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A bundler for javascript and friends. Packs many modules into a few bundled assets. Code Splitting allows to load parts for the application on demand. Through "loaders," modules can be CommonJs, AMD, ES6 modules, CSS, Images, JSON, Coffeescript, LESS, ... and your custom stuff.

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Rated 4.5 out of 5
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Number of watchers on Github 38546
Number of open issues 496
Average time to close an issue 3 days
Main language JavaScript
Average time to merge a PR 2 days
Open pull requests 219+
Closed pull requests 87+
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Repo Created over 7 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 12.2 MB
Homepage https://webpack.j...
Organization / Authorwebpack
Latest Releasev4.1.1
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webpack is a module bundler. Its main purpose is to bundle JavaScript files for usage in a browser, yet it is also capable of transforming, bundling, or packaging just about any resource or asset.


Install with npm:

npm install --save-dev webpack

Install with yarn:

yarn add webpack --dev


This README reflects Webpack v2.x and v3.x. The Webpack v1.x documentation has been deprecated and deleted.

webpack is a bundler for modules. The main purpose is to bundle JavaScript files for usage in a browser, yet it is also capable of transforming, bundling, or packaging just about any resource or asset.


  • Bundles ES Modules, CommonJS and AMD modules (even combined).
  • Can create a single bundle or multiple chunks that are asynchronously loaded at runtime (to reduce initial loading time).
  • Dependencies are resolved during compilation, reducing the runtime size.
  • Loaders can preprocess files while compiling, e.g. TypeScript to JavaScript, Handlebars strings to compiled functions, images to Base64, etc.
  • Highly modular plugin system to do whatever else your application requires.

Get Started

Check out webpack's quick Get Started guide and the other guides.



webpack has a rich plugin interface. Most of the features within webpack itself use this plugin interface. This makes webpack very flexible.

Name Status Description
extract-text-webpack-plugin extract-npm Extracts Text (CSS) from your bundles into a separate file (app.bundle.css)
compression-webpack-plugin compression-npm Prepares compressed versions of assets to serve them with Content-Encoding
i18n-webpack-plugin i18n-npm Adds i18n support to your bundles
html-webpack-plugin html-plugin-npm Simplifies creation of HTML files (index.html) to serve your bundles


webpack enables use of loaders to preprocess files. This allows you to bundle any static resource way beyond JavaScript. You can easily write your own loaders using Node.js.

Loaders are activated by using loadername! prefixes in require() statements, or are automatically applied via regex from your webpack configuration.


Name Status Description
raw-loader raw-npm Loads raw content of a file (utf-8)
val-loader val-npm Executes code as module and considers exports as JS code
url-loader url-npm Works like the file loader, but can return a Data Url if the file is smaller than a limit
file-loader file-npm Emits the file into the output folder and returns the (relative) url


Name Status Description
json-npm Loads a JSON file (included by default)
json5-npm Loads and transpiles a JSON 5 file
cson-npm Loads and transpiles a CSON file


Name Status Description
<script> script-npm Executes a JavaScript file once in global context (like in script tag), require()s are not parsed
babel-npm Loads ES2015+ code and transpiles to ES5 using Babel
traceur-npm Loads ES2015+ code and transpiles to ES5 using Traceur
type-npm Loads TypeScript like JavaScript
awesome-typescript-loader awesome-typescript-npm Awesome TypeScript loader for webpack
coffee-npm Loads CoffeeScript like JavaScript


Name Status Description
html-npm Exports HTML as string, requires references to static resources
pug-npm Loads Pug templates and returns a function
jade-npm Loads Jade templates and returns a function
md-npm Compiles Markdown to HTML
posthtml-npm Loads and transforms a HTML file using PostHTML
hbs-npm Compiles Handlebars to HTML


Name Status Description
<style> style-npm Add exports of a module as style to DOM
css-npm Loads CSS file with resolved imports and returns CSS code
less-npm Loads and compiles a LESS file
sass-npm Loads and compiles a SASS/SCSS file
stylus-npm Loads and compiles a Stylus file
postcss-npm Loads and transforms a CSS/SSS file using PostCSS

Linting & Testing

Name Status Description
mocha-npm Tests with mocha (Browser/NodeJS)
eslint-npm PreLoader for linting code using ESLint
jshint-npm PreLoader for linting code using JSHint


Name Status Description
vue-npm Loads and compiles Vue Components
polymer-npm Process HTML & CSS with preprocessor of choice and require() Web Components like first-class modules
angular-npm Loads and compiles Angular 2 Components
riot-npm Riot official webpack loader


webpack uses async I/O and has multiple caching levels. This makes webpack fast and incredibly fast on incremental compilations.

