不能跳转怎么解决呢?
  • about 3 years 请问一下微信上,目前在ios 和 android上 浏览器缓存策略是怎么样的
  • about 3 years weui在table表格中用a标签跳转链接,在移动端点击为什么无效
  • about 3 years 为什么我使用了defaultValue设置没反应
  • about 3 years 使用了背景图的页面出现白框
  • about 3 years input[type] =date的日期控件 是否可以修改其样式呢
  • over 3 years wiki demo code doesn't work
  • over 3 years Picker 中dataPicker 设置默认值的问题
  • over 3 years 微信开发工具下 select 无效
  • over 3 years 1.1.1 demo 部分组建不显示的问题
  • over 3 years 调整字体大小后,搜索框样式问题
  • over 3 years 如何滑动到顶部或底部时,不出现黑底
  • over 3 years 重复加载home
  • over 3 years form-preview 的语义细节问题
weui open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • add description meta tag to example
  • Extra ;
  • Merge pull request #1 from weui/master
  • weui在table表格中用a标签跳转链接,在移动端点击为什么无效
  • modify .setOnepx.less
  • extract skin variable
  • Improve README.md
weui questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • How to use angular2-weui
  • How To Customize UI Library React-WeUI To Minimize Size
weui list of languages used
weui latest release notes
v1.1.2 release v1.1.2
  • cell #559
  • cell45px
  • actionsheettitle
  • readme
  • form-preview #602
  • loadingsvg
  • input / #598
  • picker
v1.1.1 release v1.1.1
  • fix icon-safe

- loading

v1.1.0 release v1.1.0
  • IE Edgeswitch
  • badge
  • slider
  • picker
  • radiocheckboxweui-cell:activeweui-check__label
  • src/navbar.less src/weui-navbar.less
  • src/tabbar.less src/weui-tabbar.less

- loadingbase64

  • previewbutton (#462)
  • button.weui-vcode-btn (#519)
  • sourcemap
  • select
  • tabbar
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