Module Formats

webpack supports ES2015+, CommonJS and AMD modules out of the box. It performs clever static analysis on the AST of your code. It even has an evaluation engine to evaluate simple expressions. This allows you to support most existing libraries out of the box.

Code Splitting

webpack allows you to split your codebase into multiple chunks. Chunks are loaded asynchronously at runtime. This reduces the initial loading time.


webpack can do many optimizations to reduce the output size of your JavaScript by deduplicating frequently used modules, minifying, and giving you full control of what is loaded initially and what is loaded at runtime through code splitting. It can also make your code chunks cache friendly by using hashes.


We want contributing to webpack to be fun, enjoyable, and educational for anyone, and everyone. We have a vibrant ecosystem that spans beyond this single repo. We welcome you to check out any of the repositories in our organization or webpack-contrib organization which houses all of our loaders and plugins.

Contributions go far beyond pull requests and commits. Although we love giving you the opportunity to put your stamp on webpack, we also are thrilled to receive a variety of other contributions including:

  • Documentation updates, enhancements, designs, or bugfixes
  • Spelling or grammar fixes
  • corrections or redesigns
  • Adding unit, or functional tests
  • Triaging GitHub issues -- especially determining whether an issue still persists or is reproducible.
  • Searching #webpack on twitter and helping someone else who needs help
  • Teaching others how to contribute to one of the many webpack's repos!
  • Blogging, speaking about, or creating tutorials about one of webpack's many features.
  • Helping others in our webpack gitter channel.

If you are worried or don't know where to start, you can always reach out to Sean Larkin (@TheLarkInn) on Twitter or simply submit an issue and a maintainer can help give you guidance!

We have also started a series on our Medium Publication called The Contributor's Guide to webpack. We welcome you to read it and post any questions or responses if you still need help.

Looking to speak about webpack? We'd love to review your talk abstract/CFP! You can email it to webpack [at] opencollective [dot] com and we can give pointers or tips!!!

Creating your own plugins and loaders

If you create a loader or plugin, we would <3 for you to open source it, and put it on npm. We follow the x-loader, x-webpack-plugin naming convention.


We consider webpack to be a low-level tool used not only individually but also layered beneath other awesome tools. Because of it's flexibility, webpack isn't always the easiest entry-level solution, however we do believe it is the most powerful. That said, we're always looking for ways improve and simplify the tool without compromising functionality. If you have any ideas on ways to accomplish this, we're all ears!

If you're just getting started, take a look at our new docs and concepts page. This has a high level overview that is great for beginners!!

If you want to discuss something or just need help, here is our Gitter room where there are always individuals looking to help out!

If you are still having difficulty, we would love for you to post a question to StackOverflow with the webpack tag. It is much easier to answer questions that include your webpack.config.js and relevant files! So if you can provide them, we'd be extremely grateful (and more likely to help you find the answer!)

If you are twitter savvy you can tweet #webpack with your question and someone should be able to reach out and help also.

If you have discovered a or have a feature suggestion, feel free to create an issue on Github.


FOSSA Status

Core Team

Tobias Koppers


Founder of webpack

Johannes Ewald

Loaders & Plugins

Early adopter of webpack

Sean T. Larkin

Public Relations

Founder of the core team

Juho Vepslinen



Kees Kluskens




Most of the core team members, webpack contributors and contributors in the ecosystem do this open source work in their free time. If you use webpack for a serious task, and you'd like us to invest more time on it, please donate. This project increases your income/productivity too. It makes development and applications faster and it reduces the required bandwidth.

This is how we use the donations:

  • Allow the core team to work on webpack
  • Thank contributors if they invested a large amount of time in contributing
  • Support projects in the ecosystem that are of great value for users
  • Support projects that are voted most (work in progress)
  • Infrastructure cost
  • Fees for money handling

Premium Partners

Other Backers and Sponsors

Before we started using OpenCollective, donations were made anonymously. Now that we have made the switch, we would like to acknowledge these sponsors (and the ones who continue to donate using OpenCollective). If we've missed someone, please send us a PR, and we'll add you to this list.

[Google Angular Team](, [](, MoonMail MONEI

Gold Sponsors

Become a gold sponsor and get your logo on our README on Github with a link to your site.

Silver Sponsors

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  • almost 3 years Improve dead code branch detection
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  • almost 3 years Set __esModules to true if the entry is an ES module if you export a library
  • almost 3 years __webpack_require__.i(...) is not a function when using useRouterHistory from react-router
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  • almost 3 years add "chunkName" to opts object callback of NormalModuleReplacementPlugin
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  • Block without associated chunks may contain dependencies
  • update node-libs-browser to ^1.0.0
  • Use the interface of compilation.preparedChunks also for compilation.entries
  • Top level repo changelog for pre 1.12 and modern webpack
  • Make RequireResolveContextDependency deduplicable
  • #1557 pass context to LoadersList constructor
  • Add defensive module check in createFooter
  • Fixed #1357 Improved ContextModule internal resolver
  • Add the option to disable the node module related plugins
  • Add options argument to ProvidePlugin
  • add option to polyfill node's root variable on bundling
  • add a quiet option to HotModuleReplacementPlugin to make it quieter
  • Improve error handling of hot manifest requests
  • added option to disable case sensitivity warnings
  • Added support for using an ES6 default exported function for configuration
  • Fixes #1431. Add the ability to add auxiliary comments in UMD wrapper.
  • Wrap eval devtool output into IIFE in order to circumvent Chrome debugger issue
  • Add option to change source-map plugin test filter
  • add `options.excludeModule` to specify external common used module
  • Updated broken GWT code splitting link
  • Fixes issue #2299
  • Error fixed
  • added a[b] syntax for parser
  • Add a lookup index for modules to Chunks.
  • [Proof of Concept] - Add an option to Uglify plugin to cache to disk
  • brackets are unnecessary here
  • Fix user config options not being applied when they are imported from an es6 module with babel6
  • Fixing memory leak causing node go out of memory
  • Update examples readme
  • Update JsonpMainTemplatePlugin.js
  • Resolve promise if script was cached and not executed.
  • Fix only-dev-server.js's call
  • fix: expand globs in npm scripts correctly
  • Fixed Dedupe plugin for Maple engine
  • Fixed Dedupe plugin for Maple engine
  • fixing issue #1308
  • fix moduleFilter when using babel-loader
  • ignore `node_modules` dir at whatever level
  • improve: output.libraryTarget extensibility
  • Add log when in watch mode
  • Add errors when resolve.root/context are not absolute
  • System.import('Home') -> chunkFilename: '[name].chunk.js' -> Home.chunk.js
  • Fixing issue #2360 lets go o/
  • Do not pass ignoreUnaccepted: true to
  • supports-color --colors support
  • Add support for async-await keywords
  • Adding file standard validation in repository
  • Log original and mapped filename+line+column on uglify error
  • Allow exports of multiple modules for libraries #2809
  • Remove mildly humorous, yet unneeded, comments in
  • Adding file standard validation in repository
  • AmdMainTemplatePlugin: filter out falsy external modules
  • Add default value for entry option.
  • Throw error when using `HotModuleReplacementPlugin` and `--hot`.
  • Adding option ( -v or --version ) to print version.
  • Add nonce capability
  • Fix AMD require call with three arguments
  • Fix bundle syntax errors with pathinfo: true and */ in request
  • Prevent request names from breaking comments
  • Keep the parsed comments along with the AST
  • Schema: Added missing properties
  • Add callback to Watching.prototype.invalidate
  • Remove automatic -loader module name extension
  • Typescript type
  • Cache portable id to avoid expensive function call
  • Docs Update: Fix typo in
  • Update to yargs v6
  • add --display-always to display stats even when build output hash does not change
  • fix typo
  • replace '\\' with '/' in __dirname and __filename
  • Add support for multiple library names [Incomplete]
  • Update deps
  • fix the illegal syntax in a module for test
  • fix(travis): fix yarn link and yarn link webpack commands
  • chore(test): skip failure for global var in macaddress
  • Limit number of files processed asynchronously
  • Updated Webpack website link
  • Add option to silence warnings from environment plugin
  • Ignored
  • feature(esModule): set __esModule to true when required by CommonJS (#3168)
  • add jsonp-script-alternative
  • removed DedupePlugin
  • fixes indexed import
  • PR to check CLA signs on existing contributors
  • PR to check CLA signs on existing contributors
  • Infrastructure/more strict ci
  • added nonce capability
  • feat(test): increase coverage for target: 'webworker'
  • Fix lost context when invoking require()
  • Add JSON support
  • docs(README): refactor for webpack v2
  • feat(performance): webpack performance budgets
  • change jsonp function to jsonp array push
  • Fix formatting of i18n
  • remove error for CommonJs/AMD in ESM
  • Fixes #3946 (stats options being ignored)
  • Added advanced allow-custom-args flag to allow custom args
  • refactor(es6) upgrade JsonpTemplatePlugin to ES6 class
  • refactor(es6) upgrade EvalSourceMapDevToolPlugin to ES6 class
  • Convert Template and subclasses to ES2015
  • refactor(es6) upgrade NormalModuleReplacementPlugin to ES6 class
  • refactor(es6) upgrade MultiWatching to ES6 class
  • Refactor _done of Watching in compiler
  • explicitly call `new Stats` with compilation
  • Fix require.config issue
  • refactor(ES6): upgrade WebWorkerHotUpdateChunkTemplatePlugin to ES6
  • refactor(ES6): upgrade SystemPlugin to ES6
  • refactor(ES6): upgrade RequireResolveDependencyParserPlugin to ES6
  • refactor(ES6): upgrade RequireIncludePlugin to ES6
  • refactor(ES6): upgrade RequireContextPlugin to ES6
  • refactor(ES6): upgrade RequireEnsurePlugin to ES6
  • refactor(ES6): upgrade ModuleDependencyTemplateAsRequireId to ES6
  • refactor(ES6): upgrade ModuleDependencyTemplateAsId to ES6
  • refactor(ES6): upgrade ImportPlugin to ES6
  • refactor(ES6): upgrade LocalModule to ES6
  • refactor(ES6): upgrade LoaderPlugin to ES6
  • refactor(ES6): upgrade HarmonyModulesPlugin to ES6
  • refactor(ES6): upgrade ImportParserPlugin to ES6
  • Revert "chore(test): skip failure for global var in macaddress"
  • refactor(es6) upgrade FlagInitialModulesAsUsedPlugin to ES6 class
  • refactor(es6) upgrade FunctionModulePlugin to ES6 class
  • refactor of WebpackMissingModule to es6
  • test(WebEnvironmentPlugin): adding missed test
  • refactor(NodeTargetPlugin): upgrade to ES6
  • fixed `Cannot read property 'hash' of undefined`
  • Dynamically evaluate global object for webpackJsonp
  • Add webpackMode optios for import()
  • Examples building refactor
  • Move CLI to webpack-cli repository
  • Combine webpack 3 PRs
  • Use a Set to store modules in a chunk
  • Es6 compiler: .prototype -> Class
  • Simplify lint beautify with prettier
  • tests: move to jest
  • examples/dll source type and dependencies
  • examples/dll-app-and-vendor
  • πŸ‘•βš’ lint fixes, πŸ“¦β¬† update webpack in examples
  • Performance by using Set instead of Arrays
  • WIP Adds pilot support for top-level module await.
  • assign correct records and cache to child compilations
  • [do not merge] add .mjs to list of well known extensions
  • chore(pkg): add postinstall hook to locally link yarn and self
  • chore: Introduce lint-staged
  • Stream JSON output (--json)
  • Fixed circular dependencis;
  • Fix ugilifyplugin twice in CLI
  • Refactoring modulesSize method in Chank
  • Conditionally enable/disable ProvidePlugin on a per-resource basis
  • dependency update
  • Refactor parser (and introduce es6)
  • Merge master to deep children branch
  • WIP: Use babylon as the parser
  • [WIP] Make CommonsChunkPlugin care about indirect children, too
  • refactor(ES6): all files in the hot folder
  • show error when hotOnly HMR fails
  • Drop node 4 support
  • Make HMR request timeout configurable
  • GitHub Issue #4886
  • feat: library target UMD supports names per target
  • Set "var result" only if needed
  • add chunk name, chunk src for loading error message
  • Auto-add names to factory functions in FunctionModuleTemplatePlugin
  • Expand HashedModuleIdsPlugin to assign hash based IDs to DelegatedMod…
  • Es6 refactor in /lib folder
  • Add "single" option to RuntimeChunkPlugin
  • Transform done hook into async
  • Allow jsonp promise global to be configured in output.promiseGlobal
  • Lint JS files before committing them
  • Add a plugin to warn if the source type is ambiguous
  • remove the need to rewrite chunk in reasons
  • Simplify check hasDependencies and add unit tests
  • Add support for sideEffects glob(s)
  • Ensure the HMRPlugin assigns before NodeStuffPlugin
  • Adds sourceURLTemplate as optional param to options for EvalSourceMapDevToolModuleTemplatePlugin
  • Add the hook add-module-dependencies to track the dependencies when building
  • devServer: setting clientLogLevel to none to actually mute all annoying browser console logs
  • Prompt user's to install webpack-cli
  • Adding support for relative output.path
  • Formatting/prettier
  • fix: catch && handle plugin `ValidationErrors` (`schema-utils`)
  • Allow dll to work as a node_module and share its dependencies
  • [WIP] Make run in parallel.
  • webpack 4 merge
  • Allow dll to work as a node_module and share its dependencies
  • Use Jest with jest-runner-mocha
  • fixing sub-property externals case for validation only
  • Cleanup async node module evaluation
  • [Shim] shim global object as directly called IIFE's this
  • [Parser] detect strict mode as the first step to support shimming global object
  • CommonsChunkPlugin with async and multi entry points
  • Add support for "noop" changes in watch tests
  • [WIP] Add 'built at' time to webpack output
  • Prompt install cli
  • Update parser to support ES 2018
  • purge cache when add or delete file
  • [WIP] feat(css): add CSS module support (`css/experimental`)
  • [WIP] feat(html): add HTML module support (`html/experimental`)
  • [WIP] feat(url): add assets support (`url/experimental`)
  • Add null check
  • Add Experimental Preset Support
  • [WIP] Migration of tests to Jest, part 2
  • Edit CONTRIBUTING to add help wanted issue labels
  • Add loader name to error message. Resolves #2878
  • Use wasm-dce to tree shake WASM
  • use webassembly-interpreter to parse WASM
  • Load modules recursively
  • Excluded root-level files and .github from Istanbul
  • bot: Encapsulate output logs in details tag
  • Allow configuration of split chunk filename delimiter
  • [WIP] use WebAssembly.instantiateStreaming
  • Adding array of strings (nested functionality)
  • [Suggestions Required] Initial Commit for adding hooks in stats
  • Prevent webpack from running twice at a time
  • fix(ProfilingPlugin): complete after the writeStream had finished flushing the data to the filesystem
  • Make AMD parser modules extensible again
  • fix(bug): chunkFilename as function doesn't work
  • Eslint - add rules
  • Progressive error logging when loading chunks
  • Fix HMR browser warnings not appearing in Firefox
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webpack list of languages used
webpack latest release notes


  • Stats now displays the number of assets of a module


  • sourceMap option of the default UglifyJsPlugin now defaults to true when the SourceMapDevToolPlugin is used
  • module.assets is now working again in the Stats
  • chunk ids are not stringified on target node
  • devtoolNamespace default works now also for arrays passed to output.library
  • Format date with 2 digits in Stats for Build At
  • fix a bug renaming classes incorrectly
  • fix a bug where modules ignore the chunks option of optimization.splitChunks


  • add filename option to optimization.splitChunks to modify the filename template for splitted chunks
  • allow modules which doesn't emit code into the bundle


  • watchpack updated to 1.5.0
  • performance fix for Module Concatenation (v8 bug)
  • fix using in ProvidePlugin


  • add version property to webpack exports


  • import() with CJS now gives correct exports
  • Module concatenation bailout messages now point to correct module
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